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  1. Asamon_1

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    Even no answer from WG would have been far better than the statement Kandly did. Watching the interview with E1vin and Tuccy was so offending to a paying customership that I am missing words. Too bad, that only a few percent of their paying customers read forums or reddit and so didn't notice how they got screwed. WoWS turnd into a real free-to-play for me. There is no more personal desire to spend some money. Thank you WG, for helping me to save a good anmount of money!
  2. Asamon_1

    Enterprise Upgrade Slot Issue

    The issue remains... The +5% speed increases are not shown in the plane information. I don't know if it will work ingame.
  3. Asamon_1

    General Feedback

    The new modification for cruisers >= T8 is awesome / overpowered. You can bring down the rudder shift time of a New Orleans class cruiser to 3,3 sec. (Baltimore can be brought down to 3,8 sec.) This is DD like rudder shift time. It will greatly increse durability of cruisers with small turning radius (USN, maybe IJN). It is an easy mode for Torpedobeats... :-) I am thinking of starting USN cruisers, just because of the modification. I definately enjoyed it so far on PTS
  4. Asamon_1

    I didnt get any flag...?

    Would appreciate a lot more threads until we recieve an official answer. I doubt it is too difficult to answer by 11:21 am - even WG is having working hours. People were looking forward this event and it is not the first time, things were messed up. It can happen that something does not work out right away, but a short notice to the customers would be sufficient.
  5. Asamon_1

    9/9/16 Update 66.6 MB

    Die Sound-Fehler sollen behoben werden.
  6. Asamon_1

    Torpedonerf ist nicht ok

    @ Obokan: +1
  7. Asamon_1

    Flugzeugträger (Frage zu XP)

    Leider richtig beobachtet! Dies ist ein Punkt der seit dem CBT immer mal wieder kritisiert wird. Schaden an Schiffen machen > teamdienlich spielen. Darum sind IJN CV bis T8 immer besser wie USN CV, da die das bessere strike loadout haben. Sorry Falls du es aber bis zur Essex geschafft hast, dann dreht es sich wieder :-)
  8. Asamon_1


    Du musst deinen Account für den PTS separat freischalten lassen. Der PTS Launcher hat dazu eine Verlinkung. Zumindest habe ich es so in Erinnerung. gl & hf
  9. Asamon_1 feedback

    I really appreciate the prolonged timer at the beginning of the match! It happened way too often that game started and couple players seemed to be afk due to long loading times, just because having no SSD. Best patch feature since a long time....
  10. Asamon_1

    Patch 0.5.1 kommt

    786200 xp bis zur Hindenburg. Zumindest bis zum vorletzten Patch. *nur Rumpferweiterungen gerechnet, kein Vollausbau der Schiffe T1 - T9
  11. Asamon_1

    Patch Carrier gameplay issues

    seems I was off for coffee or something else, when they teached that...
  12. Asamon_1

    Patch Carrier gameplay issues

    if I am reading the tooltip of Omaha and Furutaka correct (both T5) their "auxiliary" fighters have the stats of T6 CVs. Even T4 CLs with latest hull upgrade get already the T5 "auxiliary" fighters. Looking forward to see a patch balancing cruiser's fighters. I am ok with getting shot down by CV fighter squads if I am running strike loadout, but loosing whole squads to one (1!!!) "auxiliary" fighter seems an issue. Any date, besides "soon", for the next patch?
  13. Asamon_1

    Anchor Report 04.05.15

    My worries are of the AA capabilities of USN BBs. I thought that CL/CA role would be AA cover for BBs. But with the seen AA capabilities, they don't need any AA support from cruisers....