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  1. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    What graphics settings are you using in WoWs and your graphics card?

    Ryzen 3900X, 32Gb Ram, 2080 Ti Everything on max, 60fps solid (Vsync on) Usually there is a Webbrowser or another app open on my second screen, but even with another light 3D app on the second screen 60fps in WoWs is solid.
  2. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    Resetting 2 lines in a split tech tree  for research bureau

    You can do this differently: You reset a line then you Research all the ships up to TX with free xp not purchasing anything then you reset the same line again Then you Research an Play the line. This way you get 20k Research Points for playing T VI to TX ships. If you had a x2 Bonus open you get 30k Research Points.
  3. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    General CV related discussions.

    I just started to Play CVs again and while they are clearly OP on lower Tiers, in high Tier its not that bad. At T10 AA is very strong, especially if many ships are sailing together. As for DDs and such, many ships do make mistakes, they dont maneuver, the dont use smoke, etc. so they are easy to farm, especially DDs who just sail straight…. You can mitigate a lot of the CV dmg, if you make him turn your planes you go from 6k dmg to 2k dmg which is not that bad in a DD. If you use smoke and turn off AA the CV will have to look for another target. Now you say its unfair and bad game design, but your Team has a CV as well and imagine you run into a Smolensk in a Cap, good luck getting out alive. I think there are not enough CVs around, if Players are more used to dealing with them, they might adapt a bit, sail in pairs at least, turn their ship more efficient,.... Not Talking About Tier IV, the situation is quite harsh there, but its also not fun for Cruisers if they are in a TX match with 5 BBs and 4 DDs per side.
  4. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    12 vs. 12 Arms Race Ranked Sprint Feels like an Arcade Game

    Thank god i ranked out this weekend, i can just imagine that players in ranked get worse and worse as time goes on since the good ones ranked out first (statistically *cough*). It was just like random battle with better daily missions so no ranked feeling, i just quit random play for ranked sprint.
  5. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    12 vs. 12 Arms Race Ranked Sprint Feels like an Arcade Game

    Same here, i got 6 Battles, only 1 win, its quite discouraging if you just loose, doesnt matter what i do. Hopefully i have a winning streak by the Weekend.
  6. The cruisers spamming HE from behind an Island is a BB problem, since the introduction of many 457mm BBs and the IFHE rework on T10 Cruisers (30mm Armor) many BBs can overmatch all Cruiser Armor meaning cruisers cant angle anymore against BBs or the angle doesnt really matter. So Cruisers hide behind islands an spam the only thing that does dmg on an angled BB -> HE! DDs are there to counter BBs meaning you should die to them, since the Cruisers are behind islands because of BBs nobody is chasing the DDs (in a non carrier game). 5 BBs per team aiming at 3 Cruisers doesnt help the situation at all. You see it is all working as intended, if WG would give Cruisers a way to angle against BBs they might come out of their Island hideout, but if Cruisers just get blapped by BB fire if they leave cover, BBs will get blapped by DDs Torps more often. BTW i started playing CVs again and its not terrible.
  7. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Well, i got 3 Containers recently: 1x 1500 Steel (didnt believe they existed before) 1x 15000 Coal 1x 100 Sierra Mike Well, i guess i got really lucky lately, but i did not get a supercontainer for quite some time before.
  8. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    Fragen zum Forschungsbüro

    Ich rate nur jedem im moment noch keine legendären Module zu kaufen da diese mit 0.9.5 überarbeitet werden, was das heissen soll weiss noch niemand.
  9. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    Server still not back up?

    Well, doesn't matter, have to go to work now, seems like no gaming for now...
  10. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    Server still not back up?

    Yup, nothing....
  11. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    World of Smolensk?

    Ich sag nur, ich habe meine Smolensk auch mal für Randoms rausgeholt, da ich kein anderes Schiff besitze mit dem es sich einfacher 18 Feuer in einem Gefecht farmen lässt. Sonst sieht der Kahn bei mir nur Coop. Ich denke das sich das wieder gibt und das viele deswegen die Smolensk rausgeholt haben.
  12. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff


    Well the lesson here is clear. DO NOT BUY A PREMIUM CAMO FOR OLD T10 SHIPS They might just give it to you for free if WG wants to change the Techtree... Lesson learned
  13. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff


    They should just give Players who have the Permacamo a Prem. Moskva and Players without one should just get the Premium Ship and buy the Permacamo extra for coal^^. People are not complaining that they loose the Permacamo, they are complaining that everyone with a Moskva WITHOUT that Came gets one for free, meaning they get About €20 for free.
  14. In fact they are making it worse, i know i will Play T10 almost exclusively for the next 6 Months because i Need to grind the legendary modules before the missions are removed at the end of the year.
  15. Wilhelm_von_Tegetthoff

    Puerto Rico Grind - geht Wargaming zu weit? (Sammelthread)

    Sollten die Server schon online sein? Ich komm nämlich nicht rein. Wollte noch schnell einen Blick ins Dock werfen bevor die Arbeit zuschlägt.