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  1. Steph246

    Suggestions thread

    Is it that complicate to set a shortcut to Mount/deMount modules/flags/consumables/camos/with such a keybind like "M" or another one depending the used language to simplify users life ??? Has WG to pay players who gives them ideas to implemant them ?
  2. WG could promote Operation missions by rewarding with Steel or Coal, as we players have been already running after premiums ships through Ranked battles and CBs... As I ve already written on this forum, I don't see submarines in the current game but I d better see them in Operations where you could also implemant a PvP gameplay instead of facing an AI. Why don't Operations succeed and why does WG keep making its "world of tanks" economic mechanics into WoWs ? Ok, because of money and it's the same company that makes WoT or maybe technical difficulties, or retardation syndroma has also hit Russia game studios ? Yes, why not indeed, it's been 5 years anyway.... :/
  3. Steph246

    Where are you going wows?

    This game goes in the same direction that WoT : a world of premiums with gambling features. Problems have been raised by the community like the match making to attempt to make the game more interesting but well.... nope...
  4. Steph246

    ARP compensantion price Missions related

    Ok, it's another grind... :D
  5. Steph246

    ARP compensantion price Missions related

    Those ARP missions : that's another hell of a grind to get within a couple of weeks...
  6. Steph246

    Who designed this map?

    Game maps are pretty much symetrical : it's one of the requisite for any game I think... I'm not sure 600 games is enough to be aware of the Potato effect in this game. Has WG already launched a map creation contest to be presented by players ?
  7. Steph246

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    I notice WG decreased the PR for the losing team and raised the one of the wining team. I don't know what kind of design there s behind this or how we can call it. I got losing streaks for several days by now as well. I don t understand how WG s not able to put in place a balance MM. Doesn't the boss of this company play chess ?
  8. Steph246

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    If subs gameplay doesn't work, that ll be still nice to set them in lots of Operations : a game mode and a world of content that has disappeared for the profit of premium ships... Like many of us, I don't really see their place in Random matches. Hope for the 3rd test sub wasn't the last one.
  9. Steph246

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    hum... well... I'm going to launch the official "YASHIMA" Dockyard ! :DDDD (not sure that was 0.0001% funny ;) )
  10. Steph246

    Submarines Test Iteration #3 - Feedback

    Could we have a consumable to counter torps like anti torps barrel on all ships then ? : o )
  11. Steph246

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Giving to the players the possibility to sink a submarine by another submarine by torping should allow to bring more gameplay on the table. I hope that ll be there even if not technicaly historicaly accurate. Will we see mechanics like submarines with strong secondaries, or a shooting mechanics like we ve seen on the 2019 summer event for the BENHAM ?
  12. Steph246

    Please don't buy the Puerto Rico

    Is it the PUERTO RICO we can see on the loading starting up screen of the game ?? That is soo cool !!! :D
  13. Steph246

    Suggestions thread

    SUGGESTIONS : FILTERs : Is it possible to have Elite commander(19 points captains) ticking possibility in the selection for ships for the carousel ? So, 19 pts captains in their respective ships will be shown only. TEDIOUS Clicking : Inside the game menu in port, is it possible to assign a hotkey for the "MOUNTing"/UNMOUNTing key such as M or T ? It is a pain for players who 've got over 60 ships and more coming up in port while it comes up to mount new staff such as flags Thank you. :)
  14. Steph246

    Karma- What's the point?

    Wasn't it possible to delete that "Karma" number ? Thank you to improve the quality of the UI of the game. Cheers. =)
  15. Steph246

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I take a ticket for the lottery. Best wishes, good luck. o7