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  1. Ça sent le renfermé depuis que vous avez ouvert les portes. Faudrait songer à faire le ménage plus souvent bande de cochons. Il serait pas mal de préciser ce qui est entendu par recrutement sélectif: sur stat, sur invitation, sur payement en nature? Et aussi ce que propose votre bande de retraités: niveau, compétitions, payement en nature? Bon recrutement <3
  2. LeBurgonde

    First game in the Puerto Rico.

    6 days late lol
  3. LeBurgonde

    Game crash, disconnects

    And don't tell us it's from our ISP this time...
  4. LeBurgonde

    First game in the Puerto Rico.

    That's a good interpretation. But it is useless unless it is written in a post explicitly: "pls don't open bragging or redundant topics".
  5. LeBurgonde

    First game in the Puerto Rico.

    I would like to read the view point on this topic from @pfcremus and @Redfoxrommy . It appears they have other info to give as we can see in their OP reactions.
  6. LeBurgonde

    Weekly Combat Missions – the Holidays Continue!

    Aaaaaaaand... recycled again
  7. LeBurgonde

    Stalingrad VS PR

    Do you know kung-fu kitting?
  8. LeBurgonde

    Stalingrad VS PR

    I am amazed that many people forget Stalin can kite.
  9. LeBurgonde

    New Year Bonuscode

    It's an old code. I alread used it some time ago. And when you already used it, it says "Invalid code" (cuz it would take time and too much ressources to code a "already used" message). So my bet is that you already used as well.
  10. LeBurgonde

    random disconnects ?

    ping oscillating between 2s and 10 for 10min during a game, then lost connexion and unable to reconnect... Proper server when @ WG? Didn't you sell enough PR to get a DSL connection? Needs 3 more bilions rubles to upgrade from 56k? Want me to open a kickstarter?
  11. LeBurgonde

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    119. Hi and many thanks. Kidd for me :)
  12. LeBurgonde

    Can you dodge 11 FLAK clouds ?

    Yes you can. Flak burst are calculated from your trajectory at a given time. You have around 3s to change it. The easiest way to dodge is to go from full speed to slow, and from slow to full speed. Then you don't loose accuracy during you attack run and if the target is alone, go for all run (AA DpS without flak is mostly laughable).
  13. LeBurgonde

    WOWS 2019 - The Great Disconnection

    This. Everything they did was calculated with extreme caution... not gameplay wise, but to maximise profits. They are not disconnected. It's the playerbase that is, because most of us still believe they do what they are doing to make the game better.
  14. What about no? 1/ That would get the game even closer to pay2win. 2/ I advise you to get "more ressources" containers as they will get you coal and they have the best worth overall. You just have to play around 2 games a day to get at least 400 coal, which cannot even be called a grind as you would get them pretty fast with other coal sources 3/ 175k coal for the best german captain is stupid, but hey, it's WG we are talking about
  15. LeBurgonde

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I like to join your lottery :) And once again, thank you very much