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  1. It is a shame we don't get to keep the 19pt commander though. Would of been a nice treat!
  2. Yup. I just did this on my Belfast. Stacked up all my wins, x3 win victory, as well as all the other Jazz. Just made 18k in XP :D
  3. Hey all, So with this Operation Dynamo event currently available. I am right to assume, that once the event is over. That the Anthony will disappear from our port? Or will it stay there indefinitely? If anyone can confirm on this, I would appreciate it. - Cyber
  4. 16-18th
  5. Up until now. I was content with choice of discounted ships, and bundles WG EU has put on the store. For me personally, it enabled me to get discounted doubloons by re-buying the Belfast, and add the Graf Spee to my collection. Over and above this, I was holding out the rest of my money - (up to £100) for this Final Bundle that was going to appear today. Sadly I and I think many of the player base had hoped for an actual "Final Bundle" to contain something special and unique, spanning over the course of the next two days. For example: Perth, destroyer bundle, maybe even doubloons. Something, anything, that is unique. Instead we are greeted by a ship that has already had 15% off it in the past month or two, and has no doubt already increased in sales since it's buff - (Not complaining. Just stating) Offering no real sense of uniqueness to the current meta. I mean, it's great that you've discounted the Tirpitz by 30%. So this enables people to buy the ship again if they like saving on Doubloons to buy a 'bama for example. Or for those that don't yet have it. Great! However, from the way in which you emphasised the "Final Bundle". White bolding it, making it stand out above all others. You coincidentally created this expectation where players were going to expect something different. Anything, but a damn Tirpitz. Now there is that saying: "Assuming only makes an [edited]out of you and me". But I feel that players, myself included were right to assume that we were to expect something different to what has been released today. I only hope that WG EU. You realises the impact, and the inadvertent mistake that they've made/not made. By advertising this final bundle starting today. Technically, you have kept true to your word by releasing another bundle. It just not one that the community expected, or needs. I hope that this message get's across to a member of WG. Unlikely, but one can hope that they realise what has happened. And try to conjure something up within the next couple days. Of course, that is the outcome that I would prefer. But I would honestly settle for a clearer message to the player base, next time you (WG EU) attempts to do something like this again. Anyway, that's my two cents. - Cyber
  6. It's funny, because I was actually in the middle of creating a new thread, just for this very reason. I too, are a little disappointed that the "Tirpitz" is the current "Final Bundle". I think a lot of people here, including myself; Was hoping to see an actual bundle of ships for sale. Or the very least, unique ships like the Perth be available to buy. I guess I shouldn't of assumed that there would be some amazing deal, containing different offers like crates, destroyer bundles, unique ships etc. To be fair, it still is early days, and perhaps the Tirpitz is just a separate offer. I do feel a little cheated by the way in which they advertised this "Final Bundle" however. It can be very misleading. Anyway rant over. I'll keep an eye out over the next couple days, and see what's what.
  7. I'm happy. Already own the Belfast, so I bought the £13 package. So I just got 8,200 doubloons for £13. I'm happy as larry for that price :D
  8. Been having a series of unfortunate events recently. So I thought I would make a thread, and see if I'm not alone in this venture. Sometimes I think the Match Making system is out to get me
  9. I agree! I'm excited for this. Don't forget a near miss bomb drop that also knocked out her steering
  10. Hey everyone, Stumbled across this beauty earlier. Really looking forward to seeing more on the RN line
  11. Give me my damn RN line
  12. Just got my first SC in ages! Weeks? As in, 50+ containers opened and this is what I get!! Are you serious WG? I'd rather of had 250 flags, or hell, credits. Thanks for nothing...
  13. Tbh, I think the modules should be removed. I literally don't know anyone that has got a ship, or something substantial since the Santa's Wanted event.
  14. I can confirm that if you made it into the top 100 in any category. You gain an additional 100 coins. This is per category. So in my case