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  1. LeBurgonde

    Hall of Fame

    Ouais bah moi j'suis pas content: t'as bouffé toute la viande et la partie à finie trop vite. Ces gens qui jouent bien sans qu'on leur demande, j'te jure...
  2. LeBurgonde

    Clan limitation in FFA

    Nice, thx and this topic can be locked then
  3. LeBurgonde

    Clan limitation in FFA

    I am not shaming anyone (rules are rules, and thez played with them fair and square, no complain here), and I need to prove it is the same clan tag
  4. LeBurgonde

    Clan limitation in FFA

    I thought this was now made impossible with the new MM, can't see it in the patch note tho, may be wrong. Don't get me wrong: I don't think this shouldn't be that way, this is just a question.
  5. LeBurgonde

    Clan limitation in FFA

    Hello guys. I thought sniping (2 div launching a game at the same time to get in the same team) was no more possible. Am I wrong or is the following matchmaking still possible (5 members of the same clan in the red team)? And yes, I am THAT bad in Monty :)
  6. LeBurgonde

    Radar Discussion Megathread

    Domination. Guess how the game ended, when there are 5 radar cruisers on a side and none on the other?
  7. LeBurgonde

    Discussions sur les News

    Serait-ce le moment temps attendu pour jouer cette branche? Ce gimmick devrait leurs donner de l’intérêt, et au pire les différencier des autres CA (en particulier les IJN). A voir...
  8. LeBurgonde

    Incroyable !! Il compare les clans francophones en CB !

    Ah non, on avait dit pas d'interpolation polynomiale. Ça donne des trucs bizarres (genre des games qui comptent négatives) et ça fait fuir les taupins. Serait-il possible d'avoir la légende des clans en face du dernier point de la courbe correspondant, histoire de gagner un peu en lisibilité? Et évidemment, bon travail!
  9. Comme tous les stream donc. Pendant les KOTS, on est sous perfo d'héro aussi. Perso, j'ai rien contre une petite ligne en pleine game
  10. LeBurgonde

    Bug Reports

    First: 0.6.15 Feedbak thread link this topic for bug report, yet it is for 0.6.14 Second: same here. When will be communicated that this bug makes torpedo boat (sometimes) unplayable during the whole game? Because loosing game after dealing no damage, getting reported, even team killing with no intention to do so, etc... seems rather important enough to warn people about this issue. For instance, within an annoucment on the General News front page (instead of new premium content), or within the game in a popup (like those daily after-battle adds to buy premium time because "we want to thank you by making you giving us money"). I'm sorry I can't give you a replay, as I had to re-install the game because of an unreleated issue (crash in the queue when a game is found, which BTW, is still a thing, see below in the spoiler), but I heard you manage to reproduce the bug (from Reddit). So, any news about that? When can we play DD again? Bug report:
  11. LeBurgonde

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Hello all. Thank you very much for this sweet raffle! I would like to join! Good luck everyone
  12. LeBurgonde

    Public Test 0.6.10 - Technical Updates

    Soooooo... according to WG tech support, I have to post my issue with the SuperTest client here. Here I am! Oh wait, I can't upload directly the log, as only files with .txt. extension are allowed (note the dot after txt). So here is my log (Window 8.1)
  13. J'ai un peu adapté du coup, mais le message est là ^^
  14. LeBurgonde, on 17 June 2017 - 03:09 PM, said: Edit: Update faute d'orthographe et rajout du post-it