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  1. KarmaQU_EU

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    I'm just replying to anything remotely funny with laughing-face emote because I'd rather the final times together be of smiles and laughter. I am happy to have made acquaintance with the community of this game, thank you.
  2. KarmaQU_EU

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    @Excavatus Sorry for the infringing post XD I honestly was in a rush and forgot to check the pinned threads on the forums. After all, I was gone for a while (as usual) and isn't too familiar with most things current. Looks like you've been made a moderator too, congratulations. I think you'd fit the role well, given your temperament. But real or not, I think that's just one of the final straws on this weary heart of mine. My gameplay enjoyment and style is more affected by my experience with teammates and other players than most, and real or not this kind of MM-winrate thing when actually experienced and seen firsthand, is quite devastating to a knowledgeable player with already low morale and a tired heart for this game. It probably could result in more players leaving (for whom this issue weighs heavily on their hearts) if it has not done so already. I can't promise (as I did come back a few times before despite,) that this is the last time I have anything to do with this game, but honestly, this time it might just be. I had estimated the CV rework to be deciding of whether or not it's the last thing I ever follow, and from the looks of it, that's gonna the case. No hard feelings here, it's been a pleasure to have known your acquaintance, and to have enjoyed this game. If close to a million free exp and 50 mil credits and full dozens of super-camo and super-flags can't keep me interested in the game for more than a day and a half, I severely doubt that anything else could. It doesn't feel sad in the end, just a bit troubled ... and relief. Finally. (link to long final rant)
  3. KarmaQU_EU

