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  1. BooMKani_Sensei

    Armada: Hyūga

    Another thing i'd like to point out is IJN Hyuga recieved torpedo bulges during her first reconstruction in 1934 and according to the ship's description the torpedo protection of Hyuga is more stronger than her preceder. While we can see that the anti-torpedo bulges on the Hyuga are 32 mm vs 26 mm on the Fuso but for whatever reason the Hyuga's torpedo damage reduction is much lesser than the Fuso by 8% Is this a mistake or something ?
  2. BooMKani_Sensei

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #15 (08-05-2021)

    Is it me or the new all ships mode missing a few ships like Yoshino, Hayate, Thunderer and/or all French tier 10 ?
  3. BooMKani_Sensei

    Festive Bundles in the Armory and Premium Shop

    I was just comparing the stores of both games but umm yeah sure i guess... i meant they both as a F2P games are as bad when it comes to stuff like that but at the very least WT doesn't rob their own players when it comes to selling their premium stuff during special days that only happen once a year...
  4. BooMKani_Sensei

    Festive Bundles in the Armory and Premium Shop

    There is a similar game to WOWS maybe some of you may have already heard about it - it is called War Thunder, currently they are also celebrating the Victory day and putting a bunch of vehicles on sell but there is a different that they are doing better than WoWS and that is how their budles are actually much cheaper than their original prices (30% discount) and it is not just the vehicle but also come with 15 days of premium days! For example in Wows the Wichita's cost roughly 40 euro, with special bundle this thing costs outrageously 70 euro. In WT a vehicle bundle originally costs 39 euro, Victory day bundle of the same vehicle costs 27 euro.... I find it ridiculous that anyone would be so greedy asking people for so much money during such a special day like this. It is not a payday ! It is a Victory day, the day war ended and peace restored!
  5. BooMKani_Sensei

    Armada: Hyūga

    Lol you don't have to tell me how good the Fuso is, if you still can't tell but i have been maining the IJN since 2015 and already experienced majority of ships in the tech tree, Fuso is no exception. I know how good and bad it can really be as i still go back and play her every now and then. But sure add me in the game, what time do you want ? I could even play all 3 different ships which would give your Fuso 3 chances to win. Btw because i sold my Amagi but i have Ashitaka which is slightly worse but will be more than enough to deal with the Fuso. Just tell me the date and we can make this happen...
  6. BooMKani_Sensei

    High School Fleet Returns to World of Warships!

    i'd pick up the Harekaze II IF she was a Tier 7 DD. This thing can face tier 10 ships where you could fight DDs with up to 8 or 10 guns lol
  7. BooMKani_Sensei

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    Why suddenly we are acting like super battleship is new ? Anyway the indication to where the rockets will land is a good start, i have thought of jsimilar mechanic before, ust making us know where the projectiles will land so there is something we can play against aircraft instead of blindly maneuver your ship and just wish you would not get hit which never worked...
  8. BooMKani_Sensei

    Armada: Hyūga

    Ehmm What ? By your logic it is not different as saying the Nagato in tier 7 will do better against tier 9 than Amagi in tier 8 against tier 10 thus the Amagi is not a superior ship ? Which btw yes she is in every way. If you 1 v 1 with Nagato against Amagi obviously the Amagi will have a higher chance in winning, Same goes to the Hyuga Vs Fuso, the Hyuga has overall better stats and a tool (reload booster) and would not give the Fuso a fair fight! If you think the Fuso can take on Tier 8 (which btw i personally do not think it does) then the Hyuga will obviously do even better ? And if the Hyuga is struggled at Tier 9 then the Fuso will do even worse... So yes the Hyuga is a superior ship by stats because it has to face much stronger ships than the Fuso normally does.
  9. BooMKani_Sensei

    Armada: Hyūga

    There are few spots the Fuso does better mainly it is one tier lower but if compare both ships by stats - the Hyuga is overall superior namely: Better turret traverse 45s Vs 56s. Better sigma 1.8 Vs 1.5 Better concealment 16 km Vs 18 km Better top speed 25 knts Vs 24 knts And other buffed stats Hyuga got over the Fuso to compensate for her higher tier: Secondary range. Larger HP pool.
  10. BooMKani_Sensei

