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  1. Hope they dont eat their words https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/update-0100-commander-skills-update/#commander-skills-update
  2. Hi MrConway, thanks for your effort in helping to maintain a healthy game environment.
  3. It is a good to have light punishment when people made mistakes by accident. But it's not proper, as I said in the last few sentences, to allow the behavior in OP to happen again with only forcing him to play a few coops and back to random. WG should design the whole system working for different situations. Working for some cases (as you showed here) doesn't mean working for others (as I showed in the OP).
  4. I updated some screenshots in the post. And I also "at" MrConway to check.
  5. I did create a ticket including the replay. I will update the response from player support in this post.
  6. When I say "new players" I mean those who are real new players, not knowing how to play the game. But for this guy, he is definitely not in this category. And you mentioned he may have a bad time today and play out of mind. But he did it not only for today but in a sequential of days. I believe there should be some others forcing him to cool down a bit.
  7. Giving chances to correct misbehavior doesn't mean that we tolerate anyone who abuses this system and keeps being toxic. If there is no correct measure can be taken to stop this happen again, I would seriously consider, and also persuade those around me, stop playing this game.
  8. Today I saw a Marceau who reversed to the corner of map and stayed there for the whole match. And he kept spreading his hate in chat until he decided to press esc. I saw this type of players a few times in game. But for this specific one, I realize that he didn't do that for the first time after I checked his recent record. If you read the following graph and find his play on Feb 1st to Feb 2nd, he just did 4 game with 0 dmg, which is likely that he negatively played all 4 games. We agree that we should have patience for new players to learn. However, this kind of anti-social person should definitely get banned from any game but just playing a few co-op games and back to random again. Update 1: Response from player support: @MrConway Is this the only proper measure, after reading all the details in this post, you (as WG) can take against such toxic behavior? Still, it is not clear what unique situations are when a player will get a permanent ban. Update 2: screenshots in game Update 3: MrConway has replied at #54. Everyone can forward their report to WG staff if such toxic behavior happens again. PS: look at the -1 frag.
  9. rmbg

    How about unique commanders

    It seems that every enhanced skill is kept in the new skill set, either in its original form or replaced by another.
  10. Is there any summary of how the enhanced skills of unique commanders change in the new update? Especially for those old skills which get removed in the new skill set. update: nvm, I found the answer. For those who want the list: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/ksqtbw/overview_of_unique_commanders_in_the_rework/
  11. rmbg

    Great compensation Wargaming *slow clap*

    You used your time for other meaningful stuff (hopefully) and that's the best compensation.
  12. I'd like to join the lottery. Happy holiday!
  13. rmbg

    This game is not fun anymore

    Why would they spend effort caring about what you say when they can make loads of money out of all kinds of containers throughout the year? The best strategy is to LET THE MARKET SAY rather than just post on forum. But trust me, this wont happen. No matter when wg put some op/rare (another "creative" market strategy) ships in the container, people will buy it. This is how sad the reality is. Or in another word, the game is in a dead end for those who want to have fun. But there are a lot of other good games for you to play, arent there?