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  1. VonVolks

    Minekaze - Highest Score

    190k or 194. I can't remember...
  2. VonVolks

    Funny WOWS ships nicknames

    Waccybaccy is the wakatake Tayo (Japanese children's bus cartoon) for Tenryu
  3. VonVolks

    10 millions reward.

    Doh! Why didn't I keep playing ranked!
  4. Holy typing. A for effort.
  5. VonVolks

    Comically embarassing - Mikhail Kutuzov

    HMS Warrior would be good as she was basically the birth of WOWS in a way.
  6. VonVolks

    High tier IJN destroyer gameplay, pure RNG

    Listen to him about both these things. I totally agree.
  7. We don't celebrate Halloween. American retailers want to give it to us. We celebrate Guy Fawkes night.
  8. VonVolks

    How to do 170,000 damage?

    190k in a pre nerf minekaze is my record...
  9. VonVolks

    High tier IJN destroyer gameplay, pure RNG

    Your guns aren't useless and the long range torpedo allows you to fire into areas you think ships will go to. As for dodging, yes good ships can dodge. Try and guess how and fire the second Salvo to cover that. However you must accept that torpedoes will miss a lot. More than 5 hit games are pretty rare.... (at high tier)
  10. OP complains about WG pricing..... Leif recommends divorcing wife....
  11. VonVolks

    Fubuki, Kagero, Shimakaze

    I'm probably sticking with fubuki as the gun range on the Kagero and the shimakaze are both less.
  12. VonVolks

    who cares about these russian ships

    Russian planes and tanks make sense. Warships.... Not so much....
  13. VonVolks

    Two Brothers.

    This. Whatever tier I play I never see Ocean. It's my favourite map... 8(