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  1. Soviet Cruiser Stalingrad Tier X

    Naturally it is totally OP, since it is a Russian ship.
  2. Haida is in shop :)

    But why is the permanent camo flying the CURRENT Canadian flag and not the WWII one?
  3. Team Balance and Fair play...

    Naturally you are correct. Tier 1 players do not always mean great player, but the correlation is at least semi-strong.
  4. British line up

    Yeah I agree with the money-milking aspects, but I would also like a British money-maker...
  5. British line up

    Well, as far as I understand it neither Stalingrad nor Kronstadt served, so I do not see the problem. However, there are plenty of ships that could be interesting, among them some DDs, but also quite a few CVs. The thing is, you can also make one ship tech tree and have one of the ships as premium.
  6. British line up

    However, and this is quite interesting, we do not have ANY high-tier UK premiums. I really do not know why.
  7. HMCS Haida leak, coming to ST soon

    Why is that, you think?
  8. Just met @Ferry_25 in his Chappy in ranked, hope you ended up first in your team!
  9. Soviet battlesh... cruiser Kronshtadt

    Not interested at all. Were these ships even planned?
  10. Musashi P2W

    Why would it matter what ships he plays? Is his opinion not worth anything if he plays the Diana, or worth more if he plays the Nelson?
  11. WG EU strikes again: The Naval Tour

    I must say I do not see the meaning with your post. You think it is a good idea to exclude lots of players and annoy them? You think that is a good marketing idea?
  12. WG EU strikes again: The Naval Tour

    But WHY hold a contest that would exclude most European countries, what was your reasoning behind that? Why not make sure that it could be held in all countries, this does not make ANY sense.
  13. Pan - Asian DDs and politics

    Right, to ban the symbols of a murderous regime is "russophobic"... I wouldthink that the Russians would want to distance themself from that regime? That is the exact double standards we are talking about here.
  14. Pan - Asian DDs and politics

    Would not say so either, Russia is WAY more ignorant about their recent past.
  15. Pan - Asian DDs and politics

    Quite true. The Soviet symbols are banned in Ukraine, Latvia and Lithuania, among other places, but WG do not seem to care.