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  1. OverPenokio

    Poll: Which Ship did you get from KotS Collection?

    Aaaah, my bad. Thnx for pointing this out to me m8,
  2. OverPenokio

    Whats your Controls for Consumables now ? ^^

    Default but somehow pop my consumables premature (like in RL) if I change "ships".
  3. OverPenokio

    Poll: Which Ship did you get from KotS Collection?

    To bad my clan somehow cant put themselves together to participate in the KOTS tournaments.
  4. OverPenokio

    Question about rentals ships.

    Okay I get it. She had a few t8's but has to play one to participate. Thanks guys.
  5. OverPenokio

    Question about rentals ships.

    Not verry intuative is it? I used the search option and could not find it. Thanks anyway. She has t8 ships so thats why I didn't get it.
  6. OverPenokio

    Question about rentals ships.

    Yeah I know, but she an,t see the ships in port thought she is in a clan. I can see and use mine though I have them already. But sha can't see them. I don't know why, perhaps you do? Thanks for the reply :).
  7. OverPenokio

    Question about rentals ships.

    Hi all, I have a question, not for myself but I could not find the awnser straight away. Why can someone not use a rental ship. Are there any requirments before one can use theM And if so, what are they? Cheers in adance.
  8. OverPenokio

    What considers good/proper teamplay

    One word: "Communication".
  9. OverPenokio

    Battles to tier X ratio

    I started playing in CBT and back than we had to really grind to a tier X and that took a long time like ColonelPete said. I started out with the Shima and Zao, Yama, Montana, Des Mones, Gearing etc. But my ration is 29,4% in tier X ships all but the CV's. I have 13 tier X's. I got a few free XP/coal ships like the Smolensk and and the rest is not tier X like the Jean Bart, Musashi and the Thunderer. I am an average player at best with my 49,24% winrate but I am not a loner, I like the teamplay if it happens, if not? To bad, I just sail on my own and have fun as best I can. Cheers!
  10. OverPenokio

    Not technically minded, need help though

    I know the problem. Though my PC is 7 months old it took ages to load the game. Today I decided toput the game on an SSD hard disk and now my hardship and sorrows are history. Perhaps that might be an idea for you as well?
  11. Can you tell me what mod pack that is plz? Cheers.
  12. OverPenokio

    Dutch forum?

    Or perhaps beeing a voice-over like Jingles os should that honour go to Philippe Geubels or Herman Finkers?
  13. OverPenokio

    Dutch forum?

    I'dd be more than happy to see these proposals you mentioned. Can you provide me with a link? The post war ships were decent for that time and the techtree will be historical accurate up to T6 I think, after that most of 'm will be paper ships and I like to stick to the acurate history as mutch as possible. Cheers for the headsup m8.
  14. OverPenokio

    Networks speeds, Server speeds and lag.

    Slow loadingtimes, FPS drop and general ping over the 60 here. I have the same issues lately.