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  1. RIBY74


    Here we go again EU Server crashed...
  2. RIBY74

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Server up....
  3. RIBY74

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    yes been down nearly a hour...
  4. RIBY74

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    yep they are...
  5. RIBY74

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Come on wargaming Feed the dam hamsters... right in the middle of the best game, i've had as CV and the server crashes... Ach...
  6. RIBY74

    Armada: HMS Vanguard Trailer

    when will she and the dreanought be back on sale, could not afford to get them both last time, and because of illness i was unable to complte the dreadnought missions
  7. RIBY74

    Sluggis controls after update ?

    i am also finding the game play sluggish tonight, some time high pings, and game freezes, also had one battle where half team went afk in one go... i think the last update as gone pete tong..
  8. RIBY74

    Bug Reports

    yes same here, for the last few hours, thought it was my pc, but nope its defo the game.. ever since last update..
  9. RIBY74

    Anyone else get 'server transfer'?

    There up guys.. "Cry Havoc"....
  10. RIBY74

    Anyone else get 'server transfer'?

    Thank you for getting back... did you guys forget to feed the Hamster again...
  11. RIBY74

    Anyone else get 'server transfer'?

    Yep server crashed.. needs maint bot again.. always happens after updates... i could see this coming.. the game plays been crap
  12. RIBY74

    Server Down

    i was doing the final mission, and at the end of the battle, the game crashed, i had 4 hours left to finish the mission, and was half way through it, now the post above, says the servers are down for 240mins.. the last update said t would be down later not now.. .. so i dont know if i finished the mission, or how long i have left.. Thank You War gaming for NOTHING.. so after all the graft i did, I Miss out on Finishing an Lose the chance to get the Duke of York.. is this how you repay your long standing players.....