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  1. Lostforwords

    Public Test General Feedback

    OFC IJN dominates... how interesting are USN carriers till Essex? boring as hell, playing standart setup or fighter setup, and on some lower levels IJN have better fighters. plus say anything you want, but 6 1squad torpedo bombers are worse then 4 2squad torpedo bombers. 2 squads just give you more hitting ability, you can torp a destroyer with 2 squads. the other option make USN bombers more impactfull, Bogue independance ranger are way behind their IJN counterparts.
  2. Lostforwords

    Public Test General Feedback

    Please do something with USN Carriers, lots of them play with standart setup. Very boring if you ask me. plus underpowered. 2 bomber 1 fighter setups are useless.
  3. Lostforwords

    myoko mission is BS

    30 dd's is easely done with USN DDs, I dont have any usn DD so Ive finished it in cleveland.
  4. Lostforwords

    Update 0.5.2 - New Signal Flags Feedback

    I love new flags Why cant you ubtain Clear sky flag? I did it twice in 4 games when I was doing my ARP kongo mission (the one to kill 150 planes) btw I killed 160 planes in 4 games in Bogue.
  5. Well ok . I dont like USN cruisers, say what ever you want but IJN cruiser torpedoes DOES matter, and that makes them much better then USN cruisers.
  6. OH BB can hit you for 15k from 23 km . I havent really seen tier 9 10 carriers yet, Under 8 carrier torps doesnt seem so strong
  7. Lostforwords

    Disappointed with my new Japanese battleship

    I dont actualy remember my tier 3 battleship, but I remember my USN tier 4 battleship mmm. Just use AP friend, its awesome.
  8. Lostforwords

    Update on Project R in Europe

    Something tells me that no one will gather 260 pearls .
  9. Lostforwords

    Ranking is pointless

    https://gyazo.com/26c6c5c5c28df1413f9f679e52f63b30 here you go again my casula game on rank 18 97k dmg lost game, again, its been 50 games I cant get out. Checking my team m8s in this match resulted in a "shocking" conclusion, max avarage dmg was 16k. I like ranked modes in all games, I get addicted, but this, where I cant use my skill to carry, just terrible
  10. Lostforwords

    Ranking is pointless

    I want rankeds to be good. but they are not right now, atleast on lower tiers. Im not the best player, but Im stuck on tier 18 and that sucks, I play on new mexico and I wont lie I do 55 60 k dmg on avarage in rankeds, but I still cant win. Destroyers that dont cap. battleships that rush on enemy destroyers. its a joke 30 games on rank 18 and I cant win 2 times in a row, with my good dmg. my friend playerd new mexico too, but he went to rank 15 in 10 games, and he did around 20k on avarage. And dont say me Im bad, Im not I know it, Im not the pro but I belong a few tier higher then ppl who played 1k games and does 10k dmg on avarage...
  11. Lostforwords

    Who Wants Divs In Ranked?

    BTW I dont care about team battles. Same as I dont care about League of Legends team battles, I just want to queue with one friend and enjoy this game.
  12. Lostforwords

    Why can't you do divisions in ranked battles - like ANY reason?...

    Kirasa Rankeds have nothing to do with skill. you can see players with 10k avarage dmg playing on tier 11 when players with 40k avarage cant get out of 18.
  13. Lostforwords

    Ranked Division Battles

    you can try count down and press battle with your friend. Rankeds now are purely luck based. you can do avarage of 60k dmg on your new mexico, and loose cause you get 2 ppl who are 10k avarage
  14. Lostforwords

    Who Wants Divs In Ranked?

    Put atleast 2 man divisions. Now Rankeds are fully random. You can get ppl with 10k avarage dmg in your team who ruin the game for a good player. Alot of good players and alot of competitive streamers say that Rankeds are luck based. And to people who downvoted, you are luckers that didnt get with total bots in lower ranks. Same as my friend who didnt play as well and went on a 10 game winstreak. P.S. somehow 2 player divisons work in popular games like Counter Strike, League of Legends and others, and somehow in World of Warships that will make a difference. GG