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  1. WoWs forums : the place where you can find players doing even more stupid things with words than they can do in game with ships. Well played OP!
  2. I've been playing since closed beta and am not sick of t10 ships and have no lack of incentive to play because I might have finished a line etc. That is because I like the basic game mechanics (which at their heart are beautifully simple yet comples) and because I am competitive and want to improve how I perform and win matches. I am not bored. I definitely do not want to grind entire lines again. The two times I took a break from this game were the CV rework and about a year before that due to being absolutely fed up with how Wargaming focus on taking away your ability to have influence as a result of skill level. RNG/MM and now CV
  3. I have played since closed beta. I see a lot of people worried about mismatched ship power ... a valid concern. But for me I simply can't imagine anything more tedious that for example regrinding the Pensacola for the 3rd time a game where the MM and general playerbase are so abominably bad. No offense. Generally you play through an entire line and find maybe 3 ships in there actually enjoyable long term. Maybe.... Insanely disengaging, tedious, horrible, unfun.

    WG how are you gonna punish campers?

    Game mechanics promoting passivity, the resulting overall meta and lack of guidance from WG in terms of how to use various BBs (or any other ship) are the causes of this. You guys are directing your angst against the wrong thing entirely. It isn't the players who need to be punished it is everything else. The simple problem you are really facing is this ... WG are designing this crap INTO the game and only making it worse (map design, game mode design and game mechanic design). You have to face that music and live with it or leave (just like Business has). Just to go into a bit more detail ... you have huge open maps with 'no-man's land' areas that are deadly to get into. You have alternative spaces on maps that take players out of the game and make them useless to their team. You have RDF and other issues that take any nuanced close range tactics away. You have very little or no guidance for players telling them the mechanics of their ships or national traits (US or German brawling BBs for example), working together to create rocks-paper-scissors teams. You have long range guns that get longer range and so in some ways suggest that long range is a benefit coming with higher tiers and better 'equipment'. You have game modes like Bastion, Epicenter etc that severely punish (a lot of the time) those who push in. I could go on Most players are not going to spend nearly as much time as Flamu or Business or other CC do. Flamu's strategy seems to be roll with it. Equip for longer ranges and burn stuff. Business (used to he says) risk things a lot of try to create interest because the alternative was so damned boring. Neither solution is so amazing right I mean that people, even the more skilled, are forced into such solutions to crappy situations.
  5. Are these the responses TO bastion? "you know what to do" "cap first or lose" lmao trolling in game gets a chat ban here ... well gg Well here is the thing. WG are trying to make a 'product' that is entertaining and fun. A *game*. you know ... something you do when you want to have some fun and relax. Maybe you are competitive and want to develop skills in it and feel happy about improving and you see your skill rewarded. Then they introduce this stuff which WRECKS any of that. What is the decision making process inside this team and company? seriously? They are trolling us really hard. Should my post be 'constructive' even though I am mad about all this? OK well. Please WG remove this game mode becuase in terms of satisfying what a game should be in you Bastion stomps on it all.
  6. OK people at WG enough is enough this is a complete joke. I am sure there are a lot of other threads related to this issue but this game mode is absolutely the worst idea I have seen in game and I am getting both it and the extremely boring cyclones far too often at the moment. Seriously it is really really boring. Frustrating and absolutely horrible to play It seems to me that the first team to cap wins in almost all instances forts rarely miss, evening sometimes nuking ships in spawn and remove the possibility to cap for low HP ships which they might need to do to save the game on points. They disable the most vital parts of your ship at times rendering you pretty useless. They are too hard to disable and you need to reveal your position by shooting / taking 2-3 volleys even in a BB (while being shot at) to kill them on and on and on If anyone has any good ideas or positive reactions to this issue I'd love to hear them but in my experience this is totally and utterly broken, zero fun and rage inducing. I just died in my Fletcher because I know that if I don't risk EVERYTHING right at the start and try to hold that cap point the team is screwed and game lost anyway. So I die doing 6500 dmg and the game is over after 7mins. So I *could* fall back and let them cap (my team was weak) but then what .... after they all push through even their campers will be in a position to smash me once I am revealed on the cap later on if re-capping is even possible. YOu have so little cap you can actually use to recap (or is it none) that it is tactically so broken it isn't funny. And that is even in a DD let alone a low HP cruiser in middle or late game trying to recap (see next paragraph) Earlier I was killed from 1/3 health in a Moskva before I could disable a fort as we needed to cap mid to late game. Every shot hits, and there is a very high fire chance. So in that instance not only do I have a Zao shooting me but also a damn fort and both have the same fire chance -- so in your opinion WG is that match simple a loss because I have NO chance of pushing the zao and surviving the fort? or if I ignore the fort it hits me for 4K or more a shot and kills me... how is that reasonable or fun or something players can feel ANY satisfaction out of interacting with? How is this fun? How can players feel like they have any chance to do anything and maybe pulling back a win after losing the initiative early on? There is so little chance to do it in this game mode. WG REMOVE IT PLEASE.

