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  1. Dalao mercy!!!
  2. Update 14th july 2017: Add the Ultimate version. SEA group's ARP Yamato project is about to finish now. I think there will not be further versions, but we'll keep supporting the existing versions.
  3. maybe suggest it to WG instead of modders
  4. In order to recover an ancient mod, we are here to represent to you our largest mod ever (about 300MB... This skin pack applies to all the 9 official ARP ships. It contains : 1. Glowing aircraft; 2. Deployed main guns on Kongo and Myoko class vessels; 3. Glowing bridge windows on Kongo class ships; 4. Remade ARP Takao swapped from our Atago skin. How to use: Unzip the file and copy "PnFMods" and "" into /res_mods/a.b.c.d(current version)/ In the "Additional content" menu (in the bottom right corner in port), set "Arpeggio" invisible: This option is going to disable your ARP captains so do special voiceover, but I can't do it better since the content SDK doesn't contain necessary files. Finally, download link: Hope you enjoy it. Btw, here is a preview of our next, and the most complicated mod. (And we are having a lot of technical issues on it...
  5. Ehm...Normally it you're using the PnF version you won't need to mod the shaders, it would glow by itself...
  6. Are you having any problems with the current version?
  7. You can download the version 1.1.1. The only thing get changed in v1.2 is that the "barrier" is added, all the rest of the features are included in v1.1.1
  8. That file is said to be empty, it's not the problem
  9. Red version is also fixed now (I think...
  10. You're right. The content SDK does not provide the right files of true ARP ships...
  11. I believe that the blue one is fixed now, you can get the 1.1.8 version here: I'll try to do the same thing on the red one tonight or tomorrow
  12. This should be pinned
  13. You're right...The game crashes when switching back to Atago in the port, I haven't noticed that :/ I have no idea now but I think it's an important issue, I'll try to fix it. Thank you very much for your report
  14. Would you mind to add my new mod into your modpack? I think it matches well with your "abyssal" style