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  1. Steph246

    Suggestions thread

    You ve already got it more or less, go on the map mode (press M by default) and make your route with click + SHIFT .
  2. Steph246

    Suggestions thread

    Am I still in the suggestion thread ?? Well, once again, what I m going to write is useless, like that Karma feature.... anyway, I d like to see the possibility to see in your clan who s AFK. After 2 or 3 minutes, inactivity of a player in the clan chat, his/her name would turn into a different color, so you can understand that there s no hope to wait for an answer from this clan mate. It seems some people believe still that WoWs is a mining program, letting in run the whole day... or well, maybe in the end, they went to the toilets... that happens also... Thank you.
  3. Steph246

    FPS drops

    This FPS drop is a windows 10 issue. https://www.techtimes.com/articles/239511/20190312/latest-windows-10-update-causes-lag-in-games-microsoft-advises-update-uninstall-as-quick-fix.htm As this game is full of bugs, the UI is garbarge, and the developpers seems to do it on purpose, plus the toxicity of players, it s understandable to blame WG, but this time, it's Microsoft.
  4. Steph246

    FPS from 120 to 40, GPU usage @ 30%

    This is due to a windows 10 issue, MS s going to fix this very quickly this same week the fix is coming... https://www.techtimes.com/articles/239511/20190312/latest-windows-10-update-causes-lag-in-games-microsoft-advises-update-uninstall-as-quick-fix.htm
  5. Steph246

    Bug Reports

    Some will call it game UI, other will call game harassement, I m going to report it as a bug. 1. Description Windows poping up all the time, refuses to shut down, comes up oftently 2. Reproduction steps As simple as entering in Facebook, enter the game 3. Result Constant pop up 4. Expected result Maybe one notification at each log in, and that s it 5. Technical details Window pop up screenshot attached. Is there a dedicated team at WG focused on making bugs and creating distortion ?
  6. Steph246

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    Can you let 5 seconds to players to leave the MM ?
  7. Steph246

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.2

    All right, all right Tina, there are 4k bots in the game.... --' Can you tell us now how many of them are actually players ? I mean bot players ? Nasdrovié...
  8. Steph246


    Imagine one instant : WG you fix all your gambling UI and stop take players for base idiot candy crush players with ur content, it ll make players better for ur benefit: don t reproduce WoT gaming meta. Is there somebody playing the game over there or you just watch the income value and decide to introduce [edited] mechanics into this software ? Many people have already asked you this before.
  9. Steph246

    Port UI & Client Stability Improvements

    Even with high specs, you ll have that slow down behaviour in the game : I ve never seen why this game anyway would be so slow, except poor optimization but I don't think it is : it looks more like a gamble design based on player base frustration. It is not a superstar game however, I don't understand why it'd be fucktard orientated. mean this is not facebook or youtube.... hum, well... maybe it is in fact.
  10. Steph246

    Port UI & Client Stability Improvements

    Make slow the stuff in an app in our case a F2P game is actually a game design features orientated for the customers. So don't worry too much, hum....
  11. Steph246

    Radar Rework

    I haven't played the update that much to notice it due to the sounds mix up of the moment. Can we detect red team radar through this graphic effect ? Wouldn't that be good enough to spot the radar ship ?
  12. Steph246

    Update 0.8.1 - General Feedback

    Congratz on the improvement of the teamplay aspect through game communication improvement with those graphic adds.
  13. Steph246

    Bug Reports

    + The different sound volumes are mixed up.
  14. Steph246

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Visual bug , blur effect on the "personal file" of the captain 2. Reproduction steps Click on the sub menu on the commander of any ship 3. Result Informations s not shown properly. (does it require 3D glasses ? ) 4. Expected result Clear information, going back to an already existing menu to set up the mariner skills/perks. (or maybe this "personal file" is of no use) 5. Technical details Screenshot 1 -> how to access to this bug Screenshot 2 -> shows the bug Notice : It s been there from the start
  15. Steph246

    Bug Reports

    1. Description A webpage appears, and shouldn't at this place 2. Reproduction steps Click on your CLAN on the main page. 3. Result Wrong informations provided 4. Expected result Showing your Clan stuff 5. Technical details  See the attached document