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  1. Jet6R6

    WG INSULTS Royal Navy and UK - what is going on?

    It's an advert, not in game. The Royal Navy ships in game fly the White Ensign. The Union Flag is only flown when moored, at anchor, while underway and dressed with masthead ensigns or if the Monarch or an Admiral of the Fleet is on board. It may also be flown to signal that a court martial is in progress. I wasn't actually going to raise this point, getting the flag upside-down is bad enough without also adding that it should probably not have been flown at all in the advert...
  2. Jet6R6

    Positivity and teamwork!

    From a strategic view point hat makes no sense... The Bismarck still takes a big hit and wipes out a much larger percentage of the team's total HP pool. Letting the Tirpitz die takes a much smaller amount of the HP pool. And yes I know ppl will argue that with the Tirpitz alive alive the team has more guns, but it's barely alive and will die soon. One strong BB is better than two soon to be dead weaker BBs. Are you sure this was a deliberate move by the Bismarck? Nice story though. I have sacrificed an almost dead BB to save a full health higher tier BB.
  3. Jet6R6

    Remove. Radar.

    ...Also remove all guns, planes, torpedoes and elastic bands from ALL ships (except mine) ;)
  4. Jet6R6

    WG INSULTS Royal Navy and UK - what is going on?

    This is not good for the Vexillologists...
  5. Jet6R6

    WG INSULTS Royal Navy and UK - what is going on?

    yes - I will let you know when they respond after the holidays.
  6. Jet6R6

    WG INSULTS Royal Navy and UK - what is going on?

    I'm sure it's not deliberate, but then it doesn't have to be deliberate to be insulting. At the very least it is very embarrassing for them.
  7. Jet6R6

    WG INSULTS Royal Navy and UK - what is going on?

    "Upside down flags may have been used as distress signals in the past, but they are not used as distress signals anymore. (There are 16 different standardized distress signals used in shipping, the most common flag signal is "NC" with international letter flags, another "flag like" one is "something square over something round")". Source: http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/xf-flip.html
  8. Jet6R6

    WG INSULTS Royal Navy and UK - what is going on?

    You Tube, advert to the side of main videos
  9. Jet6R6

    WG INSULTS Royal Navy and UK - what is going on?

    ...It could also mean "against the crown", either way, it's a massive lack of attention. Like I said, get the US flag upside down and see the storm that would follow!
  10. So a recent WG advert shows a Royal Navy ship flying it's own nation flag UPSIDE-DOWN!!! What the hell??? How on earth would a Royal Navy ship get this wrong, it is unthinkable. This is a blatant insult to the Royal Navy and the UK. How do you get this so wrong? This is meant to be a game where accuracy of things like ship models and military matter (supposedly). Show a US ship with their National flag upside-down in an advert launched across the US and see what happens... And on top of this, there's all the other stuff going on at the moment, Supertester only ships, Xmas missions not on EU servers, last minute German DD changes... WG, WHAT IS GOING ON??? If you are not trying to deliberately alienate the EU, AT LEAST GET THEIR NATIONAL FLAGS THE RIGHT WAY UP!
  11. Jet6R6

    Merry Shipmas Captains!

    You too
  12. Jet6R6

    Appalling - Warships Advert

    For an advert promoting British ships set against the back drop of Tower Bridge, there is a massive lack of attention to detail here... How on earth do you get the Union flag upside-down in the Rule Britannia advert??? Who ever is responsible for quality should be down the job centre by now. And to think that this is meant to be a Royal Navy ship flying the Union flag incorrectly is utterly disgraceful WG! This advert should be pulled until it is corrected. I would hate to think what the reaction would be if you had a US ship, with their national flag upside-down in an advert launched across America!
  13. How does anyone take part in this event? I logged on last night and the "Gift waiting time" was 46 mins. after 60mins real time, I hit refresh and it was 45mins... I have left my browser connected all day and it's down to 23mins! Really??? People are waiting to hand other their money and can't take part... what is going on? Still no joy today, been logged in 6 hours.