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  1. I've seen such an announcement, and I don't find it on the shop in the website... Is there a special thing to do again ? Where is it my precious ? I dont understand... thank you for your advices...
  2. Steph246

    Suggestions thread

    Make a real tutorial to explain each ships class, DD, CA, BB, CV and SUBs, a series of simple missions that shows the basic mechanics and explain the UI. Your videos aren't enough, and good enough to be understood by new players if they find it...
  3. Steph246

    Suggestions thread

    Well with Karma, appart from the main solution to remove it, you could indeed buy reports, and make another little game into Wows. ;)
  4. Steph246

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I didn't play the game. :D
  5. Steph246

    WG started to scamm people ?!?

    We don't read WG support answer. I had the same issue. It s possible it's just a way to encourage you to buy this ship in its original version. As you ve had the MASSA B , I don't understand why is shown a mission for the regular MASSA. It's not exactly a scam, let s say it's a free to play model....
  6. Steph246

    Suggestions thread

    Remove Karma
  7. Steph246

    Bug Reports

    It could be also your mouse which could be defective. Check back your mouse drivers etc, and if its state of working. There s also been a bug of that kind since at least 0.6.4 update.
  8. Steph246

    atago b. keep or sell?

    You seem not to play a lot. You can keep that ship for your collection. As it's a premium cruiser, you ll be able to mount any japanese captain from time to time on it.
  9. Steph246

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I take a ticket for that lottery. I don't see how my forum name s gonna be different from my in game name. :)
  10. Steph246

    Bug Reports

    This mission doesn't work with ATAGO B. No gold collected with ATAGO B despite the completion of the mission, gg.
  11. Steph246

    British premium containers

    subject : SOVEREIGN currency I collected during the British campaign like most of us that I ve done the SOVEREIGN coins. Not following all the posts of the game, I've seen now there have dissappeared from the game. There are just the GUINEAS money that is remaining that allows to collect the COSSACK DD.... Is it possible to have those SOVEREIGN back as the British campain s not yet finished ??? Is there a problem with currencies in the game with for example that upcoming paying campaign ? I d like to have my few sovereigns back, as it s not logical it has disappeared. WG, what are you doing ? I generally write this sentence in chat, when a gamer seems not to know what he/she s doing....
  12. Steph246

    British premium containers

    How do I complete this Collection if I dont have any WARSPITE, and finished the British mission ?
  13. Nice penalty, and genius to set the amount to 12
  14. Steph246

    Gambling and Lootboxes...

    PEGI 16 would be more appropriate : concerning violence aspect of the game ( World war FPS / killing, destroyng ships or players) , it's a game of chance depending which team you're going to be into, and all the RGN other features, abuse of language in chat, and all the derivatives made up by the players onto the mods... anyway...
  15. Steph246

    Suggestions thread

    I ve seen streamers during the PTS loosing up to 30 FPS.... :/ By though, just passing by to suggest to fix the UI which is as good as the facebook one (as deceptive as Tinder for some other) at the moment with its notifications and changing menus (into collections menus, ships carrousel, and concerning our own stats in game) , make a proper usable replay mode with a menu, give the chance to view a ship by left or right clicking on the ship in the ship menu to see it while our ship was sank like in WoT) thank you.