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  1. B010011A

    What are you the most unsatisfied with?

    Im most unsatisfied with that the average potato is not willing to improve its gameplay And second, the lack of variety on maps.
  2. B010011A

    Stalingrad OP

    What does he do? Show full broadside to it and suffer the consequences xD
  3. Kamikaze R, Cossack, Scharnie, kronshtadt and Jean Bart ( no premiums i know but i cannot even pick one from those xd) No premiums: harugumo, zao and Minotaur. Love em!
  4. B010011A

    WOWS in year 2100

    You won't be alive, so why caring about all those things? x😁🙄🙄🙄🙄
  5. B010011A

    750k Free Xp Ship Question

    Best answer for me so far!
  6. It depends on what were they asking for/about hahahaha this is not an american teenager movie. It only could be a russian black humour one LuL
  7. I dont agree, i dont even consider getting Alaska but who knows. Yet 1M for a tier9 free xp ship, should come with advantages over 750K free Xp ships... Just sayin'
  8. Yeah i know, but nobody lost anything for asking 🤣😎
  9. I see 1M overexagerated as a price tag for Alaska, and if it costs that at least should come with 200% XP and like 30% credit buff in the camo plus all the advantages of Xp and credits a free XP ship can earn by itself. And then I may consider buying it with my free XP
  10. B010011A

    What is your most frustrating "Premium" ship?

    Mine is Nelson, i cannot manage to still get above 49% WR with her even if im performing quite well with her, cause of... NOOOBS and sometimes i [edited]up...
  11. B010011A

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    I get it but i wont ever get enough steel for a ship and have only 1900 steel so, i dont mind
  12. B010011A

    Jean Bart and Bourgogne

    How do you convert steel into coal? It doesnt show up anywhere and i dont have a clue. WG isnt clear about it...
  13. B010011A

    Kronstadt accuracy

    I love Kronshtadt and sometimes its guns are trollish as eff but it is an amazing ship. The only thing i hate is that full broadsided CAs most often than not, eat overpens instead of citadells (which if didnt happen tho, would be OP as efff) I have 194 games at 60% WR and 91K average damage ^^. You can carry games easly with this ship and tanks like a monster (unless you show your broadside to a BB that is flanking you and citadells you to death) And by the way, use AP 99% of your games, HE kronshtadts are usually noobs that are still learning to play the ship. With the rail guns you have, it will be a damn joy for you to play the ship, you can hit DDs at 15km with ease with those lovely guns. Avoid musashis and yamatos the most you can cause they pen you from any angle and you can last 8salvoes well set to your ship.
  14. B010011A

    Penalising players who don't pay to play.

    Being top 4/5 of the team does mean that you are not able to carry a team whatsoever you try to do so. If you ended most often than not top of your team while loosing and on the top 3 when you win, then you'll start being above average player. Start thinking that you should improve your gameplay and skills and that premium doesnt have anything to do with winrate but only with skills. If you have some premium ship but you are a potato, the premium ship will suck in your hands and you will keep blaming others instead of looking for a solution in yourself
  15. B010011A

    Roadsigns - How does this help gameplay?

    I have seen that sign the day of the patch and laughed my a** off really hard xD That is the best improvement of the map by WG by far in this game xD Then there's the people that doesnt have the BB licence yet but sail one and go there, what could you expect of mankind these days?