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  1. Akagi_Kai

    Kantai Collection kai2

    I highly approve of this. Looks good! Now... who wants something to eat, i'm starved.~ !
  2. Akagi_Kai

    Start Battle bug?

    Oooooh, that's what it was. Awe, my Kantai Collection mods don't work now, back to boring grey ships. ;-; Thank you however!
  3. Akagi_Kai

    Start Battle bug?

    Hi guys, might possibly need alittle assistance. My game was working flawlessly up until today, after I finished updating to the latest patch and was able to successfully log in and readjust my captain skills I decided to play a game and it loaded as per usual, however, it never displayed the 'Start Battle' button for me to actually enter the game? So I force closed the game, relogged and it immediately brought me back to the loading screen with the same results. You can notice that ships are being sunk etc, the battle is progressing and i'm basically a free meal in the size of ship i'm in. So... yeah. I'm not sure if this is just me or whatever, so, um... any advice/help would be greatly appreciated. I have attached a screenshot of what I mean, you can see no button at the bottom and the loading animation is still working around the logo just above it. I should probably mention, that I can hear the battle behind the loading screen too. Edit: Also the second image, we just won the fight and I could cry lol... as it rarely happens with Izumo. There goes my daily 1.5xp and probably got a thousand reports due to my apparent 'afk' too. :'(
  4. Akagi_Kai

    Project R Results

    Oh wow, I actually won something... only ended up with 226 pearls. Thanks guys. <3
  5. Akagi_Kai

    What's up with 100% Ocean in ranked?

    Hahaha! Tastes good!
  6. Akagi_Kai

    Regarding Ranked Battles from "best" player perspective

    I am quite aware of what the WG staff member said (Ectar), it was written out nice and clear afterall. I was merely being a slight tad, sarcastic, in what I was writing of course. It isn't my place to tell people what to do or play, I was merely stating that's how it 'sounded' when I first read it. But it doesn't matter.
  7. Akagi_Kai

    A thank you to the pleasant captains out there

    It's always a nice thing, to play with other nice and decent players. Makes the game alot more enjoyable. Not to mention, pleasant to play and a chance from the usual "OMG U SUX N00B, GO PLAY SIMS3 OR BARBIE!" So yeah, totally nice to see other reformed and decent folk out there. Keep up the positive playing!
  8. Akagi_Kai

    What's up with 100% Ocean in ranked?

    You know what I say about Ocean? It can go drown itself. >:x
  9. Akagi_Kai

    Regarding Ranked Battles from "best" player perspective

    Oh. So basically... according to this thread of posts, from veteran season players. Season 2 Ranked battles are basically useless because of hordes of bad players, whom of which, are just paying their way to victory? It sounds to me, that everyday I come online here and find new problems, new complaints and people leaving the game entirely to go play something else. According to Yoshi at the top, if it's to be believed of course; A WG staff member turned around and said 'Lol i'm playing Fallout 4, instead of WoWS lol'. So let me ask, with these high amounts of complaints and problems that are leading to unfair gameplay and probably, pointless... gameplay. Is there a point, even playing?
  10. Akagi_Kai

    World of Warships - Clans

    Yeah, I see what you're saying. Should totally like, put in new modes with different objectives. Something to keep it fresh and interesting, keep the players interested and even drag back some of the older players that have stopped playing. Maybe like, a boss battle? Something similar to the setup of the Halloween event, like... a boss ship for each team. Or even a boss ship for one team, though not as powerful as the Salem. I'unno. Something like that... toss around ideas in the dev-team.
  11. Akagi_Kai

    Current teamkiller punitive system

    That'd be hilarious. I can see it now... the entire team, just... turning their guns and BOOM!
  12. Akagi_Kai

    We want lower repair costs too!

    Yeah, I feel that the need on repair costs is far too high. Look at the votes on the poll, 222 votes against 20. Lol. On the subject, I refuse to play my T9 Izumo, because even on good games, most of my credits are robbed due to repairs and goddamn, when I lose? Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, off to the bank I go.~ !
  13. Akagi_Kai

    Current teamkiller punitive system

    Wow, yeah. I think those poll results speak for themselves.
  14. Akagi_Kai

    Glad to see my premium expire

    Oh gosh. I know what you mean. Though, T8 and even T9. I mean, i've even been holding back on using my T9 Izumo because I rarely win in those matches and everytime my ship gets fubar, it can cost me up to 190k just to get it fixed! Even when I have a decent match, i'm still getting very little credits after repairs and restock. After all that, i'll probably only get like 7-9k of credits. It's crazy! It's irritating, especially if you're trying too save up for other ships and modules.
  15. Akagi_Kai

    World of Warships - Clans

    I was aware of other sites and such that would indeed have clans already set up for the game. Though I was merely asking if the Wargaming community was going to have something aswel, along those lines. But, as some people here had mentioned. It's probably something that is still a WIP or perhaps something that isn't even a WIP as we speak. However, i'll be glad to keep my eyes open for such an announcment, and I may be interested in joining a clan outside of the community too. Maybe.~