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  1. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Ibuki missing a radar. (model)

    Is she though ? There is a reason why the Atago is known as the best tier 8 cruiser but the Mogami is not despite they both are in the same tier and shared everything pretty much the same except for the heal which is such a big advantage. I honestly have no reason to play the Mogami when i have the Atago, even if Mogami is supposed to be played as light cruiser with 155 mm guns for some reason, i still don't find the ship more enjoyable than the Atago. One would not be wrong to call the Atago a P2W ship since the free ship supposed to be an equivelent is just simply worse. And i don't trust WG way of balancing ships based on their statistic, if it is so reliable then the Zao would not have to struggle as it is and ofc the Mogami would not become one of the forgotted IJN cruisers.
  2. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Please welcome Napoli—a new Italian cruiser!

    114 Euro for a Tier 10 pixel ship and this is just for one ship without any significant bonuses, and 156 Euro for a bundle..... Well, it would not be enough to tell you how many triple A games you can get for this price for an example, but here in Sweden with that price i could possibly buy a cheap phone or maybe a brand new PC screen, at least 4 large fans to cool me down, or new pair of quality headphone? Yeah, for that price i could buy something more useful that can be physically touched and actually affecting me in real life ! Ofc more tier 10 ships will be put for sell from now on. And if Tier 9 is not enough, Here have a ship at the maximum tier so you can buy your way into top tier without of learning how the game works and ruin the the game for everyone else who has been grinded for months into top tier because they don't understand how much the game evolved the higher tier they play, so they will end up playing like a useless bot that die within 2 minutes. I've played enough WT to see where this is going, letting unexperienced players getting their hands on high tier vehicles through their pockets and destroy the gameplay expeirence for everyone.
  3. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Ibuki missing a radar. (model)

    Mogami heavy cruiser is overshadowed by Tone and especially the Atago because she has no repair party like them and i still can not understand why she is still not allowed to have heal, beside having one second less reload the Mogami does nothing significantly better than the Atago or even Tone.
  4. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Ibuki missing a radar. (model)

    yeah but i'm just glad they corrected the model. Ibuki is a good sniper ship, it is actually by far my favorite IJN cruiser, feels like a tier 9 Atago. Slap the fire control modification upgrade on her and you get 19 km firing range and then slap the rudder shift upgrade and you get like 6 or 5 second rudder shift time, that is how i play the Ibuki, at long range she she is almost impposible to hit XD I'd like some HP buff on her along with the Zao though, 39k HP is definitely way too low for a tier 9 ship.
  5. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Ibuki missing a radar. (model)

    So after i made a report some months ago about this, the Ibuki now recieved its missing Type 21 air search radar in today update, and yes it is animated !
  6. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    And regarding to the airstrike will other nations also get this mechanic or it is exclusive to the Dutch ships only ? Because i don't think that is fair.
  7. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Update 0.10.6. — "Dutch Cruisers: Part 1"

    Please buff the darn Tone's terrible aircraft ! They are so useless! The cooldown of the aircraft should be the same as Ise at tier 6 of 2 minute not freaking 3 minute! And these aircraft don't get increased HP or even torpedo damage, they are exactly same performance as Ise which doesn't face tier 9 or 10 AA! They could not do any damage for crap and take extremely long to respawn! Even longer than ship launched torpedo which is more useful lol At least make the plane more survivable with a consumble so they don't get completely destroyed by high tier AA defense before it could reach any ship at all, it is so stupid.
  8. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Auction: U.S. Independence Day

    80 milion bid and still lose, Do you actually want me to empy my wallet account ? Like wtf how much SL do people spent on it ? Is there absolutely 0 chance to win this for those that have less ???
  9. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Armada: Constellation

    Tosa is a battleship, at just 26 knots she is too slow as a battlecruiser. She is pretty much Nagato with one extra turret and less armor. Well, i always believed that the sisters of Kongo-class could have been at higher BR wih improved stats should they be added in the future. If they are fast, quick reload, accurate gun, decent armor, IJN Haruna 1945 for example could potentially become a equivelent to a ship like Gneisenau. And to make up for its higher tier than the Kongo, some gimick like reload booster could be given like they did for Hyuga. I thinking of gameplay style similar to Yoshino, she would be played more like a large cruiser than a battleship and most of time rely on HE shell due to its small caliber. She would be a strong at a battlecruiser but weak as a battleship because of weak armor, less HP, less gun in smaller caliber so she won't be stronger than other IJN BBs like Hyuga or Nagato. I just wanted Kongo class to appear in the game afer they went through late war upgrade but with better performance/ stats design for higher tiers. Kongo is my least played IJN BB because i rarely play anything below tier 6.
  10. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Armada: Constellation

    Made me wish there was a battle cruiser for Japan at tier 8 aswell. Maybe the IJN Haruna 1945 or IJN Kongo 1944 (installation of radars, strengthened armor and anti-air guns) with reduced main gun reload of either 26 or 24 sec, improved HE shell and depression and either reload booster or speed booster for consumable could make it work as tier 8 fast battle cruiser ?
  11. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Where do i find the Navigator mod ? Basically a mod that shows the ship direction ?
  12. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Yukon in the Armory and Premium Shop

    It just doesn't make sense why they would not buff its stats namely its firing range and if it too slow then give it speed booster and put it at tier 8! It'd be a completely fine ship with 9x 380mm guns. Why giving its garbage stats just to put it at tier 7 where you can face tier 9 on a regular basis ?
  13. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Yukon in the Armory and Premium Shop

    It will instantly get nerfed once there are enough people buying it just like the Hyuga....
  14. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    The Armory: New Ships, Premium Containers, and Rewards

    You folk have got a solid point there
  15. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    The Armory: New Ships, Premium Containers, and Rewards

    Well, if it is because of historical performance then fine i guess, although it is hard to believe that WG actually cares for historical accuracy at all.