    Armada: Hyūga

    While it is not a completely trash like Yudachi being a Japanese premium, it is playable but it could be better if this ship can snipe people from afar. I just wish its shell spread was not so huge when firing at target above 15 km away. Cons: -Not so good concealment. -While having 12 guns but they are in 6 turrets meaning you have to turn to your boardside everytime you try to use all guns and gun angle is not good either. -You also only have 4 guns forward unlike Florida which has 8 guns forward. -Mediocre turret traverse speed. -She does 25 knots while not the slowest but a bunch of other BBs can do 30 knots. -Below average AA power. -Very slow shell velocity. -Inconsistent gun accuracy. -Rather short range secondary. -Reload booster lasts only for 15 second way too short consider it reduced the reload down to 14 second so you will not be able to fire more than one salvo (it is possible if your reload is reduced based on your HP with that one captain skill i do not remember what it is called). Pros: -6 turrets give you 6 times to fire if you don't hold down your mouse button, making it possible to spread the shells in an area if you need to shoot at fast targets at far range. -28 second reload - fastest RoF for 356 mm gun combining with 12 guns she is surprisingly fun as a HE spammer. -Good armor with large torpedo bulge of 32 mm and can bounce battleships if angle properly. -Thick deck HE from destroyers or cruisers will struggle to get a fire if not aim properly. -Above average firing range of 20 km. -Healthy HP pool of 60k. -Reload booster is not something why you should pick up this ship, but it is there and can be useful if there is a target close to you teasing you with her large boardside so you can fire 24 shells at its in less than 15 seconds. Can also be used to switch between your shells fast for example if you have AP loaded and need to fire at a destroyer, you fire the loaded AP shells - change to HE shells and quickly activate the reload booster, with this you will have a higher chance of hitting the destroyer with your next salvo of HE shells in the range of 14 second or less instead of waiting for a full reload. And lastly she is a historical ship that actually went through a war and sank because of it which is something we really haven't seen much recently with all the ships being based on paper. IJN Hyuga is a very beautiful ship and she is crafted with alot of details. She also comes with a new perma camouflage and not those recycled skins from other IJN premiums. These were the main reasons i picked up the IJN Hyuga the first day she was released. So this is a big plus from me. One of my best games with the IJN Hyuga so far with HE build and gameplay style. This was a tier 8 match (i played this ship no more than 20 games or so). In conclusion i don't think she is a trash ship, definitely playable and enjoyable, if you are IJN main and want something new to play for fun i would suggest this ship. But if you're looking for something more powerful, more competitive, something that is still powerful even being uptiered to tier 9 i would reccomend you to pick up the IJN Ashitaka instead. While i think the Ashitaka is a better ship but i never regreted picking up the Hyuga because of the reasons i explained and also because i find she is more fun to play than Ashitaka for some reason idk, maybe i prefer to set people on fire with 12x 356 mm guns lol
  11. BooMKani_Sensei

    Golden Week in World of Warships!

    Finally.. the day i have been waited for! Finally something new for Japan ! Anyway i would do love to pick up that camo for the IJN Hayate if it is not for the fact that i can not unlock the darn ship with any other option then to spend years collecting FXP, the grind is truly painfully ridiculous ! And regarding the *cough* *cough* discount Atago and Kii... they are actually not, they cost even more ! As someone who still doesn't have the Kii i do love to pick this ship up with a real discount price not a increased price because they come with new camos and a bunch of flags! I only want the ship itself and if i really need flags i will decide to buy them myself, so no i'm not paying 600 kr to get the Kii when the non-discount Kii ironically only costs 400 kr lol
  12. BooMKani_Sensei

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #15 (08-05-2021)

    Thanks! I guess i will just have to avoid touching those buttons for the time being.
  13. BooMKani_Sensei

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer #15 (08-05-2021)

    Is there anyway to download the previous mod versio ? I want to download the #2 because it still had ''all ships in tech tree'' mod (this mod didn't cause me any problem).
  14. BooMKani_Sensei

    High School Fleet Returns to World of Warships!

    Of course, the developers are too bussy making 10+ new premium ships and ignore the old tech tree ships that have been in the game since this game existed .... updating old models and balancing them are too much work than something like adding a branch made up almost entirely of paper cruisers ? I just simply want the final hull of Kongo and Nagato to be the 1945 built with strengthened AA and some upgrades like installation of radars and so on. But as you said too bad free ships from tech trees are not in their priority otherwise this problem would not lasted this long for 6 years.
  15. BooMKani_Sensei

    High School Fleet Returns to World of Warships!

    The HSF Hiei got me surprised... shame the ship itself is not accurate to how she is represented in the serie. When compare to the anime - the Hiei in WOWS is missing the two radars installed on the range finder. In the rear foremast she is missing somekind of a device in the form of a disk. She also has all her search lights removed (even her AA guns but that would affect the gameplay). The chrysanthemum is also removed since she is not in the service with the IJN. Also i hope the windshield will be transparent sometime. Better question is whether or not this will be fixed ? I don't think these changes would be that hard to do tbh. And now that it is confirmed the Kongo we have in the game is actually the Hiei, i wonder if there is any plan to update the model so that the ship is actually the IJN Kongo as its name suggested ? For the HSF Harekaze for some reason the rails for depth charges are removed ? I remember she had it back when i played it, i didn't notice when they are removed before or why it was done so. Well, i know these are minor issues but as someone who cares alot for accuracy and detail, these bother me a lot and i hope the devs will pay more attention to details better in the future since these are not free 2 play ships and if i have to pay with real money then they better be well crafted and accurately to what they are supposed to being represented. Regarding the HSF Harekaze as far as i'm aware it is another garbage ship as i expected according to flamuu, 3 guns will NEVER work no matter how much the caliber it has unless you give it at least 1 second reload so 3 guns can produce more than 3 shells in a short time for compensation. I have tested the Harekaze with 3x 127 mm gun before and it was horrible and those gun are 1 sec faster reload than the 150 mm. I would not say it is the worst DD because nothing surpass the Yudachi, but it is right there...