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  1. Gilles_Schey

    One sided matches

    Thanks and yeah, I figured as mutch. Well, atleast I saved one from eternal n00bness a bit ;).
  2. Gilles_Schey

    One sided matches

    Perhaps an silly idea, but if we create an topic where n00bs can ask for a "teacher" so there padawans get some form of guidance? This might help banning the n00bness a little. Of am I beeing naive in this? I think it works. I'm atm helping someone out that way. What ever ship he picks, I pick the same one and show him what to do. I am not the best captain there is by any means, but showing the basics seems to bear fruit.
  3. Gilles_Schey


    Oh man, this was a fun read. Can I have more plz?
  4. Me as an Shima player (my fav by far) can tell you what I hate about other ships. Especially BB's. I hate those players who: - Keep changing their speed. - Keep steering bow on. - Keep changing their course. - Have radar. - Have hydro. - Have spotter planes up. - Are accompanied by cruisers. - Are accompanied by other DD's. - Are German (for their f*****g anoying secondaries. - Know when I shot my torps and than decide to sail towards me. (The reason I never shoot all my torps but always keep one in reserve). - Can count. (The torps sets I have fired). - And above all: Are seasoned warriors. I am sure this goes for all DD players but there are exeptions. In my Russian DDs I dont mind beeing spotted since I am so fast and agile I can dodge allmost everything. Therefor it is really handy to have the following captain skills (10 point captain): - Prefentive Maintanance, Last stand, Super intendant and Concealment Expert. Here you find some handy guidelines provided by Notser. I sugest you study them, even if English isn't your mother language. Just rince and repeat. His videos helped me a lot. Here are a few of them. He has videos of all classes of ships for every line from every country. They are great. I hav added you as friend in game just so that if you have questions you can just ask. ;). Good luck and I hope to see you at sea! Cheers, Gilles.
  5. Gilles_Schey

    Server Down ?

    I can get in now. Cheers from the Netherlands.
  6. Gilles_Schey

    BBs in ranked

    BBs are now performing a role that normlly cruisers and destroyers should do if you ask me. Thats not a bad thing perse, it force the BBs to brawl more but that also makes them more vulnerable but a soon as the BBs think"screw you" the team is lost. And that happens a lot. If I spot etc. in my BBs I usually end up dead really soon deu the smoke, radar and torp spam whyle the rest sits save in the smoke without detecting enemy ships. But if I don't do what I do we lose too because not a lot of team members will fufill this role. All you need is get lucky with your team, nothing less.
  7. Gilles_Schey

    Problem Game Bug

    Antialiasing is making the edges of models or objects/textures more smooth. So you won't see any pixelation. Tessellation is to reduce the effect of repetitive paterns in game (for instance the waves i game). Turning this off will reduce the cpu/memorie usage. Also, I had problems with this in the past, You can try to over-clock r under-clock your pc by using the tool Afterburner. Not sure if this works though.
  8. Gilles_Schey

    Camouflage bug?

    This is the case with all ships in preview mode so also with premium ships. Besides that, all premium camo have allmost the same stats: +50% / 100% commander XP (not all premiums) +4 Max. dispersion -3 detect. + 30% / 50% / +100% XP It doesnt matter really, they are all better than the standard camo.
  9. Gilles_Schey

    New Loading Screen showing possible Tribal Class?

    I'm pretty sure it's no Tribal. Not sure either what class it is though.
  10. Gilles_Schey

    Do games seem to be getting one sided?

    True, all true. What I oticed that it seems to be worse since the latet patch. I'm not sure but besides the usual: - Don't play objectives - No communication - Sniping BB's - Running cruisers (because of the lack of BB supp.) - Dd's all go one cap - Salty chat (I know, comes with the territory) (And all things you guy's allready mentoned). It seems like something in the game mecanics changed. I don't mind losing but losing the way we do now is just pathetic. It's not 50% - 50% anymore. Its now 80% - 20%. I play a lot of T10 games but it seems worse at these T's. Lots of bots and perhaps hacks (Not sure how to detect that) allthough I try to stay positive and refuse to believe that thats the case. But the doubt starts to get the best of me latley despite I play since CBT. Something has changed but cant figure out what.
  11. Gilles_Schey

    Looking for someone who wants to play ships with me. T5 atm

    You can ad me if you like. Got all T's so there must be a match somehow. Besides, T5 is fun.
  12. Gilles_Schey

    A bit of guidance please

    I just obtained the Minotaur. The RN Cruisers before the Minotaur were rather easy to play, especially till the Neptune. They excell in short and medium range like Sukasaa said but they are rather flimpsy. Dont charge in, make good use of the smoke and islands and despite the slow torpedos and their short range (till T8) you can ambush ships quit easy. Their aa isnt bad either and the fact they maintain their speed when turning makes them fast and agile. Don't go in alone, Always stay with BBs or other cruisers so they get all the attention and soak up the damage. It also helps a LOT if you team up with an DD You can both use the smoke so you will never be detected through out the game. If you want to team up, just PM me in game. Cheers, Gilles.
  13. Gilles_Schey

    update problem

    Perhaps you can overclock your mac? I had to downlock mine before I got the game running.
  14. Gilles_Schey

    World of Cowards yes i said it.

    Perhaps there is a way that the force can be devied in to task forces or flotilla of lets say 2 DD's, 2 or 3 cruisers and 2 or 3 BB's that are "forced" to work together by adding extra boneses if they really do. Encouraging teamplay with bonuses might help. Also bonusses for spotting, hitrate (aka less sniping), laying smokesceens for team member, spotting torps early, staying within AA range with other ships, communicate in chat etc. might help. The only way to counter passive play is to reward teamplay. Punishing doesn't help, rewarding does.