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  1. I'm not sure about where your problem comes, but I've been using "DXT5 with alpha enabled" all the time and I have never had problem of it
  2. AstreTunes

    [ALL] SEA group visual mods summary

    PSA 19.11.23 ============== WG has recently made some changes to special effect rendering. If you continue to use the current skin mods, the sfx (ie fire, funnel smoke, flooding) will not be rendered. We are aware about this issue and we are fixing the skins au fur et à mesure. But regarding the quantity of our skins, this would take some time. I don't want to polluate this thread with a long list of update, so I will not write update message here until all the skins get fixed. If you don't want to wait for the update message, you can see the progress on our github page: https://github.com/SEA-group
  3. AstreTunes

    [ALL] SEA group visual mods summary

    Update 19.11.19 ============== Update Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI by YunTianJinShi [] [All 9 official ARP ships] ARP Enhance pack originally made by Wargaming, modified by SEA group [1.0.3] To use the ARP pack in the new game version, you shuold demount the default ARP skin from the ship. But you can still use consumable camouflages. As the default skins don't provide any exp/credit bonus, I think it's not a bad deal :)
  4. AstreTunes

    [ALL] SEA group visual mods summary

    Update 19.09.14 ============== Update: Added an orange tracer for captain Kuznetsov and a purple tracer for captain Auboyneau [HE/AP/SAP/Tracer] UAN Type 2016 by AstreTunes [1.0.9] [HE/AP/SAP/Tracer] UAN Type 2017 by AstreTunes [1.0.7] Update: A part of the guns became pink after the game graphic update, so here come the fix: [Grozovoi] PI Grozovoi Yamabuki by AstreTunes [1.0.1] [Moskva] PI Moskva Imayoh by AstreTunes [1.0.1] Update: Fixed a texture missing problem: [Atago] ARP Takao Blue by YunTianJinShi & Sphinx113 [1.1.12] Update: Minor color tweaks: [Atago] ARP Takao Red by YunTianJinShi & Sphinx113 [1.1.12]
  5. AstreTunes

    ST - Changes to test ships

    Is Poltava still capable to mount concealment upgrade?
  6. AstreTunes

    [ALL] SEA group visual mods summary

    Update 19.08.26 ============== Update Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI by YunTianJinShi []
  7. AstreTunes

    [ALL] SEA group visual mods summary

    Update 19.08.22 ============== Update: Updated shell models for 0.8.7; Added SAP shell. [HE/AP/SAP/Tracer] UAN Type 2016 by AstreTunes [1.0.8] [HE/AP/SAP/Tracer] UAN Type 2017 by AstreTunes [1.0.6] [HE/AP/SAP] 32-Bit Mega Blade by AstreTunes [1.0.1] Update: Updated shell models for 0.8.7. [AP] IJN Type 1 AP by AstreTunes [1.1.1] [HE] IJN Type 3 Anti-air Shell by AstreTunes [1.0.2] [AP] IJN Type 91 AP by AstreTunes [1.0.2] [HE] IJN Type 0 Normal Shell by AstreTunes [1.0.2] [AP] USN AP Mk8 by AstreTunes [1.0.2] [AP] USN AP Mk8 Practice by AstreTunes [1.0.2] [HE] USN HC Mk13 by AstreTunes [1.0.2] [AP] PLAN YJ-12 ASGM by AstreTunes [1.0.1] [AP] Excalibur by AstreTunes [1.0.2] [HE/AP] Huaji by AstreTunes [1.1.1] [HE/AP] Ram & Rem by AstreTunes [1.0.1] [HE] Poi by AstreTunes [1.0.1] [AP] Lance of Longinus by AstreTunes [1.0.2] [AP/Tracer] Toaru Kagaku no Railgun by YunTianJinShi [1.0.3] [HE] Nvidia GTX690 by AstreTunes [1.0.2] [HE] Samsung Note 7 by AstreTunes [1.0.1] [HE/AP] Waterdrop by AstreTunes [1.0.1] Add new: An ancient shell mod designed by NA player WhobukiJ [HE/AP/SAP/Tracer] Koi no Uzumehi by WhobukiJ [1.1.0] ============== As to the Yamato skins, content SDK haven't yet get fixed, so the Yamatoes are still staying in our dry dock
  8. AstreTunes

    [ALL] SEA group visual mods summary

    Hi Lanura, The problem that we have is that the current content SDK doesn't support aircraft, and we don't want to release mods with evident imperfections. As per WG, they plan to fix the SDK by the release of 0.8.7, means the end of this august. Once we get the new SDK we would fix our Yamatoes immediately. Best regards
  9. AstreTunes

    [ALL] SEA group visual mods summary

    I have tried this when Taiho lost her Shinden Model-wise, with the possibilities provided by the content SDK, it's a bit complicated but you can indeed swap the model of the planes... ...except one problem: When the planes rest on the deck, they have a tilt angle, which is different for every aircraft. This data is stocked in GameParams.data which is not allowed to mod. Thus if you swap the aircraft model, you will see your plane stay in a strange angle on the deck, like, the aft wheel under the deck and the front wheels floating in the air.
  10. I drew a line in 3ds max and saved it in FBX format, this is what I get: Seems that there's no specific "radius" attribute, but we can make use of the "color" property which is not useful for us, like, write the radius as the red value.
  11. I have thought about this too, but, the wire still has vertices and indices at the same time, that means it's a group of triangles just like other models. The radius sounds logical but I don't know where to apply this attribute
  12. Ok, I will have a look to this software
  13. @IsamuKondera Maybe it's not necessary to go for the FBX format. I heard that tangent and binormal can be calculated based on normal and uv coordinates - I'm not expert in computer graphics, but if it's true, we may still use OBJ files and calculate them when replacing model. For me the OBJ format is still more common and concise. What do you think?
  14. Should be tier 8 to 10?