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  1. LeBurgonde

    Recherche clan de prolot

    Ah! Ça je sais faire!
  2. LeBurgonde

    Recherche clan de prolot

    Bonjour à tous, Personne ne me connait, donc je me présente: mon pseudo IG est LeBurgonde, et je cherche un clan d'ouvrier qui m'accepte, moi et mon PR de patate (je ne suis pas très bon, mais je suis en phase de GitGud). Mon précédent clan ne me correspondait pas (opinion politique). Pls love me :3
  3. LeBurgonde

    Game freezes on battle screen

    Some news about this issue, and most likely this one as well: For my client: 1/ Once I am "loading a game", with any ships (in coop atm, but i won't risk it in random), game crashes after having tag in the queue, with the game still loading the map. 2/ I have to kill WoWs, because of the pop-up error message seen in the other topic ("A critical error has been occured", shouldn't be "A critical error has occured" BTW?). 3/ When I restart the game to get into the battle, the game crash again with the same error message, a while after I clicked on the "Connect!" button, when the game tries to load the battle. 4/ The crash at each of my attempts of connexion (same as 3/) goes on until the battle is over and then I can connect. monitor_20181225_111412383.txt I repeat the main points: - I tried Coop mode only - I tried many ships - Some maps work ("Mountain Range" works for instance) My guess is my client files are corrupted somehow, most likely maps file ("Sea Of Fortune" at least, maybe others). Bug report attached. I ask for (If someone actually cares of what is posted here): - something to check/replace my maps file in my client - the removal of the numerous penalty I got because of this bug - WarGaming to maybe not push updates the week just before Christmas Holidays?
  4. LeBurgonde

    stuck on logon/frezze at logon, please help

    Same thing here, starting 1 hour ago: the game always crash there, impossible to log in.
  5. LeBurgonde

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    Hello! I want to join the lottery And thank you once again for this event!
  6. Ouais bah moi j'suis pas content: t'as bouffé toute la viande et la partie à finie trop vite. Ces gens qui jouent bien sans qu'on leur demande, j'te jure...
  7. LeBurgonde

    Clan limitation in FFA

    Nice, thx and this topic can be locked then
  8. LeBurgonde

    Clan limitation in FFA

    I am not shaming anyone (rules are rules, and thez played with them fair and square, no complain here), and I need to prove it is the same clan tag
  9. LeBurgonde

    Clan limitation in FFA

    I thought this was now made impossible with the new MM, can't see it in the patch note tho, may be wrong. Don't get me wrong: I don't think this shouldn't be that way, this is just a question.
  10. LeBurgonde

    Clan limitation in FFA

    Hello guys. I thought sniping (2 div launching a game at the same time to get in the same team) was no more possible. Am I wrong or is the following matchmaking still possible (5 members of the same clan in the red team)? And yes, I am THAT bad in Monty :)
  11. LeBurgonde

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Domination. Guess how the game ended, when there are 5 radar cruisers on a side and none on the other?
  12. LeBurgonde

    Discussions sur les News

    Serait-ce le moment temps attendu pour jouer cette branche? Ce gimmick devrait leurs donner de l’intérêt, et au pire les différencier des autres CA (en particulier les IJN). A voir...
  13. LeBurgonde

    Incroyable !! Il compare les clans francophones en CB !

    Ah non, on avait dit pas d'interpolation polynomiale. Ça donne des trucs bizarres (genre des games qui comptent négatives) et ça fait fuir les taupins. Serait-il possible d'avoir la légende des clans en face du dernier point de la courbe correspondant, histoire de gagner un peu en lisibilité? Et évidemment, bon travail!
  14. Comme tous les stream donc. Pendant les KOTS, on est sous perfo d'héro aussi. Perso, j'ai rien contre une petite ligne en pleine game