    Is AA to strong on HT?

    Anyone who says you shouldn't hunt DD in a CV is not really thinking about how powerful and game changing DDs are. They should die first in every CV game if possible in my opinion. I watch papedipupi when he streams and completely agree with his approach of nuke DDs first. And yes, CV are probably the most skill and management intensive things I have tried in any game. Insane ramp up in skill levels are needed to play them well plus a comprehensive knowledge of every ship you face in order to approach it correctly. If people are capable of dealing with that skill level well they should be (and deserve to be) getting higher damage numbers than a Yamato. There is a problem now in that the Moskva, Minotaur and ofc the Des Moines hard counter CVs to such an extent and over such a large area of map ... that it means you can't do much about it at all as the CV. If the MM gives one side those two or three of those boats and the players know to hold the map centre ... it sucks really hard as a CV player and gives an HUGE advantage to the other team. Which is all good... but some of those CA seem too OP in terms of AA right now.
  8. There are many games that I am sure WG are aware of that they could model systems on to deal with this issue. One of the main things that people playing this game need to understand is that you are choosing to play a team game against other human players. That makes it competitive. You want to play against other people it's the same as playing pool in a pub or playing football. People will want to win ... some more than others, and at some point if you are absolutely terrible people on your team will start to tell you so. Personally I think people always want to win. Otherwise they wouldn't even play. They want to beat Quake, or CoD mission or whatever it is. This is absolutely no different. People who say they don't care about doing well are just making an excuse for not committing to what they are doing. If you don't care about it why even power up the PC and log in? WG need to improve the PVE elements to the point where they are a lot more attractive and at the same time implement a system for dealing with abuse that is reasonable and not so open to abuse itself. A simple click of a button with zero evidence of bad behaviour as things stand now is simply stupid and totally open to abuse for any reason whatsoever. It is basic that a player should at least have to provide evidence of abuse or 'ruined enjoyment' etc ... which can then be automatically checked and filtered and then if it is very serious (racist, homophobie, sexist etc) the player can be temp banned from the game altogether etc. At the moment it is obvious that the system is deeply flawed. So you ask yourself given the experience WG have as a company regarding this issue why it isn't dealt with better .... and the answer must lie in the fact that the important metrics are only those that very directly effect $$$ income. This is not one of them. PS I would lay a bet on the fact that their new mission system and the influx of absolutely appalling bad players since the holidays started has led to a rise in reports... Asking DD to chase CV around the map and such like creates toxic gameplay which WG incite themselves. It's absolutely moronic.

    Bastion needs to die

    I was genuinely surprised that these stupid forts killed planes and luckily in that particular match _FTD_ was a gentleman in the opposing CV and told me that they did. What kind of crazy is that :/ So by the time I realised wtf was happening I had lost about 50% of my squads at the start of the match... I mean it is hard enough being uptiered in a Shokaku to T10 and then facing an opposing team of _FTD_ and OMNI plus _exige_ let alone having forts wrecking your stuff too! What kind of testing does this *stuff* pass through? It's sooo bad.
  10. RDYSET

    Bad teams last month, enyone else ?

