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  1. [Tool] Content SDK

    New mods extracted in 0.7.6 lead to critical error and cause game crash immediately... Anyone has the same issue?
  2. [0.7.5][SEA group] ARP, FSI and other model modifications

    The ARP Musashi skin does apply to the tier 9 Musashi (unless you're using HSF skin). Feel free to cap your screenshot though
  3. [] Anime related skins collection modpack

    I'll contact you by mail
  4. [] Anime related skins collection modpack

    I have seen Warspite and Prinz Eugen in previous SDKs, maybe they still work...
  5. [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    Ok...well, the problem is they'll be unhappy with me, just like I have stolen their work... I make a list of authors... Sorry for this inconvenience I've brought to you... I'll clearly mark the author's name next time when I post new mods...
  6. [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    No no, not AstreTunes! I don't make all the mods...There are several people... "SEA group" would be fine
  7. [ALL] ModStation (beta)

    Greetings Sir, I'm AstretTunes from the SEA group. A little issue in the "Camo on separated ships" page, I found all skins from our group are marked "By MatterCore", but this guy is not a member of us... I think you might have seen his post on the asian forum, in fact in that thread are just portals, he don't have made the mods by himself. We have now over ten active modders in our team, if you feel difficult to find the exact author of a certain mod, just mark "SEA group" would be fine. Btw, thank you very much for your work on this modstation, it's much easier to use than the previous modpack!
  8. [0.7.5][SEA group] ARP, FSI and other model modifications

    [Update] Both Red Alert skins updated for secondary guns issue
  9. [0.7.5][SEA group] KRE series skins

    [Update] Chuukanseiki skin has been updated for Midway's low-tier aircraft set. The latest version is v1.1.3
  10. [] Anime related skins collection modpack

    I don't know if that table is up-to-date but I think that [SEA] Atago Halloween does not work anymore
  11. Due to the new categorization of the mod section, I decide to abandon some of my old threads (because they're too many...) and make a new one here. All these mods workunder directX11, and disable camouflages by themselves. The titles will lead you to their download page. Please always be sure that you're using the latest versions. P.S. I don't make all these skins by myself, I'm just posting them for my team...The authors' name could usually be found on the pictures. For international bug report & mod discussions, join our discord channel: https://discord.gg/ncwhPMN ============Arpeggio of Blue Steel skins============ At this moment, we don't plan to make new ARP skins, but I'll keep supporting the existing ones. I'll add a message to this thread once I update something. ARP Yamato (Remodel version) ARP Yamato (Pure repaint version) For both ARP Yamato and Musashi, the remodel version could be too heavy to some old computers, so here are also the textures-only version. ARP Musashi (Remodel version) ARP Musashi (Pure repaint version) Red ARP Takao for Atago Blue ARP Takao for Atago ARP Bismarck/Tirpitz for Tirpitz ARP Scharnhorst Enhance pack for WG's ARP ships This thing is a little complicated... For the full How-to-use, please read this thread. ============FABAJI Ship Industry (FSI series) skins============ FSI Montana FSI Iowa FSI Missouri FSI Yamato FSI Amagi ============Red Alert 3 vessels============ Shogun Battleship (Yamato) Aircraft Carrier (Midway) ============Uncategorized============ Space Battleship Yamato
  12. [0.7.5][SEA group] KRE series skins

    The project is temporarily closed, but these skins are still supported and comfirmed work in 0.7.3
  13. Thank you for the tool, but I found that it does not work with mp3 format...
  14. [0.7.5][SEA group] Titanium ACG skins

    I do have recieved some report like that but I'm not having this kind of crashes myself... So, for now, I don't know where comes this problem and I'm still not able to fix it :/
  15. [0.7.5][SEA group] Titanium ACG skins

    They would work under directX 9 More informations: https://sea-group.org/?p=3457&lang=en