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    Server down? Unable to connect

    I know that today the server was down due to update, but is still down? I am not able to connect still. Stuck in Waiting for authorization page.

    Ranked battle won't load, bugged

    Hey It's happening to me at the moment, that I cant' see my ship after finishing a battle in ranked mode. Also sometimes I get this wired bug, when ranked battle wont load and it shows me as I am in a mess of a ranked and submarine battle. See the screenshots below. Anyone else with similar issues?

    PT 0.9.4 - Bugs

    From the second picturen (of my previous post) I uploded you can see I completed several directives of the event, but they are not completed in the event window as you can see below. Also haveing similar problems with aiduo. I sometimes hear the sinking of a friendly ship as it get's sank. I hear it also while playing CVs while being on the other part of the map.

    PT 0.9.4 - Bugs

    I am getting out of the random battle and my port is bugged. It looks like this: on second picture you can see that the selected ship is out of battle but not showing in port neither I am not able to join another battle.

    This weekend missions

    Hello is there going to be any missions and discounts for this weekend (30.3.-2.4.)? thanks for replies

    dellete this please

    dellete this please

    Personal missions - BUGGED?

    I dont know what is going on with thw personal missions for like on month or so. Also theese new missions for patches and emblems are also not working correctly for me. I have them half completed, but sometimes after the battle ends I go to check the progress and I see all missions not even started yet. Anybody else experiencing same issues?
  8. you were just a second faster than me :) I have another problem now, I dont get it how you now collect more of this containers that include parts of the collection. Because I oppened one random container from the experience gathered and I recieved 4 signals and one girl. The next random container was just signals. Also I did not change any settings as is written here: If you are still collecting the Isoroku Yamamoto collection, but want to receive the High School Fleet collection items from daily containers, you need to manually make it your default collection. To do so, choose the "Collect" option in the High School Fleet collection menu. You can turn off this option at any time to go back to collecting the Isoroku Yamamoto collection. So now I am confused :S What is going on.

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Impossible to sell Hull (A) for tier 7 Japanese ship Myoko 2. Reproduction steps Go to inventory, select modules, Hull (A) does not apper on the list. 3. Result Not possible to sell the Hull (A). 4. Expected result Hull (A) being selected to be sold.
  10. BJRKBO

    Server Down

    Same here, just got response for technical dificulties.
  11. Hello Does anybody have also same problem as I have? When I click on the button Open contacts it always shows me that no friends are online. I cannot fix this issue. Tried to restart the client several times but with no success. See the screenshot:
  12. BJRKBO

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Bug Reports

    1. Description When I click on the button Open contacts the Players online / Players in group is always showing 0/20 as no friends would be online. It does not change if I restart the game client. See the screenshot down below. 2. Reproduction steps Clicking on Open contacts. 3. Result The counter is always on 0. Either at least one of my friends is online. 4. Expected result The counter should be showing number of friends online. 5. Technical details This error cannot be fixed by restarting the client. It does not fix when one or more friends comes online or offline. This issue is on for quite a long time now (at lest half year).
  13. BJRKBO

    Need help I'm stuck in the port.

    Update of the situation: i run the integrity check and it solved the problem. Or it solved itself in the meantime i dont know. Hopefully helps someone
  14. BJRKBO

    Need help I'm stuck in the port.

    same problem here. I accidentally clicked on the sub when in division and now I cant do anything anymore. One and only one thuing that works is when you click on the commander of the submarine. :/