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  1. valkarianism

    wich modules to take first?

    For battleships, especially Americans, I always find myself going speed first, then hull, then range. Arguably, they're all important, but speed gets you where you need to be, the. the hul upgrade usually comes with a much better rudder improvement and health and AA, and then the range, which you'll never be able to out range a Japanese BB and should never be firing at max range anyway. However, in the end, you're the one playing the ship. Go with whatever you like best.
  2. valkarianism

    Advice on japanese cruisers?

    After rushing out a Mogami in pre 0.3.1, I had to find a proper way to play CAs from the IJN line to get proper EXP and damage out. Before, the quick firing guns of the USN and the 15 gun Mogami reigned supreme in AP damage. Now, With the HE buff, I'm no longer sure where the advantage is using the 203, except that you'll actually be able to deal massive damage properly if you penetrate as a cruiser. You must recognise you do not have the alpha of a BB, nor the speed and maneuverability of a DD. I'm sure it varies from person to person, but sailing in packs as a guardian to destroyers or as an escort to BB, or even as a division of CA is usually where the cruiser's firepower displays the highest potency. With Torpedoes, you can dictate the range of fights, and with your guns, you can lay down decent damage in the fright situations. Now I know there are people going to say that sailing as escort is nonsense and stuff, but that's my own play style and preference. Do find your own if you so wish.
  3. valkarianism

    Pick a Battleship, any battleship!

    Actually, in WoWs, Most battles are simply a case of overwhelming firepower. Whichever engagement had the largest firepower wins If you go up against 4 battleships with 5 battleships, you'll win (lets not talk RNGesus because he's RNGesus). Using the same concept, moving as a group in open waters, if you encounter an enemy, you'll take him out so much faster in a group, and subsequently, reinforements will simply not have enough firepower to take you out. It's simple.
  4. valkarianism

    Destroyers are still in the meta

    A foreword to the OP: I am in no way saying your results are good or bad. I will merely by analysing the results as seen from the Screenshot you posted. Lets take a look at the results in detail. First up: Battle Performance results 49 hits and penetrations, resulting in 5 fires. Quite decent. An above average result with about 10% fire rates. Of which, only one critical hit, meaning he wasn't firing at poorly armoured vehicles, damaging probably larger ships, meaning the fires had better effects. 9 torpedo hits is impressive, considering the Nicholas has a short range, but multiple triple tubes. But total damage of 9 torpedo hits resulting in 6 floods isn't really enough to land 6 kills, so we'll look at it all later again. Second: Achievements It is but a scratch: Kill someone from beyond the grave. Probably torpedoes. There's one. Devastating strike x 2: Killed 2 people with torpedo strikes. Highly unlikely he gunned them to death in a single salvo. There's two more. First blood: Could have been one of the devastating strikes, or a last hit on another ship. Does not mean anything except he killed the first ship. Confederate: Damage 6 ships with at least 20% damage done. High Caliber: Damage 4 ships with at least 30% damage done. Clearly, this and the former came from some minor torp hits and the firs and floods that came from only firing 49 shells from high ROF guns. Eventual EXP: 1683. That's not much by any stretch. It's decent. Considering that the Yubari is the one who killed him, it's a game with tier 4s and maybe 5s, 6s or 3s. Overall: It's an average game with good achievements. It's how a Nicholas is supposed to be played. Landing torps require skill because you have to be within spotting range to fire them and hit. He played well, and got rewarded for his actions. He's not op, he's just doing what his ship is made to do. Except using the guns, of course. However, this is by no means an easy feat. Normal players will not be able to survive a close range brawl in a nicholas, and the game-wide nerf to DDs and buffs to everything else means torps are now easier to dodge as well. If you consider the risks the OP took, and the probability that every game is a decent game, DDs are now largely underpowered because they have to work so hard to achieve somewhat satisfying results. It may be relevant if you're a good player, and I daresay I could pull this off as well, but if you're just decent, this will be the best some can do, and it's not much by any stretch of imagination.
  5. valkarianism

    How did you come up with your name?

    One of my first games was Valkyrie Chronicles. From there, I read up on Norse Mythology and was generally taken by the idea of a goddess of war. As a follower, but not as the goddess herself, I took to the name Valkarian. It's stuck for over 10 years now.
  6. valkarianism

    Any one having trouble grinding with the new XP rate?

    it's a tad slower, but I do not feel that it should be a grind, as performing your duties in the ship is a rewarding factor in itself. Of course, that's just me. Overall, the xp flow is still decent if you perform decently, and seems to rewards better contributions with better results so yup, working fine for me atm.
  7. valkarianism

    [BUG] Ship only steering, nothing else

    If you need to press X to turn your guns, there might be a possibility that you locked them to begin with, Locking keys are ctrl-x, and make your guns point in a specified direction so that your turning does not affect it. X releases the lock so that the guns can once again turn towards your cursor. There's usually a big line warning you of gun lock and a flashing orange green reticle when you aim. Might this have been one of the problems? I am unsure as to why the repairs did not launch, but it could be that your chatbox was open. Does this happen repeatedly, or is it an isolated incident? As to support, I would recommend you to submit a support ticket to WG to get them to assist better from their support team.
  8. valkarianism

    Torpedos... OverPower or not?

