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  1. Main_Battery_Officer

    Autobot free items

    Just noticed that, i must of finished a mission that gave me 3 previously at the same time as unlocking one mission lol Thank you
  2. Main_Battery_Officer

    Autobot free items

    Hi Wargaming, gifts in Armory I did the Decepticon free gifts first and they all dropped good and i got them, now just did 2 and 3 Autobot gifts in Armory (3 containers and 5 camo) and they didnt not land in my inventory but say i claimed them. can you help? Thanks
  3. Main_Battery_Officer

    Fubuki Model update soon?

    Such amazing models and work, thank you I understand you guys/Gals are busy but please can you show this poor Destroyers model some TLC? Same graphic setting on both pictures
  4. Main_Battery_Officer

    Armada: Hood

    Please Please release the pictures in large format from this Hood / Armada page, They are fantastic!
  5. Main_Battery_Officer

    Hood vs Scharnhorst

    Hood all the way, started playing many years ago this game to have her! Her shots are all about timing, not blapping round after round i only use AP as screen shots show, she rules
  6. Main_Battery_Officer

    Bug Reports

    Same as above but not a container (:
  7. Main_Battery_Officer

    Suggestions thread

    Please think about giving carriers a spotter matching mechanic type consumable for a combat air patrol, non controllable fly's in a circle (close proximity non spotting of course to avoid OP) to defend its self from air attack. All non carrier players see the boarder hugging carrier hunting that happens and they cant defend them self's while defending/spotting/air superiority gaining for the team with their only fighter wings. Some Battleships and cruisers have a combat fighter, why cant the carrier have the same/better defense. This will put off carrier hunters to a point and be more team player friendly, and help good carriers that are doing their role defend while controlling cap defending/spotting/air superiority etc. Thank you
  8. Main_Battery_Officer

    Carriers can they do or dont...

    Hello all, I am cruiser and battleship user... so please do not ioi ¬ me for asking.... a hypothetical question on carrier game play, i want to try but... scared of failing bad at it.. why do carriers act like airbases not carriers.... static till attacked or over run, Could a carrier auto pilot, from a1 to a7 back to a2 to a8 and still launch planes, still do their job, being aware of the situation around them etc adjusting auto pilot to current affairs. or is it too much to do while attacking / defending players (not an insult) Can the carrier game play style be played like that? Not saying run head long at the enemy, just move about more.... A player asked me why this question and what benefit is gained my answer would be your at full speed not stopped for one... never in the same place if spotted Sound like a crazy rant, question.... but i need to ask the masses ....before i try them Sorry if this sound like babbling Thank you
  9. Main_Battery_Officer

    Update 0.6.10 - General Feedback

    Degradable is correct about the effects, i was running really well yesterday and now slows and stutters.......... King George Class at T7 is not a good ship when all the cruisers are gone you might as well be afk, hide and save the loss of points please up the AP damage to match Hood at least to keep some balance, reduce Concealment, up armour Atago AP's do not bounce as much as this when firing at T7 BB's below gives logic to this.... gun facts 8 inch gun projectile weight 256 pound - muzzle velocity 2805 fs - range 30650 yards 14 inch gun projectile weight 1590 pound - muzzle velocity 2483 fs - range 38650 yards atago guns dont bounce as much as this when firing at T7 BB's 16 inch gun projectile weight 1938 pound - muzzle velocity 2458 fs - range 33550 yards Conways Fighting ships 1922-1946 A battleship that cant fight its opposite number is under powered - all other battleships can at least go toe to toe taking damage and doing damage, please up power this iconic ship....
  10. Main_Battery_Officer

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Thank you Captain!
  11. Main_Battery_Officer

    [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Hi Wyverns, Amazing skins, thank you How do you install two skins, one for Perth and Hood to run at the same time? The "camouflages" file are named always the same ... Or i am being a looney? Regards