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  1. BooMKani_Sensei

    Armada: Kidd

    I want a premium of Akizuki-class, do it !
  2. BooMKani_Sensei

    Lunar New Year: Last Chance!

    600+ sek for the Izumo lolololol it is not even a paper ship designed by the Chinese, this is not even a unique new battleship !! Izumo in Chinese tree aka ''Pan-Asia'' totally not making any sense. Yeah, i will be gone from this game for awhile again until something else new and affordable, cya WG.
  3. BooMKani_Sensei

    Update 0.8.11: New Year

    For some reason WG still believe the Yudachi is a competitive DD at tier 7 and no buffs is given lol Please take one your developers and play this ship at least once.
  4. BooMKani_Sensei

    [LAST CHANCE!] Black Friday Sales

    LoL Waited for black friday because i considered of buying the Kii, turned out not a single ship in the store is discounted but only those black ships i don't want. That is a really disappointment... Welp, at least my money is safe :D
  5. BooMKani_Sensei

    Battleship Poltava and "Resolute and Rapid" Containers!

    Wow wow, easy there, no need for attacking where one come from ? Christ lol Entire nation ? Or you know the nation in the game ? what else do you want me to call it ? lol Besides i didn't blame the Russian people for not building battleships ? All i did was stating the true fact about how Russia had no advanced battleships from the interwar period, second world war and to the point where Battleships became obsolete, or am i wrong ? They had but are they the same kind of every major Naval power had from the 20th-century especially in between 1930s and 1940s, huh? What Battleship the Russian had that rival the Iowa, Bismarck, Roma, Yamato and/ or Vanguard ? Name me just one ship that actually floated. So if i want my main nation which is Japan to get more content then i should make up an excuse like, if japan won the war she would definitely has more warships built than what she historically had ? Nice logic. I never said they made them up ? What i'm against is the fact they chose these paper ships as their priority over the historical ones! IF they are smart enough they would add all historical ones first then add paper ones later. And by that time no one can complains about paper ships because all the real ships at least the capital ones would be already added. And while they are existing projects, all other ships i previously suggested are built in steel you tell me which one sounds more significant, but apparently they don't deserve to be mentioned in the game but the ones that never left the drawing board let alone saw any action, do ? Thailand? what about it? has nothing to do with the topic. Stop trying to argue me using what the nationality i have because you took me for the entire nation, oh wait! That is exactly what you falsely said about my opinions in the first sentence of your comment, how ironic. IF Russian navy wasn't known as a battleship builder SO BE IT ! They have the cruisers and destroyers that were actually built, focus on those! It is dumb to give recycled ships like Mutsu and Ashitaka which are stock hull of tech tree ships to Japan, a nation that actually built many battleships get copy paste contents, but the one that only built Dreadnoughts at best, it instead gets powerful brand new BBs made from scratch in just one year! (there are also some more new unreleased russian BBs hidden in the tree btw) , Go figure. I want to play a game where contents are created for all nations equally ! In this case it isn't! The Kii was added back in 2017, 3 years later and there is no new IJN BBs since. Maybe you can tell me why ?
  6. BooMKani_Sensei

    Battleship Poltava and "Resolute and Rapid" Containers!

    That moment when a nation that never built a single battleship in their entire naval history (i don't count Dreadnoughts as a proper BB) starting to catch up with the big 3 (UK, US & Japan). For real tho another paper battleship ? We don't even have the real warships like IJN Yamashiro, Ise-class battleship or even the Tosa-class battleship which the IJN Kaga belonged to and was later converted into a aircraft carrier. But instead we have this, what even is this? Any history behind this ship umm thank you ? I wonder how significant the history of this ship has, something like ''Stronk battleship designed for the mother land!!! unfortunately it was never built''
  7. BooMKani_Sensei

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    The sad part of this game, most of the players are 12 years old sadly since it seems like most of them really enjoy fairy tales.
  8. BooMKani_Sensei

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    Christ, these fantasy craps are too much even for me, please stop !!! I absolutely hate these garbage looking ships. Instead of spending time on real historical ships the developers chose to wasting so much time on this one event is beyond me....
  9. BooMKani_Sensei

    Pan-Asian Squadron

    Why the Irian on the screenshots from the store she appears with antennas but the actual Irian doesn't has a single one of them ?? Is this a model error or something ? The model also seems different on some other areas.
  10. Yeah bring back ships like Bellfast or Kamikaze cuz there are ''happy paying customers'' who want them ! Who cares they are OP when all that matter is money, screw the balance of the game money all the way woohooo lololol
  11. What ? Nooooooooo !!! I wanted my HSF Harekaze to be a rare ship now we are going to see it more often, wow thank you so much WG
  12. BooMKani_Sensei

    Use the Recruiting Station – Get Valuable Rewards!

    If only Mutsu is worth getting. #BuffMutsu
  13. BooMKani_Sensei

    Atago's (lack of) windows

    They actually fixed Atago's windshield now in this new patch. I'm so glad ! Shout out to WG, they don't ignore for small mistakes!
  14. BooMKani_Sensei

    Dry Dock: Großer Kurfürst

    Wow! I did not expect her model was going to get updated, at least not this quick ! This really shows that WG actually cares for mistake in small details! Thank you so much for giving her the windshield! The details on a ship are very important to me :)
  15. BooMKani_Sensei

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    Well, i never asked for buffs for the Shimakaze line ?? I asked buff for Hatsuharu and Shiratsuyu ONLY ! Because they are in the same branch as Akizuki so they should be gun focused destroyer and become a gun boat to train the captain for Akizuki-class.