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  1. WG EU strikes again: The Naval Tour

    I must say I do not see the meaning with your post. You think it is a good idea to exclude lots of players and annoy them? You think that is a good marketing idea?
  2. WG EU strikes again: The Naval Tour

    But WHY hold a contest that would exclude most European countries, what was your reasoning behind that? Why not make sure that it could be held in all countries, this does not make ANY sense.
  3. Pan - Asian DDs and politics

    Right, to ban the symbols of a murderous regime is "russophobic"... I wouldthink that the Russians would want to distance themself from that regime? That is the exact double standards we are talking about here.
  4. Pan - Asian DDs and politics

    Would not say so either, Russia is WAY more ignorant about their recent past.
  5. Pan - Asian DDs and politics

    Quite true. The Soviet symbols are banned in Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania, among other places, but WG do not seem to care.
  6. Pan - Asian DDs and politics

    Uh? How did my post disagree with that? By contrast, you might enlighten me on the role the Taiwaneese navy played.
  7. Pan - Asian DDs and politics

    Well I hoped they would focuson important ships from the WWII era, not where the players are from. The mass murder issue is not important; I can still see the hammer and the sickle in the game.
  8. 5. 5K XP Gotten 20K XP and 24h premium so far

    Yep Tier VI with a 10pts captain. Just played one game but it looked nice enough.