    I noticed it really hitting about when the holidays started. It was and is still a bit of a nightmare. You can see how my stats are wildly going up and down (some days 75% other days 45%) ... not matter what last night I could get a Gearing win (admittedly don't play after going to the pub but this was me getting nuked for doing my job with no support (of course some are me just screwing up) or conversely me having 160K games and the team dissolving). I hate how powerless it feels. Agency and meaningful action are surely key to a game being fun and when you see your team being just incredibly BAD .... it is no fun let's say. The report system in WoWs is a complete joke and open to abuse. For example I have been chatbanned because complete DIV report me for telling them I would screenshot how much they were hiding lmao And the report for bad play here is meaningless. In fact there is a LOT of meaningless stuff in the client/game. Karma ... wtf is it even for? You can't even see a history of who reported or complimented you right? The psychology of people is to notice something when they are unhappy (a la Tripavisor trolls) and ignore or not notice things when they go fine or are good. So compliments are ... well you see where I am going.
  11. RDYSET

    Guide: How to wreck a game in less than 1 month

    The appropriate reaction to a wallhack mechanic. http://www.tubechop.com/watch/8754414
  12. *** fully agreeing with people who say it is a team game as any other like a RL sport. You commit to a team and are in a game to win. That is the game design. It's not rocket science. I guess the reward for those who are competitive is to do well and to improve. But I think at the end of the day every one here wants that. Because if you play a PVE FPS or if you play EVE online or WoWs you want to beat it. People get pleasure from seeing their actions have meaningful effect (called agency). Surely an ok assumption? lol. So basically I don't buy the "I don't care" line. I just get so miffed when I am in teams with people who just don't care or think about it together. I'm slightly 'old' (I mean I was around before the internet)... but guys... you know you can learn almost anything from youtube? Yet so many here have no urge to even do that. No clue on ammo type, map strategy, angling etc. Oh well. But back to the stats. I wish for a few things. That stats showed how you rank at the end of games (top 3-5 etc) either winning or losing. And that people didn't rely on WR. I understand that the skill of staying alive means greater dmg done over time. But there is just no saving WR in my experience. I feel totally powerless often in this game when playing alone and hate having value placed on a metric based that operates in that way.
  13. I find stats in the game interesting but in the end useless because so much of the game is out of your control. My WR is about 54% overall but I top the team or come really high a lot of the time. My play style is risky I guess. I love winning and doing well. I love seeing performance increasing and having that based on increased skill. The problem in this game is that because of random teams all that means crap. It really does. I think the game has been out long enough now that at all tiers you have players who are just so terrible that there is absolutely nothing you can do. If you try to save a match or take a chance in order to win, you die. Your stats suck. I really noticed this increasing around the end of Oct with that Halloween holiday. Omg. I keep rage editing this because serously I have played so many games already today full of the absolute worst players you can imagine. It crushes my WR and then people expect that metric to be meaningful? Total joke lol.
  14. Hey guys. My stats meet the requirements (just ) and I would love to have a game or two in DIV with you guys to see how things fit. In terms of organised MMO PVP I was a very active EVE player for a few years (in Pandemic Legion -- don't hold it against me ). Just mentioning it as it was a competitive environment -- which sometimes was friendly ... other times rage filled So yeah, I am competitive and always trying to improve. These games are most satisfying to me when working together with others. I play in a DIV sometimes with people I met in game and we don't use voice coms (to give some perspective on my DIV stats). Details are: Australian/UK - but living in Vilnius, Lithuania 44 y/o https://eu.warships.today/player/527190557/RDYSET Thanks.
  15. RDYSET

    wows released sept 17th

    Sorry although I am not a professional game developer I am not getting this. They had all the underlying tech in place and the new update brings trees to the landscape... So they have weapon types, ballistics, armor, water etcetc all working well. No changes at all that are major. The main changes are balance changes for the limited number of ships already in game. Can you explain why it would take 6 months to make the USN BB line? Maybe I am missing something. At that rate you are saying it will take 24mths per navy ... lol