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  1. Ozelotty

    Ranked is a joke

    This is my first season playing ranked. Played in CBT and took a looooong break but am really enjoying the game again. Except ranked... I mean seriously what kind of ranked system is this? You get to rank 15 simply by participating and now rank 15-11 is full of the worst players I've ever seen. I'm stuck around rank 14 and even lost a game with 4 kills and 2 caps just now. How is this even possible, my team did absoloutely nothing at all! I'm by no means a perfect player but a simple stat comparison shows me that I am always the player with the best stats on my team. Hell most of my teammates have around 600-800 WTR... WG has to really rethink the whole irrevocable rank thing in the Tier VI bracket. How is this supposed to be a measure of skill when you can advance simply by playing enough? Anyway, rant over. I'll try again tomorrow.
  2. Ozelotty

    Map border abuse.

    Why would WG not care? This is just like all the crying about the aim-mod all over again. This stuff takes some time to fix (I presume) and I am sure they are aware of it.
  3. Ozelotty

    THE Sonar

    You should have the AA ability on anyways. The sonar is just not really good and only viable in certain situations. After Tier V you should always choose the AA as it stands right now,
  4. Ozelotty

    Monster xp games, thanks for the 3x xp!

    "During the whole event, starting from Thursday 6 August at 07:10 CEST until Monday 10 August at 07:00 CEST, you will enjoy a TRIPLE bonus to experience gained for the first battle won with each ship." So that's that. Still was awesome to get this much XP!
  5. Ozelotty

    Average exp per battle

    Can I get an autograph?
  6. Ozelotty

    Average exp per battle

    He liked your name. Edit: First! Edit2: Lol, we even edited at the same time
  7. Ozelotty

    cant place a @ in the loggin screen

    Alternatively, have you tried copy&pasting an @ symbol?
  8. Ozelotty

    What does the little warning thingy mean? (pic inside)

    I highly doubt that since I see it a lot and I am neither a crap talker nor a teamkiller, griefer or something like that. What might be the case though is that you get this sign after you have done teamdmg in a game, no matter how little. So if you ram someone you might get this warning sign. I'll keep an eye on it and see what happens.
  9. Ozelotty

    What does the little warning thingy mean? (pic inside)

    I was just asking myself the same thing for the 100th time...
  10. Ozelotty

    Anyone get this?

    Well the first problem might be that HE does not do a lot of dmg when you hit the belt. If you have a flat trajectory and you are firing at a target with low armour you should use AP. That's where the real dmg is at. As for MM, there are enough threads complaining about that although I don't really have too big of an issue with it personally.
  11. Ozelotty

    OMG its the kill all teams

    Was that the game 30 minutes ago where some dude called me an idiot for killing him with a citadel hit?
  12. Ozelotty

    New Mexico - what am I doing wrong...

    Not bad, we'll talk again after you have 35 games Just got the colorado and will play it for the first time later. Hope it's not as bad as everyone says allthough I will be able to free XP all the upgrades.
  13. Ozelotty

    New Mexico - what am I doing wrong...

    So far I have got the biggest e-peen: Average Score per Battle Experience 1,835.08 Damage caused 65,125.14 Warships destroyed 1.47 Aircraft destroyed 2.64 Main battery hit ratio 22% Base capture 2.75 Base defense 10.61 Anyway how I play the NM is as follows: If I spawn towards one side I will usually move towards that site and keep pushing unless I am alone and outnumbered. If I am forced to retrat I just do that while keeping my angles in mind and returning fire as effectively as possible. If I spawn in the middle of the map I usually head straight forward to close some distance and keep my eye on the map to see which site the enemy is leaning towards. I will obviously chose that flank then and again keep pushing as hard as possible. CVs scouting obviously help a lot with this. One other thing I see a lot of people doing is firing to soon. I often wait with my guns loaded for 10-20 seconds even if I have a target in range that is sailing at a hard to hit angle. Most of the time they will turn after a while and pesent a better target to you, especially BBs and CAs like the Cleveland who want to bring their guns around to fire a broadside at you. It's really good if you have learned to anticipate turns from ships and fire while they are starting their turn so that you will hit the bradside. Their ships listing will result in them slightly lifting their citadels out of the water and makes them a lot easier to penetrate. Anyways, those are my thoughts on the ship and I love it to bits. It is definitely my best ship so far.
  14. Ozelotty

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    yes, I always use xp-flag on my first win.
  15. Ozelotty

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Managed to beat my score from yesterday. Damn I love the New Mexico!