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  1. Richard_V

    Are the ships incorrectly scaled?

    They are also much faster and have unrealistic acceleration.
  2. Richard_V

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My most special achievement so far: Devastating strike by psionic attack, killing poor Mutsuki without cannon or torpedo hits.
  3. Richard_V

    Heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen vs a T-34 brigade

    Delete this post quickly or WG will make sure Prinz Eugent / Admiral Hipester wont be able to penetrate 47mm of sloped armor.
  4. Richard_V

    Could we get British Warspite battleship back to store?

    No way man. It's called artificial scarcity, so keep you wallet ready and when the time comes, avoid looking at price, close your eyes and think of England.
  5. Richard_V

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Those are really good news, if they start punishing TK's too, i will start playing and spending again.
  6. Richard_V

    5.1 IJN DDs nerf

    yes ,it's small nerf, but i fail to understand how it helps. Those ships weren't too fast and also didn't overpeform.In any case it's certainly not addressing long term problems of high tier DD's.
  7. Richard_V

    More Specialist Ship Roles? ie Premium Tone Scout Ship

    Tone was already discussed here. It's going to be ordinary cruiser with some extra spare planes, and player will be able to use only one at a time, so there will be only marginal advantage in the case it suffers aircraft losses. btw, what's that ship below Ise ?
  8. Richard_V

    Imperator Nicholas I

    already 4K battles? It seems to be selling well then, even with bundle.
  9. Richard_V

    Advice please

    Yes, if you really want some ships, you might be forced to buy bundle. i was only considering value of gold , premium time and flags in these bundles.
  10. Richard_V

    Advice please

    Looney is right. Murmansk & TIrpitz are very considered to be best premiums now, but Tirpitz is not for sale AFAIK. Everything in bundles can be bought separately for same or lesser cost. they are somewhere between scam and exploitative payment practice. Stay away from them.
  11. Richard_V

    Buying tier X

    I free-exped to Ognevoi on T6 and it was a mistake. That ship is made of pure fail. EDIT: earned my free exp by grinding all the way to Zao. Never paid for converting anything.
  12. Richard_V

    REAL 5.03 patchnotes, or how russian DDs are screwed...

    short feedback on Ognevoi: turret rotation is indeed abysmal, torpedoes useless, hit taken into turrets reduce firepower by 50% and it happens often. Shooting & staying invisible is not possible for me but i dont have range skill yet So far playing it is simply paint in the a55 and certainly no fun. Ship is useful for attacking destroyers and i fail to see any other value in it any advice is welcome
  13. Richard_V

    Please do not insult German shipbuilding technology

    Do i need to remind OP who made this game ?
  14. Richard_V


    i mean aim mod
  15. Richard_V


    no word about cheating ?