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  1. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    Summer Days in the Armory

    yep, containers completely pointless. You can get camo for 1200 dbl if its your first camoflage.
  2. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    Golden league vibes

    They heard something about Hydro and Radar.. somewhere...
  3. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    Golden league vibes

    picture for naming&shaming removed. - SkipperCH
  4. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier IX Ships

    Why we cant play BRAWL in the morning?? What is the problem? Not many players or what is the reason? Its 1 on 1!
  5. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    ranked , teams

    zero stars after 3 days in qualifications for GOLD league.. people grinding stock ships with 6 point commanders.
  6. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    ranked , teams

    WG go f3ckyourself
  7. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    ranked , teams

    The problem with this .... you are dependant from these kind of players in gold league/qualification...
  8. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    ranked , teams

    They made gold league in such a way that people nonstop argue.. accusing each other.. completely disgusting
  9. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    Ranked: What have been your experiences in the different leagues?

    qualifications for GOLD league... litteraly horrible... disgusting..
  10. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.11.5

    So, I have a problem with this patch. Quite in the beginning of the match a game simply freezes I can hear the sounds but picture stays frozen. Some controls are working.
  11. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    Public Test 0.11.5 - Bug reports

    display freezes and I cannot play the game... it happens everywhere also in convoy mode..
  12. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    Dear Wargaming, tell me something....

    Can you pls tell me, why is my rank DEPENDANT ON OTHERS!!!! If my rank is dependant on others than it cant be my rank...
  13. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    Dear Wargaming, tell me something....

    Why is my rank dependant on my teammates? Last sprint I ranked out in gold league, now I am getting such r3tarded garbage players for my teammates.. . I have no words WTF these people even doing in GOLD league. What is the point of this sh1t??
  14. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    Brawls in Update 0.11.3: Round 1

    lol... 3 days for rewards and it doesnt count for daily rewards.. imagine this sh3t they came up.
  15. ZeroSkillPureLuck

    Brawls in Update 0.11.3: Round 1

    HELLO WARGAMING. WILL YOU THE F3CK WAKE UP. Brawl doesnt count for daily rewards as it should be.