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    Oct. 20. 2018. First time a post is closed by WG due to criticism of the game. First, but final.

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  1. KarmaQU_EU

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I don't want to join the lottery. I'm just here to contribute to thread bloat.
  2. KarmaQU_EU

    Ships for T9 ranked

    They are trying to sell the Jean Bart. They don't mind screwing over a whole ranked season to do it, because who am I kidding the ranked experience is screwed anyways.
  3. KarmaQU_EU

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Honestly loot crates are just too old fashioned. WG should not use Loot Crates again for their next seasonal event. They'd better come up with something more creative.
  4. KarmaQU_EU

    Azuma 3D Model

    No torpedoes :(
  5. KarmaQU_EU

    What are you the most unsatisfied with?

    Not only are they designing a game to cater to 10 yr olds, but also designing gameplay to cater to console users thus limiting options for PC users.
  6. KarmaQU_EU

    Unofficial CV rework feedback thread Delta

    Also please keep in mind any proposed CV rework solution or feedback will either have to be compatible with console gameplay, or contain a solution addressing console gameplay.
  7. KarmaQU_EU

    Unofficial CV rework feedback thread Delta

    https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/169013-cv-rework-feedback/ https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/110111-console-ready-cvswe-all-told-you-so/
  8. Because not all good points come up during when the official feedback threads were live. The rework ain't over. Please keep the feedback going.
  9. KarmaQU_EU

    [EXCERPT] WGFest 2018 - RUBBs and RNCVs

    This angle makes the ships look pretty plump. I wonder how their mobility will be.
  10. Based on my knowledge of popular mobile phone gacha mechanics, there is usually 3 criteria that should be fulfilled in this era of mechanics design: 1. The odds must be published. Even the tiered odds, e.g. odds for getting a premium ship, and the next tier odds for rolling each premium ship after that. 2. A “failsafe” system where after a humanly amount of rolls, something you want is guaranteed to drop, e.g. a guaranteed premium ship every 10 rolls. A shady designer may put it so if you did roll a premium ship within 10 rolls the failsafe counter is reset, so it’s not a guaranteed premium every 10 rolls as may imply, but at least there is still a failsafe. Alternatively this may take its form as an extra 11th roll every 10 rolls for free. 3. A gacha system must not be the only aspect of the event. This includes ways for which you “earn” rolls for “free”, because that is still considered part of the gacha in the end. A proper seasonal event must bring with it loot and features that are completely standalone from the gacha aspect, in fact better to not put the gacha aspect as the main part of the seasonal at all. The main reason for doing this is so “freemium players are not discriminated apart from “paying” players”, because if an aspect has a method of paying its way through at all, which the gacha absolutely is, it’s considered a paymium feature. Im not buying a single Santa gacha. im not even gonna bother logging in the game to claim the 2 “free” gacha. I have hundreds of signals and dozens of premium ships after years of play, and all I want is a better WoWs. Do you think I care for some coal from Santa in my Christmas presents? At least give me an actual model ship!
  11. How do you decide the names for the ships? What do you think about realism in games?
  12. KarmaQU_EU

    Aircraft Carrier Beta Round 3 - Feedback Thread

    Spelling error " Increaes attack time of attack aircraft "
  13. KarmaQU_EU

    The Azuma (The Poor Man's Stalingrad)

    This just feels like a T10 Atago minus the torps, but worse than Atago tier-by-tier. Heavy broadside, “concealment”, plump armour, resembling the Atago, but it is worse than a upscaled Atago, because an upscaled Atago would be OP. Atago is worth a battleship of her tier in top-tier battles, and even when bottom-tier she can still stealth torp with almost as good torps as the same tier DD, in some cases even better since she can 180 and launch another salvo from the other side. An upscaled Atago would be akin to Zao but with Hindenburg armour and gun rules. This ship is like DM but without radar, reload speed, and a proper armoursuit. It’s as if an amateur Japanese ship designer took a look at the wrong version of DM design notes and thought it was actually Alaska. But no its Azuma dayo. (Also I say again, WG has not figured out how to make medium-large caliber HE work in this game. Simply making the guns also be able to shoot AP does not count, and is not fair, not compared to single-shell miracle ships, nor the actual balanced dual-shell worthy cruisers but with good dpm.)
  14. KarmaQU_EU

    The Azuma (The Poor Man's Stalingrad)

    I suppose you did not get the point either. About AP > HE for high tiers, and concealment matters not because at close range you will seek cover while at long range it matters naught, so why not just get Stalingrad or some other T10 battlecruiser that is faster, better protected, has better guns, and still "not bad concealment" compared to this Azuma? As for shitty HE DPM, you can remove the very option of HE shells on Stalingrad for all I care. It's not a valid compare point. The valid compare point would be comparing Azuma HE to Stalingrad AP, and Azuma AP to DM/Hinden AP, in which all cases Azuma loses. A ship that forces you to get close to even use its main armament? You remember F3 torp backlash? And the most skilled player in the world will not give a crap about a crap main armament that takes skill to use, they would give a care about good main armaments that take skill to use though.
  15. KarmaQU_EU

    Who will be able to afford new "Bourgogne" for 30.000 Steel?

    In my imagination the best would be to make Stalingrad easily enough accessible for those who want it, yet not the most wantable amongst all things, aka. ships and options, thus it may not be the most accessible thing yet be fine.