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    old new all sort of games. collect video consoles.

    studding 3d printing in university
    calm nice but sometimes im a bit salty

    (and no flandre its not my waifuu )

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  1. those dont crahs my game its one of the yamamoto skins since there 2 to every ship type its hard to tell witch one
  2. since i Unlocked it that crash my game wiht the camo remover
  3. NOPE i gusse you havent unlock the yamaoto skins still dosent work
  4. the camo remover needs a update
  5. the Cammoflages remover still crash my game since i got the the extra camos unlocked from the yammamoto collection for some reason it dosent work when you unlocks those camos
  6. ResarXam

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    Well made this skin for fun to one of my favorit ship so here we have the v-25 as Nitori kawashiro from touhou thanks again to tanz for thethe base camo i worked on /modified like the Kurfurst flandre scalet skin before still not the final version yet so if anyone wants to download this one the file its here bellow destroyer.rar
  7. ResarXam

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    can i get download link plzz :D was no link when you posted this long ago since i finaly return to the game now :D?
  8. ResarXam

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    Download link ? someone make a moskva skin xd
  9. ResarXam

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    whats the texture skin name for the v 25 tier 2 german dd
  10. ResarXam

    Super League - Modified Mission Conditions

    (Let's support fair play and fun, especially in the honorable group of Super League participants!) wg dont know the definition of FUN
  11. ResarXam

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    thanks a lot
  12. ResarXam

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    well renamed the lowa texture to that but it dose not show on the Missouri maybe a different number or ?
  13. ResarXam

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    Question whats the name of the texture on the Missouri ? so i can just use a lowa texture skin
  14. ResarXam

    Xerb Kancolle (Mod) WoWs

    no yuudachi on Shiratsuyu disappointment :3