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  1. Thanks for the replys all. It is silly of me to participate in this, I know, I got weak and naive and fell for it. I also know that WG tried to correct their 'mistake' by removing the event in Belgium and therefor had to "roll back" my account (thanks for te correction Kysmet). It just feels like I have been robbed (by lack of a better explanation). I allready have over 190 days of premium and play this game since CBT, invested a fair amount of money (with a healthy dose of reluctantly). I feel dirty and voilated :p ...
  2. Hi all, the weirdest thing happend to me last weekend. When I started to play the game I saw I lost my Kremlin, my Chrbourgh, my silver ranking, and a lot more things changed. I reconed my account was rerolled a month. I mailt WG about it and the replied this: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As for this, I have to tell you that I double-checked this account and found out that the progress of account was restored on May 27 due to the technical error. I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We do all possible in order to avoid such cases in the future. Unfortunately, I cannot restore your progress since such actions are not reversible. As for the compensation, I provide you with bonus code that contains 3 days of Premium account and pack of signal flags. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I think this is a silly story since I think I know what really happend. I was participating in the "Ruckus" event in the Armoury. I invested approximately a 1000 doubloons (250 for each gamble) and got some (really amazing) stuff (cant even remember what) from that gamble. But apperantly this part of the "Ruckus" event is illegal in Belgium where I live. So this is why I think my account is rerolled to May the 24th. I think also that 3 days of premium and some flags is a bit of a lazy compensation. What do you guys/glas think? Cheers! OverPenokio
  3. OverPenokio

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    I was wondering what you think of Notsers "counter-play"? It seems a bit circumstantial, like the subs are the only enemy you have to lookout for. I'll definatly try his advice but still...
  4. OverPenokio

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    I have been working in the game industry for 11 years and one of the rules of thumb is KILL YOUR DARINGS! So if you, as a gaming company notice that the playerbase (the ones who pay for your rent etc.) does not enjoy your desissions, you reverse them and put your enery and efford in something usefull.
  5. OverPenokio

    [POLL] Subs in ranked. Are you enjoying them?

    Back to Warhammer Totalwar ... In the 6 years I have been playing this game and spending quit a bit of money on it I'm on the brink of deleting my account. Subs tend to bring the worst out of me in game. Normally I dont swaer, get angry, am polite and at ease. But sinec these ****** shoed up I'm like dr. Jenkle and mr. Hide.... WG, give us an option to play without them if we choose so!
  6. OverPenokio

    subs literally extract the fun out of the game

    This is getting silly. Pinged for 2 times, Repair, got smacked by 4 torps anyway. Flooding, no repair party. Half my HP gone. Over and over again. There is not mutch I can do to counter, hit 4 and hope I prediced his movements right .... No I didnt, rince and repeat. WG, f*** **f! And this is where I spend my money on the last 6 years? I've had it.
  7. OverPenokio

    Poll: Which Ship did you get from KotS Collection?

    Aaaah, my bad. Thnx for pointing this out to me m8,
  8. OverPenokio

    Whats your Controls for Consumables now ? ^^

    Default but somehow pop my consumables premature (like in RL) if I change "ships".
  9. OverPenokio

    Poll: Which Ship did you get from KotS Collection?

    To bad my clan somehow cant put themselves together to participate in the KOTS tournaments.
  10. OverPenokio

    Question about rentals ships.

    Okay I get it. She had a few t8's but has to play one to participate. Thanks guys.
  11. OverPenokio

    Question about rentals ships.

    Not verry intuative is it? I used the search option and could not find it. Thanks anyway. She has t8 ships so thats why I didn't get it.
  12. OverPenokio

    Question about rentals ships.

    Yeah I know, but she an,t see the ships in port thought she is in a clan. I can see and use mine though I have them already. But sha can't see them. I don't know why, perhaps you do? Thanks for the reply :).
  13. OverPenokio

    Question about rentals ships.

    Hi all, I have a question, not for myself but I could not find the awnser straight away. Why can someone not use a rental ship. Are there any requirments before one can use theM And if so, what are they? Cheers in adance.
  14. OverPenokio

    What considers good/proper teamplay

    One word: "Communication".
  15. OverPenokio

    Battles to tier X ratio

    I started playing in CBT and back than we had to really grind to a tier X and that took a long time like ColonelPete said. I started out with the Shima and Zao, Yama, Montana, Des Mones, Gearing etc. But my ration is 29,4% in tier X ships all but the CV's. I have 13 tier X's. I got a few free XP/coal ships like the Smolensk and and the rest is not tier X like the Jean Bart, Musashi and the Thunderer. I am an average player at best with my 49,24% winrate but I am not a loner, I like the teamplay if it happens, if not? To bad, I just sail on my own and have fun as best I can. Cheers!