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  1. Bug Reports

    We ve already known RNG in this game. Now it's RNG with the missions in game to get stuff, that appear and disappears randomly. It possibly generates fun in the accounting department, or another little other departement. However, I d like to report it as a bug, and for the player base to know. At some point, there are many things to correct with this game, and an importance to correct all those bugs if they are bugs for WG or another item of gamblingness. Many things on top of CV class are to rework, including UI, and such I can't list everything there s, many players have written it on several topics on this forum. Will we expect those rework for 1.0 ? Anyway, thank you for that piece of entertainement that s already the game
  2. Submarines

    Well, replace AA by echo/sonar research, anti sub barrels, and create depth, another vertical dimension into the game. ;)
  3. Submarines

    mmm, if the CV rework fails, there s always an alternative to create a new class, isn't it ?
  4. Suggestions thread

    Well, the whole game is a lottery : the RNG, the containers, the MM, the currencies...
  5. Suggestions thread

    On top of that 10km high of suggestions that have never been taken in count, I add this one : Before entering the sluggish main menu of the game called port, at the end of a game, I request for 3 to 4 seconds more ingame to help to understand how a game has finished. Because once a ship was destroyed, it's like the screen freezes, maybe that ll help also the whole lag caused by the engine to show the menu result. Wouldn't an OPEN GL / Vulkan API version of the game make the graphic engine smoother ?
  6. Suggestions thread

    Control + Click It s not possible to select secondaries on a ship that is in the greyish chat box on the screen. (using Control + click) : does that make sense to activate it that way or do we still have to move the subjective view ? On another way, can we select this way (control + click) to select HE, AP, smoke screen, radar, hydro ? Probably a boring feature... anyway...
  7. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Well, that's a matter of game design, so probably quite of a subject. Fair enough. Ty, gj, bye.
  8. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Yes obviously, a question however : if a game is good, do you need to force people to log in ? All right, that's a pay to play game design, so... well, the answer s yes.
  9. Indianapolis Marathon (01.06. - 16.07.)

    Why is it not possible to play the missions that we could not do previously on a campaign ? Ok, we still have an end date for a campaign, but there are week end where people aren't able to play. I m not interested in finishing INDIANAPOLIS campaign for example. :) The same for campaign, thanks now to the new economy ressources system with coal we can complete mission by buying crates : I m still not able to complete the 2 years anniversary campaign, but there are more campaign a few players (or many) wont be able to finish. What can WG go about that ?
  10. Less crashes after last patch?

    10 FPS lost in this update. GG optimization
  11. Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Yes, I d have guessed it somebody s already made a post, Hugh Ruka. I asked some time ago, to have a feature to desactivate those notifications. Apparently, fb notifications recipe seems to work, so why not applying it to whatsoever program/interface... gg
  12. Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    I m not the only player to have this trouble : you can see also with streamers. There s a constant come back of those notifications. Is it the dev people who try to be funny, or are in call and lack of attention from the players ? It s been there for numerous updates. I call a fix on this.
  13. Game fps

    It s a story of game optimization, and uses of the CPU threads...
  14. Suggestions thread

    Horn : Just one of the little things to think about in terms of gameplay. Is it possible to see who uses his/her horn by showing a small sign on the mini map or on the main screen ? Can it be use as a complement for communication and game "strategy" ? Without being a dinosaur specialist... I'm still not able to recognize the ships... :( It s still lacking to be seen in port ? (the steam) Ty
  15. The World of Warships ModStation!

    Is there a way to save our ALT key, and to implemant some nice GUI stuff concerning the ALT key concerned "functions" ? Those in Aslain aren't really graphically appropriated in terms of police, if not buggy... :/ There's a similarity with the other WG game concerning tanks and pigs... Ty