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    Tier X Legendary CV Modules

    Yes i actually tried for 30 minuttes, using the search function on the forum, on reddit and on google using different keywords... but nothing turned up sadly. sorry i did not go over the patch notes of all the patches the past year, since i have been on a brake from WoWs... But thank you for your quick answer mate.
  2. Zetachi

    Tier X Legendary CV Modules

    Quick question since i cannot find any info on this.. I just unlocked the legendary module for the IJN X CV and it is in my armory, but i cannot equip it to my carrier... So question is are the CV legendary modules disabled at current state of the game, or is this a bug that i have to report ? thank you in advance :)
  3. Zetachi

    Arpeggio Compensation and More

    Well i have both the Nachi, Takao and did all the dublicate missions cept the 200 torp one... Still aint seing a flag or the 3 other captains Still Hoping hehe
  4. Zetachi

    Idea on how to troll DDs

    I maybe just had a brainfart while having a hard day at Work. But after being trolled and torpedo spammed in my BBs, i thought about how can i get back at those pesky DDs I know im not the best captain on the seas, im pretty averedge actually Think about this for a minute, how would it be for a CARRIER to be specced for manual secoundaries and the Works? they like to get up close and personal those DDs, just think of the horror and shear troll potential of this your thoughts ? maybe i should get some sleep when i get home
  5. Zetachi

    Competition - Win a Tacobanana

    19 torp hits and over 125k torp related dmg
  6. Zetachi


    Just had a epic game in my Iowa shame it was a cap point map but still 9 Citadels and 155k dmg
  7. Zetachi

    Why are Battleships so insanely weak ?

    Well yes you can feel a bit weak at times, but experience, careful planning and insight, reduces the need of Rngesus alot. I welcome the accuracy buff thats comming, though i would wish it also covered the secundaries and if you stick with BB's you do get some nice ships especially the US Tier 9 Iowa, i love that ship so much <3 ..... XD and if you doubt me you can watch these games ;) I live and sail for sending scrubs to Davy Jones' locker !
  8. Zetachi

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had a nice match in my IX Iowa And got to Punish a evil twin Epicly ! Hope you enjoy
  9. Zetachi

    Battleships need massive BUFF!

    I kinda disagree with you on every thing .... Battleships are fine, if you play smart and gain enough insight/experience with your guns you will be dropping most people And if you still wanna say "Buff BB's Plzzzzz!" please Watch the following Youtube vid I welcome the accuracy buff thats comming but no more buffs are needed