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  1. I made my first mod and kept it working since almost 3 years (2 years and 11 months, more precisely, if you need a proof)...
  2. Yuudachi_Kai_II

    Model Modelling Question

    There has been a leaked ancient version of BigWorld that you can do much things with 3ds Max 2014, but the BigWorld engine has then be bought by WG and we don't have such tool since then. Except the "WoT Model Editor Ver29", I think the tool that you used on your Edinburg is the only tool that can actually do the job, at least I'm still using it... If you need furthur help, you may contact G3D, they should have their own tool too, but not opened to the public.
  3. I play wows as a collection game, therefore I'm very unhappy that you're removing ships... I wish we could still be able to, at least, admire them in the port, even if we can't play them in any modes (like the submarine in april 2017) Anyway, the ships that you're going to remove, are quite common waifus, ie. Taiho, Hiryu, Essex, would you please consider the weeb playerbase as well?
  4. Yuudachi_Kai_II

    ModAPI (discussion)

    As I know so far, flags are considered as an element attached on the ship model, you can modify their size, position and orientation by editing a certain .visual file, but their texture is in content/gameplay/common/flags/flags.dds, which is not covered by the content SDK. Briefly: the content SDK does not help you to modify the pattern of your flags.
  5. Yuudachi_Kai_II

    November Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    "in a victorious battles"?
  6. Yuudachi_Kai_II

    [Tool] Content SDK

    New mods extracted in 0.7.6 lead to critical error and cause game crash immediately... Anyone has the same issue?
  7. Yuudachi_Kai_II

    [0.7.5][SEA group] ARP, FSI and other model modifications

    The ARP Musashi skin does apply to the tier 9 Musashi (unless you're using HSF skin). Feel free to cap your screenshot though
  8. Yuudachi_Kai_II

    [] Anime related skins collection modpack

    I'll contact you by mail
  9. Yuudachi_Kai_II

    [] Anime related skins collection modpack

    I have seen Warspite and Prinz Eugen in previous SDKs, maybe they still work...
  10. Yuudachi_Kai_II

    [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    Ok...well, the problem is they'll be unhappy with me, just like I have stolen their work... I make a list of authors... Sorry for this inconvenience I've brought to you... I'll clearly mark the author's name next time when I post new mods...
  11. Yuudachi_Kai_II

    [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    No no, not AstreTunes! I don't make all the mods...There are several people... "SEA group" would be fine
  12. Yuudachi_Kai_II

    [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    Greetings Sir, I'm AstretTunes from the SEA group. A little issue in the "Camo on separated ships" page, I found all skins from our group are marked "By MatterCore", but this guy is not a member of us... I think you might have seen his post on the asian forum, in fact in that thread are just portals, he don't have made the mods by himself. We have now over ten active modders in our team, if you feel difficult to find the exact author of a certain mod, just mark "SEA group" would be fine. Btw, thank you very much for your work on this modstation, it's much easier to use than the previous modpack!
  13. Yuudachi_Kai_II

    [0.7.5][SEA group] ARP, FSI and other model modifications

    [Update] Both Red Alert skins updated for secondary guns issue
  14. Yuudachi_Kai_II

    [0.7.5][SEA group] KRE series skins

    [Update] Chuukanseiki skin has been updated for Midway's low-tier aircraft set. The latest version is v1.1.3
  15. Yuudachi_Kai_II

    [] Anime related skins collection modpack

    I don't know if that table is up-to-date but I think that [SEA] Atago Halloween does not work anymore