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  1. B010011A

    Clan Battles not working?

    WG fix your shi te ;)
  2. Cant you just build a mini-itx or buy the components and bring them to a PC store or a friend who to build it for you? You'll end up buying better GPU cause I feel like the GTX 1050 is getting obsolete in the next 2 years or so. Or look for a laptop that has the same components but with a better GPU and SSD storage. P.D.: what i7 processor is it? Cause there are differences between them (cores and threads) and goes also about heat etc 16GB is more than enough for wows, i have 16GB (@ 3000Mh) and dont even use near 8GB of RAM at the end. 24" display is good for a laptop. At the end depends if you want to invest some more money on anything that will last you longer than 2-3 years. The better quality of components and newer ones, the more upgradable the machine will be and will last longer.
  3. B010011A

    Never thought I'd miss the toxicity of WoT

    That is cause you havent found me in your games, i am a mix of interactive, really salty guy sometimes that cannot stand bad play, but you're not playing top tiers so, once you get there you may find me and change your idea about the game ← me in chat
  4. B010011A

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    I guess it is low in any container they introduce like those last ones I didnt get any missions so far too from the free ones, wont buy a single one for real money neither.
  5. B010011A

    Clash at the carnaval

    You're wrong, its celebrated in Canary Islands (Spain) and Spain itself. Also Cadiz in Andalucia has its own Carnivals.
  6. B010011A

    My 1st tier 10......

    When you are aiming at a ship and you have the correct aim, use right button on the mouse and that also locks target while you look around. For stats, use wows-numbers or go to your profile into the game and go to Summary. You'll end loving minotaur once you master it!
  7. B010011A

    My 1st tier 10......

    Minotaur for sure, its a beast. But any BB is easier to play, so Montana.
  8. Who in their minds would buy a single container of those, not to say 40 for the ships you might get: vanguard is meh, hood is ok-ish (and the only one i would like to get), duke of yeeek is underpowered for its tier and edinburgh is a silver ship. What a waste of money xd. The containers are not even appealing to be bought at first place.
  9. Please dont, if you have never ever played a CV and want to play a high tier CV for snowflakes, you'll condemn your team to a loss, and earn lots of hate and frustration for yourself.
  10. Dude, you have Rail guns on Kronshtat, just be more careful at shooting and pick your targets right. I use AP 99% or the time and have around 91K average damage after 215+ battles and around 60% WR, check my stats in it. If they improve the sigma, the ship will be completely OP in capable hands, and will be OK in hands of less experienced players. What happens is that people missuse the ship and then looks for the errors in the ship itself or other players but oneself, which is a huge step backwards on improving. Kronshtadt tanks like a BB, i've been able to eat 2 torps, heal, eat another 2 and survive, killing players and getting dreadnaught with it. Idk where people find it so inconsistent. Sometimes i get angry at getting all the times overpens but look the damage counter at the end of the game and feel satisfied with it. Edit: i have citadelled all the tier10 BBs out there with Kronshtadt, and punished almost all the bad moves of cruisers (the ones i didnt was cause them being full broadide at point blank and me getting overpens) , DDs also fear me cause of radar.
  11. B010011A

    Lower tiers vs High tears

    You described the game pretty acurattely, +1 to you sir.
  12. B010011A

    Lower tiers vs High tears

    I get same fun as frustration at any tier, cause all of them are full of braindead people, counting with the fact that i dont put my feet lower than tier 5.
  13. B010011A

    Horrific MM, uninstalled the game and good bye

    Close the door behind you in silence and dont look back
  14. B010011A

    Kronstadt: overexstimated Cruiser?

    I have actually had games where i pushed into/ambushed musashis that werent that good and in 2 salvoes from 3km range, 5-6cits and to the bottom of the sea with Sponge Bob. You have to learn to aim with those railguns, dispersion isnt that bad, you'll most likely to get overpens than bad dispersion. I hate overpens but you get over it By the way, you'll see the guns more effective on slightly angled cruisers than full broadside. Also, start learning to aim on waterline for citadell since the shells are so fast that you will get overpen where you could get a citadell in another ship. And also on bow in ships, shoot superstructure with AP or directly the guns, if its not working, switch to HE.
  15. B010011A

    Kronstadt: overexstimated Cruiser?

    Thats most likely to be used the first 10minutes of the game. If you have been succesful, then you can approach your opponents 1 by 1 and rush them, also try to get strategic positions against the enemy team and stop them the much you can or isolate the weaker enemy ships.