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    3 main turrets destroyed after TWO hits

    I have paid a bit more attention to when it is I lose turrets over the weekend and it sorta surprised me that some coincided with reports of overpenetrating shells (rather the other way around, a lost turret combined with the overpen message. I have had plenty of turrets knocked out without the overpen notice). The two may not be related in that it could be two different (heavy) shells, one knocking out the turret and one passing through another part of the hull, but the two together happened often enough for me to notice it. This does not account for the many turrets lost on BB's as overpenetrations should be a really rare occurrence for those. My thoughts when I started to perceive a connection between some of the destroyed turrets and overpenetrating shells went like this: A one tonne shell that passes through a turret without the bursting charge being initiated should do damage, but I'd class that as repairable. Shells that explode inside the turret ought to do more lasting damage... (BTW, I knew the bursting charge was relatively small, but I had not thought it would be quite as small as it turns out: The 458.5mm, 1.460kg AP shell from the Yamato only had 24kg of explosive charge!)
  2. gamarus_kragh

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    That might more be a result of the greater survivability of the Yamato. In other words, the Yamato takes more hits and thus the chance of one of those hits taking out a turret is increased compared to say a cruiser that will die before can happen (not that it doesn't happen on cruisers, I've had two or more turrets knocked out on several occasions but it's definitely not every round I lose a turret).
  3. I din't know the combo either till I saw the gunnery tutorial WG has put up today. That and focussing your AA fire on a particular group of planes (ctrl and click the air-group - can be a bit fiddly) was nice to learn.
  4. gamarus_kragh

    3 main turrets destroyed after TWO hits

    It is in a way more historically accurate - see my previous post or reflect on Bismark's last battle, but man it's annoying to go through (I think it should stay in, with a minor tweaking towards a rarer occurrence). In that vein (I'm not certain I like myself for this) it should be implemented for steering and propulsion as well... Again you can find several examples in history. For a ship that suffered damage to her steering and recovered, see Warspite in the Battle of Jutland, and one where the damage was unrecoverable, there's Bismark once more. Damage to propulsion (btw. more often the result of torpedo damage - naturally) see Yorktown (Midway IIRC). Ark Royal got hers back (went down to flooding from a single torpedo, but they had her propulsion up again. Really bad recovery procedures from the 3 tugs sent out to assist meant they tried using her own screws to get her to port, but the strain tore her weakened bulkheads and she went under).
  5. gamarus_kragh

    Further information in the post-battle screen

    Yes, well, I more or less presumed that would be implemented. I would just like to see a more detailed description of what happened to myself - something that IIRC isn't a part of WoT. And to be fair, it rarely makes sense for the tanks but I feel a schematic showing the individual hits would add something.
  6. gamarus_kragh

    3 main turrets destroyed after TWO hits

    Yep. Just after I had downloaded the patch I played one of my last battles in the Aoba (yay! no more bitching about that poor bucket of bolts) and it was an almost perfect recreation of the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cape_Esperance (damage spelled out in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_cruiser_Aoba ) with turrets 2 and 3 destroyed by salvoes from I believe a Cleveland and another American cruiser (Omaha possibly St. Louis). Had a very unproductive game after that - and no port to retreat to and repair!
  7. Hello there. The following is not something I see implemented by launch but it could follow later on. I am a sucker for statistics and usually look through the after-action report. I would like to see under damage received a listing of the opponents (and the occasional friendlies) that has hit me and for how much. The expansion of this idea is a schematic of my ship (port and starboard, side by side) with hit-markers colour coded for each opponent perhaps with a small icon telling if the hit disabled vitals. The ultimate expression of this idea is a 3d schematic you can rotate with the hits displayed with an arrow or line that shows the angle the shell or torpedo had when it penetrated. The last may not be possible, as it might not be data that is generated.
  8. gamarus_kragh

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    I ran into one of those grounding spots it's impossible to get off again yesterday. I don't recall the map name but it ought to be recognizable via the minimap. If it isn't clear from the picture, the grounding happened in D7 on the border to D6. Now, that was the short story with the content The following is at tale of the shifting fortunes of war. Immediately prior to the grounding I had been pushing forward from the North through the straight I ended up grounding in - and almost into the arms of two BB's. I had gone in knowing I could turn tail with a full turn to the port and scrape by that island. What I hadn't accounted for was a single hit that crippled my steering for a few critical seconds sending me onto the rocks. The damage was minor but now I could only wait for my executioner to turn up. He took his time. A loooong time.. Meanwhile I was with ever mounting fatalism trying everything to get off the rock again. I did end up in a slightly different position than the one in the picture, more into the hollow at the bow with the rudder hard over as you see it. At this point the match was winding down. One of the BB's I had encountered (a Kongo) had pushed through at the 1 line and was entering our cap circle with me almost perfectly crossing his T. He did initially hammer me with a couple of salvoes from his forward guns, but seeing me stuck, he focussed his attention on, I believe, a cruiser in the D/E5 channel. I pelted him with my gun-batteries and set him up for a spread of torpedoes from my port launchers but shortly after launching those he came to a stop in the cap circle. He may have done that to get better shots at the cruiser, to cap or he might have seen my torpedoes and stopped to let them pass his bow. He remained stationary in the cap circle long after my spread of torpedoes had run out, still he might have tried capping or he did it to be able to hit his other target. Capping was obviously not an option with me scoring small hits all the time but who can tell. It took him a while to finish off his other target, at least two or three salvoes, before he turned his attention back to me. He got under way again and closed with me to a final range of about 4km's hitting me with three salvoes that left me with only a few k's of HP. I Still hit him time and time again with my primary armament but he had more than 50% HP remaining. but the reload timer on my port torpedo launchers was up. I set the pattern for narrow and launched all six in quick succession. That ought to settle his hash! Now it was just a question if the torpedoes would hit him before his guns reloaded. They did! Five of the torpedoes hit him right in the flank.. and he still had sliver of health left.. then his full broadside blew me up. He didn't get far though. He must have been able to repair the flooding, but a single salvo from the forward guns of our remaining cruiser (or possibly the one he had been duelling with from the cap circle?) sent him to the bottom and won the game for us. Oh, and when I was looking at the settling wreck of my poor Tatsuta it was almost perpendicular to the shoreline... had I in the last five or more minutes, while I was focussed on the Kongo, left the gun-view and seen the position I was in, I could have thrown the engine in reverse and steamed away... but then I would most likely not have had the perfect set-up for my torpedoes. If you have read all the way to the end of the post I hope you enjoyed this little tale of a grounding that actually turned into one of my best matches in terms of intensity.
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    Known Bugs/ Issues

    Thank you.
  10. gamarus_kragh

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    Ahh, I tried the same. Could hit WASD as much as I liked, and see the appropriate icons flash, but with no ship response. Could train my guns around but not fire them. In the same match, another player on my team reported not being able to actually fire his guns when he encountered the opposition. I did not relog and had no problems in the next match I entered.
  11. gamarus_kragh

    Known Bugs/ Issues

    Ahoy there. I have an issue when trying to sell an upgraded vessel. It can't be done without demounting the upgrades, something that takes Piastres. Is that working as intended? Signing off gamarus