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  1. Bobbydylan

    Farragut and Mahan ship hull upgrades are downgrades?

    Yeah, in a DD, I don;t care about AA. They can keep it, I want MOAR cannons.
  2. Bobbydylan

    Hotspot :- fundamentally unfair to carriers?

    I really like it. But Then I'm a DD driver.
  3. Bobbydylan

    I just can't see a way to make the Kitakami work...

    I've never been killed by a Kitikami. Which, given how often I see them flood a channel with torps is pretty surprising.
  4. Bobbydylan

    remove hotspot map

    I like it.
  5. I'm also really sick and tierd for being a Tier 5 in a Tier 9 match. I mean, cummon!
  6. Bobbydylan

    HMS Trollspite - A new dawn for battleships

    Yeah, I'm really glad I bought the Warshite in the CBT. Know I know not to buy it when the game launches.
  7. Bobbydylan

    Warspite Appreciation Thread

    I think it's aiming speed needs increasing. It's very very situational, and outright weak on some maps.
  8. AS a Tier 5 DD I managed to get into a game with a 3 Tier 10's on the enemy team. Yea, totally not broken MM. I managed to last 2 hits before I blew up. Also managed to be the only Tier 6 BB in a game with 3 Tier 10. Their Yamato killed me in 2 volleys, from across the map, waaaay outside my gun range, in about the 5th minute of the round. Tier balancing is needed.
  9. Yeah, I thought that opening fire should make you visible. It's really annoying that I can take fire from someone inside smoke, but not be able to return fire. If I can't see him, then he shouldn't be able to see me.
  10. Bobbydylan

    First impressions from a BB driver point of view

    TBH, if a BB is killed but Air dropped torps, It's kinda your own fault. It takes 30 seconds for your turrents to reload, you need to keep up the situation awareness. Torpedo bombers essentially telegraph their attack, and if you're watching them, you have a good few seconds to maneuver before it's too late. Just remember, as a BB, you're the second most tempting target for a CV (after the enemy carrier) and tend to be a lot closer.
  11. Bobbydylan

    Battleships are useless

    TBH, I dont think that BB's are under powered, but I do think that they're very very boring to play. I'm more of a DD player, and I spend the whole match dodging fire, hiding from enemy ships, sneaking up on distracted enemies, managing my smoke... BB play is pick a direction, aim at their base and press the mouse button once every 20 seconds. I find it quite dull. It'd be nice if there was more to being a BB than that, though what exactly, I'm not sure.
  12. Bobbydylan

    Royal Navy

    Is there a source for that statement? I'm not being combative, I'm just curious.
  13. Bobbydylan

    Royal Navy

    So long as the Russian units are OP, I have no problem with that. If this a Russian company, making a game for a largely Russian community, then that's fine. Thankfully they're kind enough to involve non-Russians and let us play the game too. I too wounded why the RN wasn't in the game, but I can't blame WG for focusing on a lucrative market first and foremost.
  14. Bobbydylan

    CBT access transferable?

    Ah... sad. Oh well, thanks guys.
  15. Bobbydylan

    CBT access transferable?

    Ok, I've had access to the CBT for a while. I'm considering buying a ship in the PS, and was wondering if I could gift the second CBT access to a friend. Possible?