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  1. PhilipineNavy

    Error connecting to server?

    Thank you mates.. i should have READ the patch notes... i didnt noticed the .1 XD
  2. PhilipineNavy

    Error connecting to server?

    LoL. i didnt read the Patch notes... [edited]
  3. PhilipineNavy

    Error connecting to server?

    Can anyone explain this? I got a stable internet . im from ASIA and im not losing my mind because i just got to level 7 and its EATING MY 24 HOURS PREMIUM!!!
  4. PhilipineNavy

    WOWS Fan page(for the awesome Community)

    Please kinda Like and share our New Fan page for WOWS . this page is for ALL THE WOWS players out there. If you have awesome moments or meme please send it to "https://www.facebook.com/WorldOfWarshipsUniversalFleet" and they will feature any contents that you share. here is the first content that will be featured. gotta love this BRAND NEW COMMUNITY hurray for the OBT.
  5. Greetings Comrades I've made a Fan page for World of Warships :3 Please kindly Like my page . I present Meme and very funny videos XD we also feature any Fan made videos or Meme just message it to us here's my first made video for this game XD