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  1. @real_sytax Hi Sytax. If you're still interested in primitives to obj conversion, I think the method is clear now. I wrote my script in Matlab because I'm bad at other languages. But at least it proves that the conversion is possible and the method is correct. If you have questions don't hesitate to ask me.
  2. I have just finished a functional Matlab script to extract models, I attached it to the main post. @MatroseFuchs Maybe you can move this thread to Tutorial/Tools section?
  3. AstreTunes

    [All] SEA group visual mods summary

    Update 20.03.19 ============== Update Repaired and tested in the current version ( [Zao] UAN CA-10 Zao white by AstreTunes [1.0.23] [Zao] UAN CA-10 Zao SGC blue by AstreTunes [1.0.23] I have just repaired them once recently, but they still have a bug that stop the model from loading in the port, although you can start a battle without problem. It's a brand new bug that I have never met before... I said they were tested but they still have bug, I'm really sorry. We will upgrade our test protocol and do our best to prevent this in the future. @MatroseFuchs
  4. AstreTunes

    [All] SEA group visual mods summary

    Update 20.03.18 ============== Update The following skins have been repaired and have been tested in the current version ( [Atago] ARP Takao Blue by YunTianJinShi & Sphinx113 [1.1.14] [Atago] ARP Takao Red by YunTianJinShi & Sphinx113 [1.1.14] @MatroseFuchs @Aslain
  5. AstreTunes

    [All] SEA group visual mods summary

    Update 20.03.17 ============== Update The following skins have been fixed and tested in the current version ( [Musashi] ARP Musashi by chiang_wAw [1.0.5] [Musashi] ARP Musashi Ultimate by chiang_wAw [2.0.3] [Scharnhorst] ARP Scharnhorst by chiang_wAw [1.1.5] [Scharnhorst] MPS Scharnhorst Saber Lily by chiang_wAw [1.0.4] [Tirpitz] ARP Bismarck by chiang_wAw [2.0.6] [Wichita] Wichita: Combat Pack by AstreTunes [1.0.3] @MatroseFuchs
  6. It was a "commit", not a "release". It's OK to use it now, version 2.0.3: https://github.com/SEA-group/ARP-Musashi-Ultimate/releases/tag/v2.0.3
  7. Hi Aslain, We're still testing ARP Musashi Ultimate and I believe it's not working properly (that's why I haven't made a new release) I will inform you when it's ready. Best regards
  8. AstreTunes

    [All] SEA group visual mods summary

    是有这个问题……有相当一部分涂装都出了bug但是我们测试不过来…… 所以我刚建了个群 你要是愿意来帮忙的话 群号是1049114772 (FSI天城应该进不了战斗吧
  9. AstreTunes

    [All] SEA group visual mods summary

    Steam版路径不一样,好像是steamapps/common/World of Warships/bin/[数字最大的那个]/res_mods/[版本号]/
  10. AstreTunes

    [All] SEA group visual mods summary

    Update 20.03.13 ============== Update Fixed a bug that causes crash in 0.9.2: [Zao] UAN CA-10 Zao white by AstreTunes [1.0.22] [Zao] UAN CA-10 Zao SGC blue by AstreTunes [1.0.22] [Moskva] PI Moskva Imayoh by AstreTunes [1.0.3] [Moskva] UAN CB-10 Moskva by AstreTunes [1.0.6] About the crash in 0.9.2 I have not tested all the skins yet (mainly because I'm not able to test them myself, I have to ask my friends to do it), it seems that quite much skins are suffering this issue. If you see in the main post a "?" next to a mod, it means I'm not sure if it works. I will remove the question mark following the investigations. Thank you for your comprehension! We have checked all the skins, big thanks to my friends XD Now all the question marks are removed, if you find a mod which is not red, it's ok to use it. In summary, 6 skins were bugged, where 4 are fixed. The 2 others are ARP Takao Blue and Red, I have not yet understood where comes the issue, I will keep working on it this weekend. @MatroseFuchs For the modstation, please update the 4 skins listed above, and temporarily disable "ARP Takao Blue" and "ARP Takao Red". I will tell you when I fix them. Thanks!
  11. AstreTunes

    [All] SEA group visual mods summary

    [Warning] Dear fellow captains, According to @MedvedecTD 's message, the modifications that change ship models will cause game crash in 0.9.1. For those who don't know, I am Chinese and Wuhan is my home city. I came back for the new year holidays one month ago. I thought it would be a short vacation so I didn't bring my computer. Due to the unexpected novel coronavirus epidemic, I'm currently trapped here. The quarantine has just been extended for another one week, I'm not sure when I will be allow to go back to Europe. That means, I'm not even able to check our skin mods. I have asked some friend to make some investigations, but yet I can't fix the mods unless I have my computer. Yuntian's interface mods are kept by himself, so they're still supported during this very period. Thus I hope you to stop using our skin mods at the moment, and wait for further updates. I will mark this thread "suspended" until I get the mods working again. And, @MedvedevTD please remove them temporarily from the Modstation I'm sorry for the inconvenience. By the way I want to say a big thanks to Wargaming: your donation was very generous and helpful. The CT devices and other medical equipment are exactly what we need and will surely help to save many people's life, thank you very much! Best regards, AstreTunes [Update] With @MedvedecTD and @VittorioVeneto_Class 's help, we made a quick investigation last night. The issue was the same as I said in #25, but it starts to cause game crash. This bug was in fact found in last November, I wanted to make a complete update list when I have fixed all the skins, but in December I suddenly got a lot of work irl so I have not yet finished them. I apologize. Now the main thread has been edited, all bugged skins are red, and the black ones are safe to use. Please make sure you're using the latest version. If you've downloaded a skin here before December 2019, you should stop using it. Thanks for your understanding!
  12. AstreTunes

    [All] SEA group visual mods summary

    Sorry I think I don't understand what exactly you need... The historical flag mod is already concluded in the modstation I suppose. Btw we don't make flag mods, we only work on ship skins and a UI mod for now.
  13. AstreTunes

    [All] SEA group visual mods summary

    Sorry I'm currently trapped in Wuhan without my computer, so I can't do anything to the mods at the moment... As to the Yamato skins, the latest Content SDK still has the aircraft missing issue, I think we'd continue waiting for WG's fix
  14. I'm not sure about where your problem comes, but I've been using "DXT5 with alpha enabled" all the time and I have never had problem of it