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  1. Good day captains, recently i have noticed a big worsening in the quality of players you meet in game. Such poor quality influences almost all games, i see things that are not explainable if with a total incomrpehension of game mechanics, such as DDs not spotting or capping but staying behind other ships, BBs rushing enemy lines alone or camping most of the time at map edges, CAs and CLs engaging alone a group of enemy ships or,again, camping all the game behind an island an so on, with the result of many game lost. Could it be possible,for example, to set the MM so it chooses players with a same winrate to play in a game? This would made things more equilibrated and interesting. Thank you and Battle Stations!!!
  2. Mi associo a Lordmeru e a MDdestroyers, non é ammissibile perdere partite tier 8/9/10 per gli errori di gente che nn sa giocare, e a quei tier se ancora non lo sanno fare vuol fire che nn impareranno mai. Ultimamente trovi dd che nn cappano né spottano, cruisers che stanno dietro a un'isola tutta la partita rendendosi inutili, BB che o stanno a bordo mappa o caricano da sole a testa bassa,CV che nn spottano,nn danno copertura aerea o vanno ad attaccare le navi con AA bestiale. Ai livelli alti le riparazioni costano,se nn si fanno almeno 80k danni si va in perdita. Chi nn sa giocare avesse il buon gusto di rimanere a tier più bassi
  3. Rompiuova

    Duca d'Aosta (Impressions) Share your thoughts!

    Love the ship, but i would like a gun range to 15 or 16 km to compete with same tier cruisers from other nations. Rudder is extremely responsive and ship has a high speed,this allow to launc a torp salvo and immediately hide broadside from return fire. Must be played in couple with a BB. Worst thing is the continous tier 8 matchmaking and the high BB population
  4. Rompiuova

    Insult xenofob

    I subscribe what Orione 1966 just wrote. I was present in battle and can confirm that [edited] wrote a terrible xenophobic and racist insult toward the player that just sunk him in a honest and straight battle
  5. Rompiuova

    Italian battleship

    Well to be honest most of early russian ship designs were coming from Italy :-)
  6. Rompiuova

    Italian battleship

    Ciao Orione, it's a wonderful and interesting ship, maybe tier 5? I'm really looking forward for the Italian line, hope it will not take long to have it!! P.S. Maybe have the Littorio class as tier 8 premium?
  7. Rompiuova

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    Astounding work, please keep going :-)
  8. Rompiuova

    Commercial spammmers ingame

    Hiya all, today i received the first commercial spam while ingame, i'll post an image of it, hope it will be the last. Such things are really annoying and often can be frauds. So dear WG, is there a way for you to stop such spam and spammers? Thank you
  9. Rompiuova

    Commercial spammmers ingame

    Hiya all, today i received the first commercial spam while ingame, i'll post an image of it, hope it will be the last. Such things are really annoying and often can be frauds.
  10. Rompiuova

    No post battle results screen

    Good morning captains, today seems that the post battle results screen is on strike. I can't have team report,damage report,personal score and such. Is it only me or what? Thank you and have a great week end
  11. Rompiuova

    Clan ISEALS arruola giocatori

    Ciao a tutti, il clan ISEALS, multipiattaforma, arruola giocatori per WOWS. Per arruolarsi fate richiesta sul nostro forum,http://www.claniseal...c00641bde81fa5f , e verrete contattati. Richiesto TS3 Arrivederci in gioco :-)
  12. Rompiuova

    Bug Reports

    Hallo, in my Yorck today torpedoes launched from planes coming from Saipan and Ranger hitted me but did not detonate.
  13. Rompiuova

    Torpedoes not detonating

    Hallo cap'ns, after the last patch it's the second time today that torpedoes launched from planes of Saipan and Ranger did not detonate hitting my Yorck. Is it normal or a game bug? Thank you
  14. Rompiuova

    Cheating and Illegal Modifications

    I agree completely with WG decision. Any discussion about it is useless, banning cheaters is the only way to keep the game running
  15. Rompiuova

    Whats up with the MM?

    Got kicked out of server in the iddle of a winning battle, tried to login again and answer was "Try later". Waited 10 mins, logged in, started a battle with all the world online and again kicked out after 10 mins play. I'll go sleep and hope for a better tomorrow!