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    PTS - Visual and Audio Enhancements

    I have to agree regarding the audio. It's awful; I had to turn the engine sounds right down while playing CV because every key press while controlling planes produced a high pitched whine. Very off-putting and not a worthwhile addition to the game. On the other hand, I have to commend the makers of the new port. Fantastic. The only thing that could improve it is individual ship names coming up on the brass name plate when the ship is selected.
  3. mrblueskye

    WG you have got to teach your players

    I really do agree with the OP but it will never happen due to one unalterable truth. Many potatoes have the deepest pockets. My contribution to the 'never happen' list of suggestions would be that if you consistently earn less than 500 base XP across, say 50 games, then you have to play say 10 games in co-op before returning to random battles. Another would be to limit premium ship purchase to the highest tier unlocked tech tree ship. It's all an exercise in futility though because for every one you filter out there are ten waiting to fill the spot.
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    +1 Just played Saipan and Lexi and beached with both, plotting way-points that would have been fine before the "improvements."
  5. mrblueskye

    0.8.4 - Bugs

    1. Description Lexington/Enterprise DB squadron has no bombs attached to under-wing mounts when taking off from CV 2. Reproduction steps Select Lexington/Enterprise and press 'Battle.' Launch DB squadron 3. Result Observe that there are no bombs attached to the under-wing mounts 4. Expected result Observe that bombs are attached to the under-wing mounts
  6. mrblueskye

    Azur Lane - Dorm Port

    I don't care much for this kind of thing and usually have it all turned off with the in-game filters. However, I have to give credit where it's due; I really like ship being displayed like a model. In fact, in one of the ubiquitous WG surveys I remember suggesting that we should have something like a Naval Museum port where the ship is displayed inside a glass cabinet with a brass nameplate, just like a museum exhibit. So, well done WG, we're half way there. Here's hoping you will go the rest of the way at some stage.
  7. mrblueskye

    Aircraft Carrier Bug Collection

    Anyone else think the hang-time of RN HE bombs is ridiculous. Enemy ship captain has time to read the paper then manoeuvre out of the way of most of them. Anyway I'm hoping it's a bug and not WAI.