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  1. Jester86

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Bought 20 x Big Boxes. 30 x Basilisk 30 x Wyvern 30 x Dragon 60 x New Year Streamer Krasny Arizona Monaghan Abruzzi 15000 Coal 2000 Dubs So I more than got my monies worth on the ship "values" alone. May roll the dice again later in the month but that's it for the moment.
  2. Jester86

    UK WOWS Event??

    Pretty sure WG had a small event at Chatham Dockyard last year or was it the year before. As part of a wider local event.
  3. Jester86

    RN DD announced

    Going to reserve judgement until they are released, plenty of time for tweaking still to come. Glad to be seeing the RN DD's coming though.
  4. Jester86

    pensicola is abysmal

    T6 Pepsi is hilarious. Just played the first game for that leet commander xp and T6/T5 matchmaking and 10 citadels later thinking that these guns are so much fun at the lower tier. I am going to keep it!
  5. Jester86

    Top tier DDs 8-10, do people enjoy them?

    Khaba is life. Khaba is love.
  6. On the final grind 45K XP for the DoY. Did the 90K damage x 1 Xp x 1 11 Torp Hits x 2 All with the Gallant and a few Minotaur games to break it up.
  7. Jester86

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    90 x Hydra 1 x Gallant 1 x DeGrasse 2000 Doubloons 60 x Wyvern 180 x Frosty Fir Tree 30 x Red Dragon 30 x Type 59 90 x Ouroboros Not brilliant but not completely meh.
  8. Jester86

    Tirpitz accuracy

    It is still perfectly able to troll citadel cruisers at max range
  9. I am saving my money for the Christmas boxes......for the chance for ships (maybe) Nassau Camo Waka Camo Halloween Camo x2 Free XP From my 5 star run.
  10. Jester86

    How many Captains ...

    Khaba Zao Fletcher Benson Then like many others , various 17/18 pointers.
  11. Jester86

    Mikasa mission

    Took my Moskva into CoOp. Took 4 battles to farm the damage required on my opposite Moskva. So easy
  12. Jester86

    Hunt the Bismarck Badges

    I am nearly done. You can exchange 4 duplicates for 1 badge you don't have.
  13. Just met Negativv in his Gremy, while I was in my Sims. Unfortunately your team just seemed to donate themselves after having the ship lead!
  14. Jester86

    Bombardment of Ancona mission

    Unless you have a Khaba
  15. Jester86

    Discussion about 0.6.5! - The Hunt Is On!

    Warspite traverse buff. Sweet.