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    Dear Mr Conway I would like to tell you a little story, if you could perhaps spare a few minutes to listen to me, for perhaps the last time. I play with fluctuating Ping. Before the Rework I should not have played CV if I had any basic respect for my team, and even after the rework I missed perfectly planned and aimed drops because the in-game reaction was 0.5 seconds later than my order because a internet heart-attack happened. I live in the rural area and my internet wire is still copper, and shares an old station that routes it back into the city. I use a rain-water collector because the pipes don't reach me. I have to play in the midnight to dead-morning hours if I hope to have a fighting chance. But my CV winrate is still highest amongst all my ships despite it being dragged down after I stopped playing seriously. But I tried, I tried really hard with all my heart and soul, I loved CV, I loved the concept of CV. I played each and every CV game with a heart of dedication to my team that is the only reminiscent thing from my finest times (before this game). My micro is not the best and is worse so with ping, but I tried to gain every millisecond of extra reaction time with initiative by pushing myself to think in mental methods that could not even be described with the mere word "strategic". All the while trying to support my team with info reminders and moral boosts. Cracking jokes and giving friendly console to players who were doing it wrong. I tried to play like a saint. When I could no longer match against strike-centric players I tried to devise new ways to make CV work for the team by being one of the first players to specialize in air-supremacy Hakuryu before it was a thing, and once the only top 20 EU CV players to play air supremacy Haku. I tried to help team winrate in every single way I could. Because I believed it was right. That I should try to play with the team. I believed the game had, in its heart and soul, a fine design that worked. I tried to understand the game, play it as it "was meant to be played". I had a good time in this game and bought plenty of premium ships. But I also believed the game could be improved, become the game deserved it. It should not be burdened by the legacies of its predecessors, it should do justice to its content matter, it should not be overly affected by business pressures. I was delirious at times, from thinking too much. Sigh. Naval history, mili-sims, wargames and their content matter always have a special place in my heart and not just because of myself, but also because of people I know well. It's also from both my personal experience and from media and literature I consumed over time. I'd say this content matter is by now, more than just a "liking" for me. What I usually think about it may have considerable "weight" and meaning for myself, but more often than less, have considerably lower "weight" for others. I am not the best at communicating this to others. All I know is that, this "weight", this belief and passion, drove me to think in ways beyond "engineering a logically adapt solution" when I would imagine what a naval warfare game would entail. I cannot prove whether any of my theories are correct, even whether they make sense at all, even if theoretically, they are expressed by someone more knowledgeable and capable than me. Because these sublime, innate, yet profound things are never simply "correct". I loved to play the game not because it was "correct" nor that the game was "correct". What I thought I sensed within the game was not something "correct". As I had just said a few lines above, I believed something was "right", which is already a level higher than "correct". But what I truly cherish in my heart of hearts is not something merely "right" either, but perhaps borderline sacred, artistic, even wishful. But the actual design of this game, is it even "right" in all places? Can you swear with your heart that this game has truly done its best with pristine intentions and utmost effort? That can match the most "weighty" things from one heart to another, even when most communications of that sort fail? No, but you cannot truly say what's wrong either, there's always something wrong and nobody is ever correct. The most weight comes from your investors and "professional developers in the industry" which is hardly ever your players. We can never have as much weight in our words as them, even if we try to find ways to "lend it as much weight" as we possibly could. It could always be dismissed as another emotional rant after all. I understand that capital and strategic business decision drive the industry and decide what games are made and how they are made. I understand that sometimes despite the best intentions and effort from developers, some things are just not possible. I understand that most players, knowing in their subconsciousness that this is the order of things, the more knowing the player, the less inclined they are to even try at all, with feedback and discussion and stuff. Jests and pokes at each other on the forums are much more fun and better entertainment than the game that itself almost completely lacks a social sphere. I have given suggestions to make the forum more "academically" focused. I have provided at least multiple ways for the game to have a qualitative change in its very core systems and ideals, beyond just the CV gameplay. They were all bad suggestions and I do not know how to give any better. What I can still do is occasionally give the parts that still irritate me, and disappointed me in my heart, deeply and despairingly. Neither seems to have been of much help to the game at all, and in the end, both the time I have spent on this game and trying to give it suggestions is more than I think is reasonable anymore. I once directly quoted you, a long time ago. Perhaps it was the first time I directly responded to you. It was pointing out the way you replied to another player, in a way that did not quite value him enough, or put your words in a perspective that was PR responsible enough. You had asked for suggestions on what to improve on the new year, and that was what I suggested; to better your "perceived attitude", the perspective you would handle the community with, to mince words with more "heart". You even upvoted me. But perhaps the lesson has not been taken to heart. It is still not shown to be faced with the kind of "heart" and belief, as I myself had more than less so, faced the concept of CV and CV gameplay. But perhaps I am wrong, perhaps you do reply to this community with a teary heart sometimes. Perhaps even the developers treat the design and operation of the game with a solemn face and a reverent heart. But I doubt so, for if it is the case, than more substantial things would have been seen. Would have been shown for the game. Would have been detected even through the utmost layers of confusion and mistakes. I think the game would have taken a whole different form and "style" than what kind of thing it is now. I think that would have lent "weight" to the mission and belief of this company, and attracted likewise the kind of players, hearts, attitude, and feedback suited to that kind of game, that would have helped that kind of game thrive, that would have change fate itself, and made that kind of game come to be. I will not bother to comment on how you could have worded your phrase to be heartwarming again like that new years' one I tried to reword for you. I am not upset by your wording this time in fact I don't care, it's that I don't have any more things with true "weight" in my heart to give as feedback anymore. I don't have anything I truly dislike anymore, in fact I actually don't care. It's just over, finally. I had thought that this CV rework would be the last thing I care about in this game and follow at all, and in the end, devastatingly, it was true. I hope in your heart, there is at least a little something in this post that would make you want to weep. For things that you don't really understand, maybe even for reason you are unsure of how they even relate to this game. Because if you do, perhaps there is still a little hope for you and this game yet. But if not, I will weep in your stead. And will perhaps, some other players for whom this game actually has some "weight" in their hearts, and some things' meaning that encompasses. In my heart, in my soul, I weep. (That doesn't really count as 'negative' feedback, does it?)
  4. I thought I'd come back to try some WoWs, see how the new CV reworks is going, spend some of that free exp and credits WG gave us. First day was actually ok and rather uneventful. Second day: Why's that a problem? Because this. Every game, 4 times in a row, my team had lower average WR than the opponent team. I had 30%, 40%, while they had 50-60%. The second Monarch game my team had a 70% Gearing sure, but also two Grozovois that died within the first 5 minutes. BTW I was the only WR higher than 50% on that Gearing game in my Monarch (56%) but tell me how in the world am I supposed to carry with a Monarch in a T10 game. The Alsace game I citadelled a few cruisers and did over 100k, but because I was the one closest to the enemy (angled, partially behind a rock, on cap, tanking T9s and T10s, took a Mino suicide to kill me), it was still a disappointment. I baited 2.7 mil damage in Monarch game with stealth until I finally died but still, a lose, because we had 2 afk from start and fed them a free T9 while over 5 ppl chased a single Yamato from C, and enemy regrouped back onto B faster than my team, used cover better, massacred them. In the Shima game, I was the only DD sitting in the middle 2 circles, and had to single salvo torp in multiple directions until I was left with less than 1k HP and had to bail from mid, upon which the points collapsed in their favor. The double strike was because I torped their Akizuki and a Minotaur (both in smoke, seriously a smoke Mino though) at the same time, but my torps were headed their way even before they smoked, talk about strategic torping. I sorta feel good about myself, but not good enough that I'm retiring from the game again because every time I come back again my teammates remind me just how pointless this game is. And how I probably could've had a good time if I had just decided to play all my favourite ships (probably could've partially carried every game like the Shima one, if I played with my favourites) but Noooooo game is all about grind grind grind can't resist gotta flying grind them ships. I hate grind. I hate a game that I can't play with my friends. I hate a game that is pointless in the end. Sorry. I also think the CV rework is horrible and feel that a match without CV now is a lot more enjoyable than a game with, evident from the games that I played both as a surface ship and in a CV. I once killed a CV in a BB because he missed 9000 torpedo drops on my and I literally just sailed up to them. That doesn't make me happy, and actually makes me sad for the player who was playing that CV. The CVs have no meaning or purpose at all anymore except adding incessant chaos to games and annoy ships with their spotting, while pressure friendly CVs to try to protect friendly ships with a fighter deployment mechanism that is I strongly think, dumb and stupid. They also take up 2 precious surface ship slots while we have to babysit them. The only good thing about this game is its forums, community, mods and Xandier senpai's skins, the game launcher, basically everything except the game itself. It's almost ridiculous. Sorry.
  5. game version mismatch upon log in update service unavailable game files corrupted, repair integrity
  6. KarmaQU_EU

