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  1. Kold_duck

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    I see nothing was said about overlapping AA ranges either...they still don't get it..smdh
  2. Kold_duck

    New CVs

    So just played the new update...first game was in my Wooster, only shot down 3 planes, but the CV's generally kept them away from me. Also noticed WG reduced my AA from 100 down to 84, wth, at T10, I should have AA to be feared but I digress. Then jumped into my Atago for game 2, shot down a couple of planes which is fine...Atago is not generally known for her AA but her stealthy ability...I don't like the additional .2m you've added on to her concealment but I will deal. Now, the things I don't like. I've attached the replay from that game (hopefully it works) and towards the last couple of mins the CV sends his TBs at me and I don't see the torps until they are right on top of me...I got the torp beeping but no sighting of said torps...maybe I'm used to my planes helping me out and that's why I didn't see them...at either rate, I had no time to avoid...prob because there was an island there as well. If that had been on open water, i'm not sure I could have evaded that. Then at the end of the match, the last min or so, I'm beating up the CV, which I know I can't burn down anymore, but he is able to launch wave after wave at me with no fear. I on the other hand only have 4 fighter consumables and that was the premium and they only stay up for less then a minute I believe. I was under the impression that there was a cooldown for the CV losing planes, or is that only if they lose the entire squadron at one time? Otherwise, you may want to increase the cooldown on how often they can launch planes. If the timer had not run out, he would have been able to overwhelm me without fear of me as I would have been too busy trying to dodge and weave and would not have been able to keep my guns on him. The CV benefits from long range strikes without taking any themselves and also being stealthy as well. They shouldn't benefit from an unending supply of planes. Part of being a CV was knowing when to press your attacks and when not to as you had a finite number of planes. Oh, and being spotted a lot more sucks, just saying. Just my two cents. 20190131_102139_PJSC038-Atago-1944_19_OC_prey.wowsreplay
  3. Kold_duck

    Perth Appreciation Thread

    Nope I haven’t tried it out just quoting what I’ve read in other threads.
  4. Kold_duck

    Perth Appreciation Thread

    Any faster than 1/4 speed and you’ll exit your smoke which is why you can’t go in reverse unless you have the smoke expert skill.
  5. Kold_duck

    [BRIT6] British 6th Naval Arm

    Making my mark...I have TS but am blocked due to my travels overseas. 51% WR, have a wide variety of ships across all tiers. Am team oriented and can take direction/suggestion with getting butt hurt about it. Jack of all trades, master of none.
  6. Kold_duck

    Atago rudder... WTF?

    Yep I’ve had a few rudder hits in my Atago...I’ve even taken a citade from a single shell coming up my back side...one shell, smh. I still love her though. Love getting in close, setting some one on fire and then ninja vanish, all at 9.2 km...lol.
  7. Kold_duck

    Perth Appreciation Thread

    This thread is on the NA server which is what gave me the idea for it and the going consensus over there is that the smoking skill will only allow you to go in reverse and stay in smoke which she can’t do because she goes to fast. I put the smoking mod 1 on her and now that you mention it I may try to find the spotter plane mod and the hydro mod...I have coal laying around that I don’t use so why not for this. Loving this little ship lol
  8. Kold_duck

    Perth Appreciation Thread

    So I got this little beauty from a free Santa's container and I'm starting to like her a lot. Just a couple of my games in her. I've only had one really bad game and that was a map with a cyclone in it and I was chasing a Cossack and completely ignored the Derpitz which saw me...her dispersion at the lower ranges especially up close seems a little wonky to me as the Cossack got away and I could have thrown my shoe at him I was that close...but all in all, shes been fun to play. Anybody else see her this way??
  9. Kold_duck


    Not sure if anyone has seen this bug yet... 1. Description Main guns fire without any input from me. Usually at the beginning of a match. No buttons are pressed nor have I clicked my mouse buttons. 2. Reproduction Steps Switched ships from my BB to my CA. Achieved same result, main guns would fire at the beginning of the match with zero input. And thats all I have so far. It doesnt happen right away after the match starts but usually as I beginning to move towards the objective. Kold_duck
  10. Kold_duck

    ATago Citadel...WTH

    Sigh...let me clarify something for those who seem to be spewing hate here...i fully understand and expect to get citadels from BB's and other CAs....however i expect the citadel hit to come from exactly that...my citadel...not from my bow or even the aft end of my ship. The shot in question was from a battle yesterday in which a single round hit the very front of my Atago...and I mean the very front, right where the anchor sits on the bow and it zipped off 30k. Nothing else hit me and nobody else was shooting me (can't recall the ship that smacked me but it was a BB). It seems to me that the citadel, at least on the Atago, tends to be the entire ship damn near which is the point I was attempting to make, not that I get citadel'd in a CA but that I took a citadel from one shell hitting the very front of my ship.
  11. Kold_duck

    ATago Citadel...WTH

    Hey devs, for the love of god, can you please, please, NOT make the citadel on Atago so damn big??...its practically the length of the entire ship...i had two shells, two shells, hit me in the bow, so far forward of my number 1 turret that they practically hit the anchor and i went from 32k HP straight down to 2k...smh...i know i have less then 1k battles and under 300 in my Atago, but i think i have a feel for her...her citadel is just too damn big whereas i feel the other cruisers in her tier their citadels are much smaller...or I just havent sacrificed enough to RNGeusus...
  12. Kold_duck

    The worst tier 4 BB Arkansas Beta

    Pfft...I just looked at my stats for my beloved Arky...51% win rate and only 33k average damage...teach me the ways of the Schwartz oh wise one..
  13. Kold_duck

    Arky Beta slot 6!

    I would head over to the NA WOWs forum. There is some good info over there about setups for the Ark Beta. I also have one and will be revisiting the skills and modules on it. Good luck..