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  1. Jormugand


    IF you feel need to play wows at all after this... take shima with 20km torps, preferrably with few friends in same setup and make carpets...
  2. Jormugand

    A moment of silence for everything we will lose due to RPF

    Bye. Lesson to be learned: never pay full game price for small things in game that should be microtransaction value or DLC max...
  3. Jormugand

    Bastion - Who enjoys it

    This crap sucks. Just played a game as dd... capped 3 points without support as team was making ball in corner and got killed... so fast that didn't really do damage. Thought capping is worth something. Nope, 300 xp... FU WG!
  4. Jormugand

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Agreed. I am in same situation, although I have few tier X's also... No motivation to start over elsewhere. Going to see on 9th if I can bother with convoy. Would have 2 days to do what I want from it and then premium runs out. Real life will probably make it impossible. Though, I guess I'll get leander out of it atleast. Won't bother continuing it with standard; gonna take a break as fun is so low at the moment. Probably checking back in few months or if friends tell A LOT of positives and things have changed and WG EU has done something... which I highly doubt considering how they handled this.
  5. Jormugand

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    I agree with this. Earlier I did post that convoy mission is a start. I am also still waiting answer on these points. Currently it seems to be "no" for equality and rest is just hush-hush. Been playing a little towards Graf Spee and I might do convoys after 9th. Premium will run out around 12th... I am still happy I didn't pay for more premium and other things; missed sales because of this mess and frankly happy about it too, although if things get fixed I have to pay more IF I want to return to premium. But still, some fun of the fun is gone. On another point but related to FUN and bad stuff: new captain skills.... waiting with terror about the radio "skill". Hopefully it doesn't come to be. Oh, and "fun and enganging" detonations are nice too as in get rid of it. Had nice game where 1 HE shell from another dd landed near but even in stats wasn't registered as hit -> detonation from full hp. Shows damage received 11700, artillery 0 / 11700. Oh, also, same shell broke 4 modules without hitting. Got screenshot of it somewhere... That game started nicely with torp hits on enemy too.
  6. Jormugand

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Right direction... BUT very late. I'm still keeping my money in my wallet. for reasons: 1) Some of the offers I would have wanted are over 2) my holiday is over, hence my family is back when missions start and I don't have time for it anymore. So, I lost missions even though they gave them late. 3) apology and promise of fair treatment with other regions is still missing. They have discriminated us 1 time too many already. It cannot happen again. I'll wait for the official announcement and make up my mind after. Still, I guess break is in order to follow IF they keep doing this later or change their methods. Getting lost trust back isn't easy as flipping a switch. Might take a long time.
  7. Leaked rumor of keen insight was big hit for me and now its on test server. Luckily xmas [edited]hit already and I decided not to give them any money and was already planning atleast a break if not boycot on whole WG. General venting ahead... After this you can basically play BB or CV... CA are already suffering from massive BB amounts and I haven't had any fun playing them for months... I started with CA. Then, I played DD and their counters have been increasing all the time. Granted, some of them were needed BUT at the moment IJN (I like IJN the most overall even on other ships) has worst torps, worst guns and speed... even their stealth got hit with new dds. Now this? wouldn't play them but as I said, doesn't really matter anymore. Been playing BBs afterwards and it silly that you dont even need to change ammo for DDs... ap works fine. and torps, well unless I do stupid things or get totally spammed by many ships, its easy. Planes? usually fun distraction. Only thing to worry about is other BBs, CVs, they suck... mostly because of the UI sucks so bad... I have played enough IMHO... not as much as some but still enough to have good picture overall.... 2500 battles. Also, you can see from my post count that I don't really come to forums to whine regularly. 13 days left on premium... but I guess break starts 1st of january anyway as family gets back home... See you in half a year to a year... maybe.
  8. Jormugand

    Where are the Christmas convoy missions?

    Well, this decision by WG was the one that broke this camels back... I was considering throwing money at them during christmas; luckily I waited a while. Now I have followed this long enough and decided NOT to buy my next yearly sub, gifts etc. There are other things I haven't liked, but this tops it. So: onto break atleast if not total boycot of WG related things. And as people have said: to hurt them, you need to spread the word. So I will tell friends about this too. Yes, I am not famous, yes its only a some people but if enough do the same... it will have effect.
  9. Jormugand

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw - Do you feel lucky!

    ID: Jormugand Ship: Warspite Thank you.
  10. Jormugand

    Missing IJN DD captain

    ARgh.... was just wondering how did they lose my captain.... So, I need to pay credits to get him back? Don't really like it, but I want him back.
  11. Jormugand

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    Just made ticket about getting stuck on islands of ice at I7. Anyway, while alt+tabbing for screenshot I got interesting UI bug also. All other commands I worked except ESC. I could press F1 for help, I could use mouse to look around & change allied view etc... but couldn't open menu. I also restarted client and loaded back into same battle, but ESC didn't work. After the battle in port; ESC still not working. But I can click on open menu with mouse & that works. Restarting client again didn't help. Restoring default keys, no help either. Seeing that System & Client Loading/ Stability Bugs has info about alt+tab problems, but no further information, I thought I'd leave this here.