    [Poll] CV's Rework vs Rollback

    Excuse me I have a question, how do I claim my CV tradeback in free exp and credits? I couldn't find any instructions or announcement about it on the main website, and I actually don't have the game installed, but I'm worried that if I don't do it within a time window I'll lose my opportunity to trade-in all my used CVs.
  7. KarmaQU_EU

    Quality Poster Initiative

    Saying the wrong things to the wrong person at the wrong time will result in a one-way exit of a player from this game. I have always admired how "warnings" are worded as "friendly reminders", no posts are actually ever hard removed, and despite the general uselessness of forum posts in actually helping the game, players don't outright dismiss rant posts and actually participate in discussions. If the officials on the forums take an even worse stance than players by comparison (who are generally chill, even if skeptical), it will be the equivalence of "putting the jackboot down". There's a specific saying for it in russian too. The reason no real discussion happens on Steam, is because Steam is monitored like an authoritarian state, and it acts like one too. The only hope independent platforms have against things such as Steam, is better community standards. In the end, if a player wants to play the game, they will play regardless, and if they want to leave, they are free to do so. Censorship, both mentally and literally is never the answer. The QPI is a wishful thinking aimed at positive action. Although that sort of thinking is not very suitable to the real world (at least not in the way it was enacted), in the end this is just a game forum where people enjoy a commercial product. It's not that extreme, where death threats are actually death threats. The type of community who plays WoWs do speak more liberally after all, but they already have rules against clear profanity.
  8. KarmaQU_EU

    Concerning the upcoming CV rework

    I'm gonna be a bit mean here and just say outright, that a bad design will never become a good design simply from what happens on the servers. None of us had the chance to influence WG on some of their outdated and frankly dumb design decisions on the base game, so that's why this CV rework matters, had it also mattered to WG. But it doesn't, in fact WG wouldn't have given a serious flying care about the CV gameplay had they not decided to port WoWs to consoles thus needing a console compatible CV gameplay. The only thing WG is "evaluating" atm, is how smoothly they can get through the transition process. All this public feedback, all those "beta" testings, are all for show. From what I've seen and know about serious processes, I can tell you that whatever this CV process is, it's either genuinely stupid or plain insincere. A serious attempt at a rework would resemble nothing like this. It's all a dummy show process. *metaphorically spits on the ground
  9. - WoWs was never designed with as much foresight as to "what to do with long-time players" besides giving them clan wars and some seasonal stuff. There is no such thing as prestige or leadership or even mentorship in this game, despite the Navy being all about that. - How suitable a game is for the competitive scene, and how much good a competitive scene does for a game besides the publicity, also depends on how the game is structured. This game is too stagnant and basic to be highly competitive, and even with the added publicity and marketing and whatever they can throw at it, in the end it's still a rather basic game. If the players themselves do not find the game interesting, then no matter how much a streamer tells them "this is a great game", they won't have incentive to play it seriously, nor want to learn about it further. -TL:DR make a better game. Should have done it while you still had the chance, like, 3 years ago.
  10. KarmaQU_EU


    Well at least now we know what a T10 premium is priced at, and that yes, they do "sell" T10 premiums.
  11. KarmaQU_EU

    Tier 8 MM is a slap to the face

    Generally BBs have a much tougher time when up tiered. Your Alabama example.
  12. KarmaQU_EU