    0.3.1: All ships other than DD got hit by a turning buff. Torpedoes are now even more easily dodged by ships. I fail to see how wargaming is not slowly but surely actually trying to help our newer players have an easier time just because they would like the game to be more friendly and have more time in game than watching videos and improving their skill. Minekaze is indeed strong because of the concealment, but it's combination of high speed, torp range, not exactly torp speed but if you take the 7km torps you'll actually land more hits from closer, and an overall decent number of guns. It's the most well specced ship for it's tier, coming in slightly above a kongo in my personal books. and torp spammability is more of a good amrgin for mistake, where you can shoot torps just to clog one direction, then they reload fast enough so you can land another on the ship itself. Also, the minekaze has triple double torpedo launchers. Fubuki has triple 3s and I love it so much better than double anything. It makes a huge difference.
  9. valkarianism

    Disappearing Ships During Battle

    ^ it's really due to this. That's all there is to it. Ships outside of your concealment range will appear temporarily if they fire cannons or AA, then are re-concealed by the game engine for being outside detectability range. Think of it as your crew being very skilled as to be able to trace the ship's position from gunfire. Instantly.
  10. valkarianism

    Wrong ship!

    I've only ever mixed up my Mogami (pre 0.3.1) and my Cleveland. Was wondering where my 203mm cannons were lol.
  11. valkarianism

    Manual AA mode idea

    While I like the thought of shooting down planes myself, I dread the thought of having to aim those things myself and having one more thing to take care of. Besides, AA above tier 6 is already as impressive as it is, and manual aim would have to provide a significant buff or risk being an unused feature in the game. It's a nice thought, but I doubt it's possible.
  12. valkarianism

    class-skill-battle results ratio.

    Actually I think he's right on the money about his ranking. Battleships may need to think their fights through, but it's pointing a gun at an enemy and shooting, and avoiding Torps. DDs have to do that, have less guns, less damage more firing to do, less health, etc. It's more skill dependant, I agree, but does not yield the same amount of rewards as it would if you put the same amount of work into a battleship.
  13. valkarianism

    NERF % chance of fires on HE shells!

    This patch actually works both ways. HE fire damage has increased, but the percentage fire has increased as well. If you look at this as an over buff to all ships with high ROF, then CA and DD should be benefiting from this high fire rating. Honestly, the HE alpha damage at this point is what's too high. Dealing with fires is not that bad, they give smaller ships a chance at bigger ships, and allow fires to be a part of the duel. Setting an opponent on fire should have great rewards in the terms of damage done. However, HE is simply dealing too much damage on top of the fires. It's reached a point where AP will never be loaded unless you could penetrate, and even then you'd rather stick with HE for the module damage and fire chance. So you'd think Destroyers are very strong yes? Nope. As another forum user mentioned in his patch run-down, DD has been nerfed across the board. Turning capability of all ships have now been buffed to the point where torpedoes are simply things in the water to look for after acquisition range was hit. So that's one main weapon of the DDs down. The ROF of IJN DD has also been hit, making them worse, although the turret traverse has improved. And their mobility have been largely hit, and turning radius is now massive arcs in the water, placing them as easy targets, no longer the agile stealth ships they were. Some magic in the game was lost after this patch. I'm not sure what but I seem to have less and less fun every game I'm not in a battleship. Even when I am, I'm either put to death by fire, or I citadel an opponent to smithereens. It's become a little one dimensional now I guess.
  14. It's arrived at a point where i think the lack of balance of the ships is quite evident. It's no longer useful deluding myself that Battleships are not the main role of a game and Cruisers are unlikely to carry or affect the game in a big way, Destroyers are faced with heavy nerfs to mobility and CVs a re in this very weird spot. I get it though. There might be reason as to why WG is doing this. Think of another game, like Team F*******. They have different characters and different roles, each having to ply their own trade to be victorious. It's not about the gameplay so much as it's about the way it's being rewarded. If WG wanted cruisers to be relegated to escort ships that could not measure up to battleships, then by all means, do it. Just find a way to give credit to a player for playing the ships the way you envision them. So what if battleships are the main focus of the seas. If playing a cruiser gets you great rewards when you play it right, as you do in a destroyer (without all the crazy nerfs maybe) then they should get credit for doing so. As it stands, if a cruiser defends a battleship, he does not get to do much except shoot destroyers that wander too close, or lay down more hurt on a ship the BB is already firing at. These help, but it's seriously not much fun in a random queue single player game. I love playing cruiser ships as escorts, but that's just me. As ever since the new armour mechanics have landed, I have yet to touch a cruiser.
  15. Well done. おつかれさまでした。 You should totally do a patch notes series now =D we'll be looking forward to your future videos!