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  1. Don't mean to necro, But this ship is just something else. God dammit I'm in love
  2. The fact that you have to spend real life money on them
  3. Ahhh finally I'm able to add this little beauty to my collection. Time to take her out on her maiden voyage! Get yours whilst you still can
  4. MIssouri get's the most always. But Belfast, Kutuzov are strong contenders.
  5. Second Supercontainer: Of all the modifications it could give me. It chose this one. Oh why does the Super Container Gods hate me so?
  6. I will try out the Iowa! The American BB line is the last thing thing for me until I have fully completed 'Murica.
  7. Oh yeah that'll happen! 19pt commander will be the thing that quickly racks up your free xp! Just bear in mind though, The x35 coversion that's on this weekend, doesn't apply to commander XP! Anyway, let me know what you think of her when you do get it! Because I absolutely love her :D
  8. That, or just feel bad ebcause he is in a Izumo
  9. Ouch... Izumo too Pray harder boy!
  10. Detonation?
  11. I thought he just said the Radar, So partly yes and no :)
  12. Ikr? Radar does work. Confirmed used it on the above SS.
  13. hahaaha! Sorry bro! Thanks though, you nearly took me out with those torps!
  14. OKAY, so I bought the God damn ship. Fresh from her maiden voyage: So, my thoughts: 1. Due to her ability to reduce her dispersion via modules, she can hit at long distance fairly accurately. Something which is lacking I find in the 'Bama. 2. All about positioning - So, as you can see, I took a lot of damage. 100k, but still pulled off a fair bit of damage too. 3. That f*cking radar - It isn't needed. But you will drown in the salt of all the DD players out there. Unfortuantely, the Udaloi knew there was no escape! 4. Money Maker - Yeah, so that was from my first game. Even WITHOUT premium. Sitting on 750k. So it's refreshing being able to play without worrying about credits. Is she worth it? Still too early to tell definitively. But, I don't regret my purchase so far. And she is FAR more superior to the 'Bama. And I love that ship too. That's all - Cyber
  15. Ah okay! Thanks, just wanted to clarify. [edited]it. Imma do it!!