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  1. Chuckabutty

    General feedback

    Notser posted a Youtube video today. Z-52. Conclusion: DD play no fun. Felt useless for entire game. Flamu posted a Youtube video too. Upcoming WIP HMS Audacious. Conclusion: This CV is stupidly brokenly OP. Flambass posted a Youtube video today. 90 minutes of a Sci-fi game he's not played before. Because he 'needed a reason to get away from WoWS for a bit'. So the top community contributors love it just as much as everybody else then.
  2. Chuckabutty

    Game & Balance Improvements

    I currently have 4 T8 BBs, 4 T8 cruisers and 2 T8 DDs in my port. I've noticed no really significant change in the MM. I'm still just an XP pinata in most matches, often the only T8 in a sea of T10s. I have however found a solution that works for me. I've started using it this past week and it really works to eliminate the frustration of being outclassed in every match. Three bottom tier games in a row and I close the client for the day and play some Assassin's Creed instead. Oddly this has resulted in my playing WOWS less and less these past few days and starting to get pretty damn deadly in AC.
  3. Chuckabutty

    Seattle Cruiser T9. ! God to play ?

    Totally agree. I played Cleveland a lot at T6. The initial transition to T8 MM came as a brutal shock. Suddenly I was faced with matches where most opponents could (and did) delete me in 1 or 2 salvos. While I'm busy trying to learn how to play as a radar cruiser instead of an AA platform. The recent adjustment to T8 MM has helped a lot. I currently have 4 T8 cruisers in port. Chapayev, Cleveland, Baltimore and Mogami. (CL build.) So three CLs and a CA. Cleveland is the only one where I've managed to end in the top 5 in the team more than once or twice in my T10 battles. What I've learned from playing these 4 is that radar cruisers will be focussed as soon as they're spotted regardless of what other ships are visible to the enemy team. Positioning is everything.
  4. Chuckabutty

    Final Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    No containers bought. I got Acasta and Icarus from playing RN missions. Annoyingly my flatmate got the Lightning. I say annoyingly because he only plays around T5-6. He sold Lightning the same day he got it.
  5. Chuckabutty

    The destroyer limit - not working AT ALL

    Strange that WG didn't foresee a lot more DDs playing when they release a DD line. And you can't blame CVs waiting for 3 minutes to trigger it. Count the CVs and DDs in this one.
  6. Chuckabutty

    Royal Navy event craps on casual players

    Exactly this. Okay making a division with people I know and trust. Making a division with the same sort of players I meet in randoms every day? Not going to happen.
  7. Chuckabutty

    Update 0.7.10 - General Feedback

    Is there a way of hiding these ridiculous halloween ships in my port? I looked in the additional content tab and switched off the halloween camos. That had no effect whatsoever. I'm not interested in the halloween event. I prefer playing standard historical ships in standard random battles. Am I really going to be forced to look at these hideous garish monstosities in my carousel every time I log in for the next month? I don't want to see the stupid ships. I don't want to see the stupid camos. How do I get rid of them? One click of an icon got rid of the Arpeggio ships. Why is that option not available for these ones? Edit: I just had a quick look at the halloween ship stats. Magnu-s. T8 battleship. 4x2 380mm main battery guns. Surface detectability 16.4Km. Main battery firing range 8Km. That has to be either a mistake or a very bad joke. The cruiser has 11Km range.
  8. Chuckabutty

    Royal Navy (Event & Arsenal)

    First off I love the RN destroyers. I've been a DD player since I first started playing WOWS. Got a Benson in my American line and a Yugumo in the Japanese. Unfortunately RNG has been against me and I've only unlocked Acasta and Icarus in the RN line. No problem. They're fun ships. My flatmate demonstrates the one big problem I have with this event. He's been a cruiser main for his entire WOWS career and he prefers low to mid tiers. His most played ship is the Emile Bertin at Tier V. So naturally the one RN DD he dropped from a container is the Lightning at T8. He hasn't a clue how to play it so he's only taken it out of port once. He was sunk within two minutes. Unfortunately he is obviously not the only person who can't play higher tier DDs effectively. I've been seeing so many games where the new RN DDs avoid the Caps and head for an island to hide behind. No capping. No scouting. No use to the team in any way. I took my New Mexico out yesterday and ended up scouting for the two DDs that were sitting 2km behind me. That didn't end well. Personally I'd have preferred to drop just the Acasta then play my way up to the Lightning in the normal manner. This would have allowed new DD players a chance to learn the ships rather than throwing novice DD players to the radar cruisers as light snacks.
  9. Chuckabutty

    AP Tracer

    Problem solved instantly. Thank you.
  10. Chuckabutty

    AP Tracer

    I've recently been finding a problem with firing AP on some maps. If the lighting is displaying the sea as a pale blue, like there's whitecaps on it, I find I can't see my AP tracer and I don't see the fall of shot and so I can't judge my lead. I don't know if WG have changed the color palette recently or if it's just my eyes getting less reliable with age. I was wondering if there's a setting or possibly a mod that would brighten up my AP tracers. I've looked at the color blind modes but I don't need the entire display changed. I see everything else perfectly clearly and I only have the AP problem against this one specific pale shade on the sea. Any help welcome as I'm finding trusting to luck for my aim less than ideal for my scores.
  11. Great if you have friends that play the game. Not so great if you don't. I know there's always the 'Create Division' tab in the port screen. But that would mean joining up with guys that I play with and against in randoms every day. And I already know how much I trust my usual random teammates. I'll be polishing the bolts on my Varyag until it gets sorted I guess.
  12. Chuckabutty

    Are you kidding me ?

    Yes they nerfed the torp speed and yes I immediately sold off my Minekaze because of it. (Isokaze too.)
  13. Chuckabutty

    Are you kidding me ?

  14. Chuckabutty

    Are you kidding me ?

    I had to buy a Mutsuki in order to access the 15pt commander that got moved from my Minekaze. No way of transferring him to where he was wanted without rebuying a Mutsu first. And then selling it again after I transferred the commander. 400000 credits to swap out a commander is a bit much.
  15. Chuckabutty

    Are you kidding me ?

    And meanwhile some of us have spent money buying and selling ships we don't need to access captains we already had. I'm currently down 400000 credits on the resale value of a Mutsuki and 500 gold on retraining one captain.