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  1. Where located link to play the game after buying preorder pack? Because he cant see any on email. Pls help. P.S. My friend ask me to write such topic.
  2. Alexidiss

    Kissing Your Sister...

    Playing alone in ships like CV i have draws rate of 20% and growing higher. I think its ok because 90% of players are morons and when your team are totally gone (which happen in 50% of times) you cant win such battles alone so its a draw anyway in half of such battles.
  3. Alexidiss

    Kitakami is useless

    The premium ships are designed not no be mechanical dildos you can slap whole enemy team faces with them - especially in noob hands, so im fine with it.
  4. Alexidiss

    Lexington - Problem with AA on BB

    Soudns like you re in shop - ok miss i ll take this Nagato, ohh no thanx, i ll better take this Fuso. Things are little harder especiallyt when you play against nonmoron teams man. ))) Topicstarter ask not for advice what to do with lone stationary Nagaro ))) - he asking what do do when all BBs are covered both with CA and planes.
  5. Alexidiss

    Lexington - Problem with AA on BB

    IMHO Its better hit with 2 of 12 torps BB but not any CA
  6. Alexidiss

    Kitakami is useless

    Thats just because you dont know how to cook it.
  7. Alexidiss

    Asking veteran CV drivers

    Veteran CV drivers like me at first dont play with no fighters setup at second dont really care what victim first sequence to use repair - over DBs or over TBs There exist much more important things ingame - like choosing proper target and proper position for attack, countering enemy CV, scouting and etc. And the higher goes tier of CV the harder things goes on because AA getting harder, BBs evading more skillfuly and etc.
  8. Alexidiss

    3 Fighter/1 DB set up - economic?

    Crap setup - no help for team except scouting, crap income = no reason to play.
  9. Alexidiss

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    ROFL so much dreamers around... you even dont hit stayed Yamato at 20 km range without knowing its speed and position, so stop dreaming - awaken.
  10. Alexidiss

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Godmod user found? %-) Btw , we all are ready to write and use the same new mod if old one will stop working.
  11. Alexidiss

    Lucky Asian Server..... they are teasing us!

    Sucky BB - i better ll buy Kita than that.
  12. Alexidiss

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    krautjaeger, on 28 April 2015 - 09:43 AM, said: Well, that's where ranging-shots come in though. Firing a few salvo's to get the bearing on a ship so the next one will hit. After a while you get better and better at estimating speed, and your ranging shots will become better. Users of this mod skip the whole process of ranging and skips right to where you have the bearing on the enemy ship. Aiming is supposed to include ranging-shots, or else the developers would have kept the auto-aim in the client to begin with, and is also a reason why it will stop working after patch 0.3.1. You're new to this thread, but there is a lot of information been discussed and WG staff posted replies and information on what will happen next and with patch 0.3.1. Your ranged shots on non moving straight target cant become better over time - stop kidding me. You like 10 minutes battles without hitting each other? Im not fan of these. As soon as new patch will come i ll install new version of such mod for sure. As devs introduce this mod ingame in alpha and turn it off now im for sure they ll turn it on sooner or later. I dont really care to read 60 pages of whinning. DumbleDerp, on 28 April 2015 - 09:46 AM, said: So the fact that that little red X is there at all, you wouldn't consider that an advantage over players that don't have that little red X? At distances closer than 15 km there is no difference with mod or without mod you shoot.
  13. Alexidiss

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Dont really care what to hit, just not to miss.
  14. Alexidiss

    Aiming MOD Exposed!

    Noone can aim properly on long distance no matter how skillful tehy are, just because you dont have any information about speed and direction of target movement. The mod provide such information - as well very often i dont fire directly into X in mod vector just because i know that firing in other place will brings better results. So all time firing under X mod guidence isnt an option for skilled player - because it will also bring some less results to such player, so im fun with current ingame situation with it.