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  1. Angelus_Inferos

    0.7.2 CV controls are BUGED

    Yeah... The UI is just a mess.. Same for the controls .. if you fight against an enemy cv and you try to strafe him... The fighters won't strafe or you can't plan you strafe... But this is like since CBT... And it still isn't fixed... "Year of the carrier"
  2. Angelus_Inferos

    DON'T trust the auto pilot

    Euwm I think I'm pretty sure I don't tuch the AWDS button's... but I just played another game... finding something very interesting... when I make a waipoint in the minimap for my cv... it actualy makes a waypoint WAY OF the point i selected... so when i decide to move north... it makes a waypoint south... Thx for replying :)
  3. Angelus_Inferos

    DON'T trust the auto pilot

    Hello peepz, So I am playing in my Midway. I notice I am going to near to the enemy, time to trun around. I select a point on the minimap and I see a white line from my ship going to the point I want. So I'm focusing on my planes and trust the autopilot to guide my Midway to where I want. 2 Minutes later.... What the actual hell... why didn't my carrier turn around? where did the white line go? Long story short... Am I the only one having problems whit the autopilot? I know the UI sucks and I don't know when they will fix it... but I do wonder if they messed up the Auto Pilot... Or am I doing something wrong? It's just clicking a point on the minimap and when i have my carrier selected there is a white line from the whit Arrow to the point I want. You guys having any problems whit the autopilot? Maybe having some tips to avoid [edited]it up and die... All the best and dear regards, Dex
  4. Angelus_Inferos

    Dunkerque below 8km

    Euwm yeah don't aim for the superstructure. You should aim at the hull and try to hit the citadel. If a battleship get's more guns in one turret, it becomse very inaccurate. So the Dunkerque is just not a good aimer. Theire is also a rng who can give you a bad day. You can do nothing about it. It just puts in a number for your aim and there is nothing to do about it.
  5. Angelus_Inferos

    Ibuki good after all upgrades?

    YEAS MY TIER 9!!!!! o wait..... no.... Guys i have unlocked my tier 9 Ibuki and I don't know what i have to think about it. The range is worst... the ap does sometimes penetrate and sometimes it is crap. Is it good after some upgrades? So yes, wich upgrades are good to equip and wich not. Or is this ship [edited]and it's going to be a hard grind to my tier X zao?... Is there any special play style for this ship? well... all the best to every1 and have a nice day Regards, DEXCON
  6. well look at the situation. If are in open sea and u need to turn for some reason just go full speed and full rudder. When your sailing to a island ore something just go 1/2 speed and full rudder
  7. Angelus_Inferos

    Captain Skills

    well... i should not use it.... if u once get the tier 10 russian DD u have 10km spotting range and 10km torps. Ofcourse it's not a dd to use torps but 10km spotting range is much. I should use Concealment Expert. In my own opinnion i should not use tier 5 captain skills... i think u are better off whit the tier 1-3 skills. But that's ofcourse only my opinnion ;). Regards DEXCON
  8. Angelus_Inferos

    Shimakaze vs Gearing

    Hello everyone, Yes i know there are more topics like this but I can't get a good overvieuw of wich ship pepol do more like. This time.... Shimakaze VS. Gearing. I have both tier 5 DD's. Minekaze and Nicholas. I both like them much but thing are gonna change after that. The torpedoes of the japanese are really good but the guns of amarican ones are so much better. I really dunno wich one to choose cuz gearing has (i think) good torps aswell. Well plz select one of the 2 in the poll. Thanks ;) have a nice day regards Dexcon
  9. Angelus_Inferos

    Des Moins VS Hindenburg

    Hi all, My previous topic was about the three cruisers. Zao was clearly the best but i want to have a second cruiser path. So my next question is.... Wich one is better? Des Moins ore Hindenburg? Wanna see it in the poll! Thanks!, Regards, DEXCON
  10. Angelus_Inferos

    Zao, Des Moins, Hindenburg

    Well thanks for the fast replies I already have mogami but I just wanted to know if the Hindenburg ore Des Moins are better but I think i need to go for the Zao Thanks all
  11. Angelus_Inferos

    Zao, Des Moins, Hindenburg

    Hello, I just wanna know wich ship u guys like more. I know there are more Topics like this but I just wanna see a quick overview with this poll. Thakns!
  12. Angelus_Inferos

    Can a Des Moines get 100/100 anti air rating ?

    eu... no.... well mabey if u upgrade it so much u can have it. And a BB is bigger so more AA but that rating is not always that good. The game takes the standard. U can have less rating but still be more powerfull
  13. Angelus_Inferos

    Strange Keyboard Issue

    strange... I think it's a number of commant. Do u have any trubble whit it? (so u can't zoom). Ore u have a special keyboard ore something
  14. Angelus_Inferos

    No damage taken but repair cost?

    Every salvo u fire means u shooting rounds. U have to pay for rounds. So if u fire on a ship and a round cost for example 200 silver. If u fire 10 times 200 x 10 = 2000 silver
  15. Angelus_Inferos

    North Carolina since patch

    The North Carolina is NOT BAD! the ship is great. If u played Sout Carolina to Colorado it's normal that u have no fast speed and rudder. North Carolina has. U entering Tier 8. U need to know how to hit citadels. All hit points are more so u have to do more damage. The North Carolina has a little better armor then the Colorado but much more then the Amagi. The turrets of North Carolina are turning faster then Amagi and speed is more. The Amagi has Speed and one more turret. If u play 10 games whit the North Carolina u will love her. Give her time and after a little time u can do like 90k damge game.