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  1. Dont_Care_2015

    Matchmaking Chart

    T5 BB MM is brutal and single handed made stop playing the game! At T5 BB u are just cannon fodder!
  2. Dont_Care_2015

    How much do you like WOWS?

    I dont, it was fun at first tho! And u need to be a god damn encyclopedia!
  3. Dont_Care_2015

    Graf Zeppelin Update From Developers

    There still no reason for me to play this game and I guess that it will not change!
  4. Dont_Care_2015

    Split Topic: Gameplay > Matchmaking Chart

    Lost all will to play this game!
  5. When u miss full salvos at 4/6km, yes Im done! This game has good things going for it but not enough to endure gameplay pain like this!
  6. I can tell u what isnt op, the New York, what a big [edited]turd! To add insult to injury it gets T7 MMs! LMAO Well done WG, u made me stop playing usa BB line!
  7. Dont_Care_2015

    Fix chat report abuse please

    U even get banned for chatting in a chat, WG doesnt care! So if u get false reports u will be banned no matter if ur right or wrong!
  8. Dont_Care_2015

    Matchmaking Chart

    So a t3 BB with a range of 10km~ gets t4 BB MM with 14km range?
  9. Dont_Care_2015

    Getting fraudulently reported + penalized for sinking enemy ships!?

    Automated systems. U cant even chat in a chat and u will get banned, if this BS continues... If people used their skill to play better instead of making reports. Everything is a report these days! No skill to ignore a simple chat, pathetic people! Amazing when u ask for help in chat, support whatever most of the times no one pays any attention, if u say something about whatever, reports! LOGIC!
  10. Dont_Care_2015

    Detonation from a bow hit

    Hmm... 13x20=260 flags...
  11. Dont_Care_2015

    How do you think this ended?

    So how WG knows that something is wrong without feedback? Virtual Magic?
  12. Dont_Care_2015

    Detonation from a bow hit

    Instead of being ignorant to the point that only your stats matter and thinking that you know it all like many so called expert players, you might take a look: 690 battles to this point and I used some of those flags detonations to the point I know for a fact the only thing they do isn't telling you that you suffer a detonation! So I got more than a 107 detonations! Even a umikaze detonated me, my ship being also a umikaze! So next time I will think twice before making a fool and embarrassed myself in the forum like you just did!
  13. Dont_Care_2015

    Detonation from a bow hit

    In 600 games, had 100 detonations so.
  14. Dont_Care_2015

    Guarding your CVs

    Has a CL/CA player I don't care about CVs, they could all die in my team, why, no support the only thing they care about is making dmg/exp and screw the team play to win! Even today asked a CV to spot so I could better protect him from 2 CA that were coming at him, didn't listen, this happens all the time! Only a few play as an actually team! So I'm done being the good guy!
  15. Dont_Care_2015

    WoWS: Goods and bads

    Ty for the reply.