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  1. Snot_Shot

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Issue 1 is simples really, you go to Twitch channel and you see who is using it :]
  2. Snot_Shot

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Why are you fixated only about aiming and shooting part of this mod? Why are you so blind to see that this mod does more than help you to aim and score hits on other ships?
  3. Snot_Shot

    IJN KitaKami

    I am sorry dont want to hijack this thread and dont want to start new one but do torps have arming range and if it does what is it please? Thank you
  4. Snot_Shot

    400 battles so far...

    It is a bit Snotty I must admit, sorry about that :]
  5. Snot_Shot

    400 battles so far...

    "Too few maps" - more maps will added as the game progresses to OBT and full game release. "Cleveland is OP" - yes we know that and WG knows that too, thats why this is Testing Beta Closed you know :] "Capping games trololo" - just the recent patch has some changes and only 2 ships will have an affect how fast you can cap. "Omg teh planes are not like I used to play on Sturmovik" - this is World of Warships game and its not a simulator.
  6. Snot_Shot

    400 battles so far...

    Closed.....Beta.... Testing.... Which 3 words understand you not?
  7. Snot_Shot

    Premium Shop Pre-orders

    Yes sir! You the boss!
  8. Snot_Shot

    Premium Shop Pre-orders

    In your previous post you said "You may have not noticed but half the game is missing". That is ott statement and you know it :]
  9. Snot_Shot

    Premium Shop Pre-orders

    Whiskey I think this time you got it wrong mate, "content" and "state" are 2 different things....
  10. Snot_Shot

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Guys, look beyond this mods "aim assist" and check what it does to general game play: You cannot hide behind islands and try to ambush someone, enemy using this mod will hit your ship way before you will be able to move out of cover enough to take an aim at someone. It also renders DD's smoke useless as just 1 or 2 seconds of visual appearance of the ship will give away your direction of travel and where an enemy needs to aim and shoot to reveal you for the rest of the enemy team.
  11. Snot_Shot

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Check out on Twitch how quite few streamers use this MOD openly and everyone I saw is using it on Cleveland ship, this made me think that it was part of this ships advanced aiming systems. This MOD changes a lot because it tracks and predicts ships course even when you are hiding behind the island. You will get hit way before you will be able to move out of cover to take aim at your enemy.
  12. Snot_Shot

    Fire igniting ships magazine

    Could not verify this again as its always few ships around me that might finished enemy ship of. This guy looks like had something similar http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/9990-luckiest-he-shell-hit-ive-had-so-far/ Not too sure if it was instant magazine hit or fire ignition?
  13. Snot_Shot

    Pensacola, AP or HE?

    So does HE rounds need a buff? I mean every streamer I have seen uses AP, most incoming rounds at me are seem to be AP too. I am exclusively using HE on everything and dont seem to do badly, but if AP rounds are superior I am hindering myself. There are no reason to use HE at all then...
  14. Snot_Shot

    How it feels to queue in a tier 8/9/10 ship.

    Anyone else enjoying tier 2/3 ships more than higher tiers?
  15. Snot_Shot

    Fire igniting ships magazine

    Thank you Vinc.