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  1. Ok, was wondering how I could get blind shoted... This one is good too. :) Edited
  2. Special captains have been realeased at different stages of WoWs , IJN YAMAMOTO, US JOE DOE (ex SEAGALL) , RN JACK DUNKIRK and other tocome. One question. Where in the game can I read their specialization ? What their perks are, etc... Is it a menu I haven't found, or do I have to consult the forum ? If it doesn't exist, could it be implemented somewhere in the game ? Thank you
  3. comic patches (emblems)

    I don't see the interest of snapchat myself, which is the equivalent of those emblems/insignas Being more than 20 years old, I suggest an option out for that feature, thank you. :)
  4. Suggestions thread

    There's an option to disable a player's talks ingame which is usefull while the person spams with commentaries, and to disable the whole chat also. However, this doesn't disable the use of the "orders" of the command panel, and map notifications which can be considered as spam : well it is. Is it possible to totally disable those notifications with that so called function ? Thank you
  5. Combat Dolphins?? WTF?

    Well, the dolphins look like "Madagascar animation film" penguins, so I suggest WG implements as well "penguins carrier" that could be set on islands to shoot ships with egg slingshot that ll blind enemy ships, for example. An opportunity to shoot penguins on islands with the thread to get spotted... hum... I don't see a place for submarines in the game, as the game engine s quite 2 dimensional, played at the surface of the sea. Well, maybe later... althought this could be the 5th and last class of the game as nd there wasn't supposed to be one, but deep water torpedoes came up...
  6. Bug Reports

    Can someone explain me how to get rid of that notification ?
  7. Bug Reports

    By now, there s no way to verify in the battle reports which enemy modules have been damaged , to verify the missions that require such feature.
  8. Suggestions thread

    Possible feature : let the player access/read historical sunk ships during/after a battle in the same menu where is posted the sunk ships in game. (bottom right of the screen) Upgrade the command panel : allow players to answer positively and negatively individually (to one ship), and as well to set a smoke. Being able to use this command panel in a division (then the command panel will appear in yellow) Option out insignias
  9. Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Expecting option out emblems / insigmas soon ;)
  10. [] Remove/Hide Insignias

    Thank you to save WG game. That's great. Can you update your pack ? There are some new annoying emblems with the updates. Thx. :)
  11. Overall Quality & Stability

    The demand is qualitative, these players don't bother with the forum really. Most of complainers believe WG is able to remind the request, and that the option is currently into the scrum. I sense players used to install mods on WoT to upgrade the game, for WoWs, it's gonna be the same thing, well this time to "downgrade". I ll keep using the mod of course, until I find the game unentertaining, here s a link where it can be found. Danke
  12. Overall Quality & Stability

    Is the emblem/isigna option out is there ? That d improve a lot the game, and would save a mod to use to disable it. :D .
  13. Replays

    @WG Need of a whole revamp for the replay thing, with backward, forward, speed play options, and possibility to have a free camera in it... ... ...
  14. Emblems and insignias huge success

    Once again, there were so many things to improve in the game, but not that, to implement those emblems. It s hard to admit to see talented ppl doing such crap. There are still loads of bugs, and features to improve. Adding useless content like emblems don't help the game dev team to make good things.
  15. very high GPU usage sine patch and crashes

    Still mentioning my lost of 20/30 FPS, it's possible it's due to my configuration by though, however... Today, I runned that WoWs game, I haven't started a game, being just at the Harbour page, and my graphic card started running high... Well, does "running a page" need my graphic card to get so excited ? I'm not really sure... ( I desactivated ARP stuff and such) there might be a problem ok, with my settings, but I suggest also in the way the general engine of the game works... Gracie, ciao