    A topic borne of desperation

    Even if nothing of what I say ever gets through, as usual, at least consider this idea, air-based radar, to give a bit more advanced warning of the inevitable surprise stern insertions incoming. Maybe it can become an idea for a few balancing methods or gimmick ships. Just an idea. Also, in the past I have suggest multiple times, for a tiered vision system instead of the current black-white spotting system. Or even making the game less hinged on vision and spotting. Fixing the game will not just involve CV, but many of its current systems as well which includes vision.
  13. It is past the time of egos and stuff, I don’t care if I make an [edited]of myself as long as there is even the slightest chance the CV concept can be helped. I have in the past made a large amount of highly wishful and far fetched thinking on concepts for the CV rework, including straightforward but drastic suggestion of measures such as removing all torpedo bombers and solely balancing/designing CV gameplay (at least initially) around the other less dreadful types of bombers. Other examples included separating CV tech trees into smaller escort carriers and larger fleet carriers, which have broad implications including MM fixing and fine tuning. But I digress. Recently I am beginning to follow WG’s line of logic better, keeping the game simple while just playable and interesting enough. And here lies a critical flaw. One of the most difficult yet critical systems in this game, the Vision System, is an Achilles heel in the whole design structure. And the disproportionate effect the CV has on this area was already well known even before the rework, from DD griefing, torpedo spotting, surprise torpedo-insertion on BBs due to planes having stealth range as well, and last but not least, CV sniping using plane stealth. While I cannot make a hasty conclusion on whether stealth and vision system for surface ships is good or bad, though it was copied off WoT systems and not custom-made for naval combat, it certainly was not very compatible with CV gameplay at all. And a critical flaw of the current rework is how few direct improvements, or even adjustments, were made to the way CVs interact with the vision sphere in the game. While torpedo spotting was outright removed, and ship spotting nerfed, the reverse which was plane spotting was not, and in fact as they themselves mentioned in their public address, stealth torping (with TB!) was still a minor “exploit” turned tactic. In more conclusive terms, the very essence of CV gameplay in a strategic or tactical sense which was area and info control aka. ‘Spotting’ was not fixed nor improved into their rework, and CV interaction with the surface sphere in this sense was also outright ignored or shoved aside (just remove their total spotting ability and interaction). And you don’t fix a faulty part by simply removing the part, or completely isolating the part from the rest of the system. It’s just not good practice. In complex systems like this, balancing is also a larger job than just making sure the AA maths and don add up. There’s “qualitative” things too, like fuzzy maths, like capabilities that can’t be simply summarized into numbers, and how actual human thought processes work. - Furthermore, in poetic irony, in their rush to make WoWs, and CV, compatible with consoles, they neglected the zeitgeist of console gameplay, which is a very heady, rushing, flow-based kind of gaming. A confounding mechanic like the vision system is not something a console player would enjoy while they are trying to have fun, they simply can’t be bothered to put in the extra mind-power, and the separate category of mental processes needed for that particular form of thought. Thus, I believe, they will not enjoy getting surprise-rudder insertions by planes materializing out of nowhere (or in reverse, getting jump-scared by a DD suddenly hammering your CV out of nowhere), nor enjoy the game much with ships that adversely rely on the vision system at all, because even on PC it’s a fine dance of managing your pathing and constantly doing distance-tallies and mental notes of what ships are all around you (including enemies). But on console on a big screen it’s just not that kind of experience, if you get this. - So in conclusion, even if the current rework gets the go-ahead, and it is still playable after all, there is still this theoretical danger that WoWs on console will not be very popular, and one of the key reasons could be because of how vision works in this game, and how this game is adversely affected by this hidden factor, just as how CVs were adversely affecting the game due to how their mechanics worked, and this is making the console experience far less than ideal. This is the key danger. The secondary danger is that due to how detached and incompatible (unintegrated) the CV reworked gameplay is from the practical intricate workings of the present surface ship system (such as the example given how all vision related things were just swept under the carpet), that even after 1-2 months of “balancing”, CV gameplay will still be a sore thumb in this game, and a far cry from what some of us in our heart of hearts had dreamed it would bring to WoWs, a breath of fresh air, masterful and creative design, to not just save CV, but save this game, and give it second wind to continue improvements in its very design. (I would like to call for an emergency stop in this rework, and the reasons in writing above is why. I understand I have no authority nor proven knowledge to make such a call but I am doing it shamelessly anyways, because I will shamelessly claim that I as a player love the CV as a concept and what it’s gameplay could have been, and this rework as it is, as a concept, is not something that someone could love. I am incapable of expressing with concise grace exactly why, but it just feels very wrong. So wrong that I am desperate.)
  14. This CV rework is making me cry... I don’t know why, maybe it’s just because I genuinely care about CV gameplay and how a concept like it could have been beautiful, nice. There’s nothing I could do, either because I don’t know enough to design a concept that could actually substitute it, despite trying. Or. I don’t know suddenly I don’t feel like crying again. It’s over.