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  1. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Ken Playing World of Warships

    im trying the game World of warship for the first time. To be as simple as possible, I use the Japanese tier I cruiser Hasidate! Why do humans have to be so complex? I hardly understand any of this! This is made for entertaining.
  2. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Warship Ship detonation

    The Queen Elizabeth class battleship Warspite, my flag ship in the game. I have soon played almost 700 battels With her, I have not once been detonated with her. If all ships in World of Warship have the likelihood of detonating in a battle, would I not have happened a long time ago? I have just been very lucky That it has not happened yet? I've been detonating several times in Destroyers and Crusiers, but rarely on Battleships.
  3. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Graf Zeppelin

    Well than, Is this CV ready, or do you still testing her out?
  4. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Graf Zeppelin

    Fascinating, I've made space in my harbor for her too
  5. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Do you want to wake the dragon?

    That's right I've seen some of them already in British design n_n
  6. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Do you want to wake the dragon?

    Did you just investigate this now? I did not expect you to answer me mate but it's awesome thank you very much! :D And..ya You can put the predreadnoughts in tier I, so far there is no BB in that tier and I understand why BB may never come in, in that tier. Mikasa would have wiped out the whole Norwegian predreadnoughts alone I think XD no brags for the Norwegian predreadnoughts. Maby the Norwegian destroyers have a greater chance of getting into the game sometime in the future. Of course, as you said, low tier with their armament Is quite true. On the D day, the Bombarding Force D The Norwegian destroyers MS STORD and MS SVENNER did escort the HMS RAMILLIES and HMS WARSPITE to Sword Beach for bombardments. I do not know what kind of type of DDs they were, but they were there to help on the invasion of the D day. Something I find it very fascinating and interesting. Maybe we should have a campaign about D Day once, that wod had to been insanely awesome ting to do mate n_n
  7. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Do you want to wake the dragon?

    Just want to say that the Norwegian had a smal navy to of 8 DD and 4 Very old pre-dreadnoughts in WW2 too! Include them as any other country with small navys one day and Thank you for the answer Tuccy n_n
  8. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Suggestions thread

    Yes! thats right! Sorry i made it so hard to understand mate, I speak fluent English but writing English is not quite my strong side yet n_n
  9. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Suggestions thread

    Ya like put the main armament in default position too. Here is an example mate n_n
  10. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Suggestions thread

    An idea i have, what if the main canon locked in the position you want? This is my flag ship HMS WARSPITE, In the game today we can lock our guns in the direction we see, by pressing ctrl+X (armerment: locked on bearing) But I would also like the opportunity to have my main armerment locked in position, like stops completely No matter what direction they point to. Is it possible to get it into the game? Or do I break the entire game balance now?
  11. Will these deepwater torpedo come to low tires DD too? if they do so it sounds almost as if the torpedoes are completely useless against other DDs and Crusieres. Not that I complain, It just sounds very confusing. Have they been tested? Or are they going to start testing with it soon?
  12. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Do you want to wake the dragon?

    Looks very cool, I first thought at once it might be a bit too early Since the British battleships Is not ready for the game yet. But if I'm not completely wrong here now, the British battleships Might have spent a little longer time to test than normal. But I look forward to these ships as well. n_n
  13. ViceAdmiralKevin

    why WG? WHY????

    You do know that you have lots of gold right? I'm sure one singel gold can not hurt your economy in the game. But I have to say that it was a little fun to see that you just missing an XP to get the ship. It does not hurt to take one more battle..okay maybe a little bit but still, WG will love it n_n
  14. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Why I stopped making wows videos

    I first want to comment World of Warships is one amazing game and I am enjoying it. But what I am annoyed of is my real life! XD The truth is that I am trying to get a permanent job that requires some knowledgeable about the subject. I have therefore have no time to play as much as I did before. But I will always play when I have time. My second problem lies in the fact that my computer fails to graphics in the game and it is not powerful enough to run multiple programs simultaneously,which means I get very poor video quality of the videos I make. Something that has a very big impact on my youtube followers. That is why I also have stopped making more videos. I plan to update the computer but it costs money and it's money I do not have now. My goal is to get a job so I can earn money to opgradere the computer. You will notice the bad quality difference in my gameplay therefore this will be the last video for a while,hopefully you enjoyed it. My final battle is a epic one. ViceAdmiralKevin
  15. ViceAdmiralKevin

    Is Warspite Broken?

    I'm sorry to hear that, I bought the ship first day it came in beta to mate. It is far from the best ship but it is okay.