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  1. omgdontkillme, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    So in fact all Tirpiz players had a blast, because they had no skill brainless ship for this 1vs1 mode. Im sure Tirpiz sales went up during sprint so mission succeeded for WG.
  2. omgdontkillme

    Am i only one who thinks ....

    Borderline toxic, but to the topic of RNG. You know how unrealistic it is, when you fire a salvo and 6-8 shells fly and they split in two blobs which land before and after a target with 20 m distance from each other? That is simply fully immersion breaking. And in case you dont know why i care about immersion breaking. At the point where people start noticing immersion breaking, they start losing fun. This fact apply to every game. You can do research on your own if you doubt my words. Hence the reason i asked if i only one feel this way. Mate i dont have a problem with aim. Im doing fine with it, yet when the shells land in front and behind a targets broadside (which means i aimed properly) and simply RNG said "no no you wont hit today" was fully immersion breaking for me. And kudos to you, you are one of the few with good reply. I wish you could endorse people like you! Maybe im going to give another try later on.
  3. omgdontkillme

    Am i only one who thinks ....

    Kinda not suprised by that toxic behavior, but compared to what i have to endure in WoT this is like noob level of toxicity :<
  4. omgdontkillme

    Am i only one who thinks ....

    that this game has just too much RNG? Especially BBs? (Shooting Salvo on another BB broadside and shots land before and behind his side and none on the targets, just as example and many more RNG situations) It feels like im playing Arty in WoT. Simply not fun :< BBs were the only reason i started playing and the reason i uninstall the game after RNG frustration.