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  1. IJN_Musashi

    IJN CV Line impressions

    I was at the point of getting shukaku...needed 16k exp...before i was eradicating enemy warships and i had a minimal of 2 kills each game.I was so excited because this is the first line i do so fast.i think it was 2 days till i got there.Today i ve barely gathered around 3 or 4k experience...I am just afraid to touch the play button with Hiryu....And i was so damn excited to get Taiho and Hakuryu..they looked so sexy too But for now it seems i ll put a hold on this line too..That person everyone is talking about...that guy who did those "balance" changes...beta or not early stage or not...you cant just kill a whole class like that...the people who spend hours on the least popular class dont deserve it...And also i tried to start the USN CV's and i managed till independence but when i checked that the top tiers were same and focused on the fighters...i just sold it right there...i ll miss the fun of 1 shooting ships with a full spread from point black distance with 3 IJN squads..but even if that was too overpowered this thing that this guy did...didnt balance it..it killed it right there!
  2. IJN_Musashi


    The IJN carriers had already problems versus the American ones.Their fighters were much weaker to stand up against theirs.Now not only US fighters get buffed but also the torpedo bombers get nerfed?Coz this is a nerf!This spread will manage a couple of hits max vs the previous manual drop!To sum up...1)People notice that IJN fighters lose vs US fighters and then...2)They turn themselves on setups like full torp and dive bombers and then...3)YOU NERF ACTUALLY torp bombers so the people lose the least of fun they had by doing manual torp runs and kill people...!LEAVE NEXT UPDATE!CHANGE THAT THING BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS!!!