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    war games, military, war machines, tanks, ships, aircraft, Japanese ground forces and naval forces, drawing, Youtube, watch anime sometime, internet, eat and sleep.

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  1. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Waterline: Roadmap Update – Spring 2022

    50口径四十一式15cm砲 (50 caliber Type 41 15 cm gun) historically main armament of IJN Agano-class, and in the future by IJN Agano and IJN Gokase. This gun needs to be fixed! It is historically a dual-purpose gun after it was mounted in a turret for Agano-class light cruiser. This gun was originally mounted on IJN Kongo-class and Fuso-class battleship in casemate style. After it was installed in a turret the gun elevation increased from 30 degree to 55 degree making it possible to be used for anti-aircraft. Even if it AA capability was limited due to the need of returning the gun to its loading angle but this gun still needs to be change to dual-purpose and long range AA defense should be consider because the Yahagi currently only has short and medium range AA defense. 15cm Type 0 High-Explosive Time Fuze as can be found on IJN Agano in War Thunder.
  2. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Dry Dock: Hizen

    So if i missed this ship means i will never ever get the chance to unlock it again ??? Well, that sucks, i always hate these stupid event ships with time limit on them anyway, why can't we just have them stay in the game the way they are like tech tree ships.
  3. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    French Large Cruiser Review

    Holy moly these are some ugly äss ships !
  4. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Rising Sun

    Disrespecting history is what WG is really good at doing. And for those snowflakes who asked the mod to be removed, SCREW YOU ! History is not rainbow and flower, history is violence ! If you can't handle it go get yourself a little safe space in the corner of your house ! You already removed the flag from the base game, having a mod for it should be optional for those who are NOT offended by some digital flag ! Beside, mods are only visible to those who installed them so what the h*ll is the problem ?! I live in Europe so why on Earth is this flag censored for us ? What law is this flag breaking ? PLEASE BE REASONABLE ! If you want to censor it, censor for those chinese and koreans who can not get over the history ! Don't ruint it for everyone ! BANZAI !
  5. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Seriously ? When did they do this ? That is ridiculously stupid ! They already removed it from the base game so using a mod should be the option to get around for those who are not offended by some flag since mods only visible to the person who installed them ! This is outrageous !
  6. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    The historical IJN flag has been missing for a long time now, what happened ? I always used this mod over the historical flags which btw doesn't change the Japanese flag as it still shown the national flag instead of the IJN flag.
  7. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Armada: Iwami

  8. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Armada: Iwami

    When Iwami and Yamato is next to eachother it reminds me of some certain movie
  9. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Armada: Iwami

    Btw since we are talking about the Yamato's prototype, any plan on updating the very old model of the Izumo in the tech tree itself ? Because it is a older model so it looks fake, comparing to the Hizen and Iwami which are both paper design they still look more legit. Perhaps change the ship to the A-140/A design which has all three turrets facing forward aswell. But yeah, the model in general need updated.
  10. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Armada: Iwami

    MORE IJN SHIPS, I NEED MOARRR IJN SHIPS ! WRONG, First of all it doesn't have the same gun as Nagato or Amagi so its gun handling is totally different! Its sigma is 2.1 where Amagi is 1.8 and even Izumo which has a very accurate gun is only 2.0 sigma ! And although it has two less gun than Amagi and one gun less than Izumo or Musashi, it gets 28 second reload, it has 563 mm penetration VS 537 mm of Amagi and better shell velocity at 834 m/s VS 806 m/s thus flatter trajectory. It's Hizen but with guns that can actually snipe and better handlings such as rudder shift time of only 14.1 VS 17.1 second, better concealment of 16.4 km VS 17.4 km, better firing range of 22.3 km VS 20.3 km, significantly better reload speed of 28 VS 38 second, better turret rotation speed of 35 second VS 45 second in 180 degree, superior sigma of 2.1 VS 1.7, better secondary and AA power because of 8x2 100 mm instead of 8x2 128 mm duel purpose guns thus Iwami has better flak count at 6+2 instead of Hizen's 4+1, it has 20 km torpedos and last but not least 50 mm armor deck VS 32 mm ! It is similar to Izumo in term of fire power just that it has lesser penetration and one less barrel with different gun layout allowing you to get your guns on target in more different direction especially toward the stern but more accurate gun and overall better stats in most other areas.
  11. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Update 0.11.5: U.S. Independence Day

    Take a look at the anti-air fire controls on the Iwami and Hizen which is literally just a flat 2D model where a similar one found on Azuma has a proper 3D interiors, Bruh... At first when i saw it i thought the ship was still WIP so it didn't get my attention as much, but apparently that is not the case since the model remained unchanged even in this update...
  12. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Update 0.11.5: U.S. Independence Day

    Why there is no list of new ships ? The Iwami is in the picture but there is no mentioning about it ?!
  13. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Armada: Mecklenburg

    Was expecting the Iwami to come out first but whatever.
  14. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    Even if he is submerged ? Or only if he is surfaced ? I circled that stupid thing for like 10 second or more and he remained under water while i could not play against it until he managed to sneak out of my radar and i have to give up, where he later caused trouble for my teammates, unbelievable.
  15. lmperial_Japanese_Navy

    Hot Fix: Why We Need UX Research

    Off topic but how do you expect player to play against subs in the Tone ? She does not have a single ASW ! ! ! Where is the dept charge or airstrike ?!? The torpedo bombers can not hit submarne !