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    Yes, skrekt dokumentz for german ships include lowest HE dmg of all light cruisers and 3% fire Chance. At least DE would almost double the fire Chance, no other CL can Profit so much from this skill ^^
  2. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    General Feedback

    Hi! Already did that yesterday! Ticket: ID 119488112 I also found a workaround for my system: Since i am using 2 GPUs in a dual monitor system the error only occurs if i start the game on the second screen. If i launch the game on the primary screen everything works fine. After you startet the game on the primary screen you can shift it to the secondary screen and it still works, it only fails if you launch it on the secondary screen. Hope that helps.
  3. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    Allgemeines Feedback - Update 0.8.7

    Hi, ja, welche Grafikkarte hast du? Oder evt. mehrere Monitore?
  4. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    General Feedback

    Same here, the game works fine, i can play games and get Chests, even the directive screen works, the only things that dont work are the Clan screen, Premium Shop and Armory.... Edit: The News section doesn't work either
  5. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    Allgemeines Feedback - Update 0.8.6

    Das kann ich bestätigen, stört sehr im Spiel