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  1. Steph246

    Ibuki missing a radar. (model)

    This game gender has been stated for a long time how and explained in the dev blogs and videos : it's an arcade game. Just the ships models are realistic. It s probably tricky to find the game gender on nowadays game as most of them are also on free to play/slot machines models. You re welcome. Have a good day. :)
  2. Steph246

    Update 0.8.9

    Look on the internet to see what it is. With a low end computer, you can see this whole problem of optimization with memory drops or leaks. Changing the engine of the game s probably to come like in WoT with the version 1.0. : so, like WoT, I don't see WoWs team abandonning direct 11 Microsoft, Coca Cola and Ben & Nuts... there 's commercial interest into that... I heard from community contributors that when you test submarines, of significant drops of FPS (with high end pc). Anyway, hope for the better.
  3. Steph246

    Update 0.8.9

    I don't why this game 's so big. Probably, WG should change the whole engine, and all the related files, for something more optimized and better performing, based on some Vulkan API for example...
  4. In general, I press ALT + F4
  5. Steph246

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.8

    Is there going to be a patch where you fixed all the problems and bugs with your game and UI ? I was kidding, don t worry. Let s go full t10 premiums.
  6. Steph246

    How players think about Ocean map !!

    Playable if you have a communicative and teamplaying team which is randomly rare.
  7. Steph246

    Are your replays working in latest WoWs v0.8.7.1 ?

    Yay, I m calling here WG dev team to rework the replay mode that doesn't make too much sense with it UI ( non-existent ) and that's also really buggy atm. Has WG ever opened the suggestion thread of this forum instead of stacking no requiered premiums t10 ships ?
  8. We need a volume for ship explosions that are set to the general game volume which are too agressive. I can defend you it's for historical/gameplay accuracy/reason but it s not good at all. thx.
  9. Steph246


    Add to this, the FPS drop at each update.
  10. Steph246

    Submarines with acoustic torpedoes. Bad idea or good?

    Not such a bad idea this new game weapon system (acoustic torp) and historically accurate , they should be harmless to friendly potatoes, and cancel their trajectories. Are they only going to equip the german branch ? Aren't all the subs going to be equipped the same ? ... With more torps coming up, possibly there should be a system to counter them as well... Well, we ll see, and after playing and testing, testers, CCs etc and you , may validate or complement this idea, or well cancel it... > _ <
  11. Steph246

    The Gambling user interface

    Yes, ok. I have to activate and desactivate the filter each time I want to play those sunflake ships. I see that annoying, as the carousel s not supposed to move. All right, that s subjective. Concerning the menu in a campaign, however, you ll notice that the interface doesn't remember your previous choices...
  12. Steph246

    The Gambling user interface

    Different settings and windows move into your game, this time, the ship carrousel is concerned, it is the same for what it is of the different campaigns menus. In those 2 followings pictures, you ll see my ship carrousel before and after a game. It s like this for years, so as it hasn t been fixed, we have to conclude it s part of the game user interface. Ok, now, let s add some more contents.
  13. Steph246

    Chat Bug while zooming in/out

    Everyone has a different way to see the game, as you seem really involved into the forum and you don't understand the importance of scrolling in chat, I help you to understand. It s already possible to disable the chat, there are mods for you, and you can already disable that chat. I think you have to click on the little cross when you re about to write something in the chat in the game. It is useful to be able to go back into the chat history, to report people insulting others for example, or abusing of mini map clicking, the report system has its own topic. You could also compliment players to be clear on the contrary of what we generally meet in chat. Muting the players who abuse from mini map clicking s coming up soon, I think. Ok, I m out of here, now. Have fun.
  14. Steph246

    Chat Bug while zooming in/out

    Maybe you can try to answer for yourself. This is a game bug, what I reported, or maybe well, a "retardation in progress" GUI .
  15. Steph246

    Chat Bug while zooming in/out

    1. Description When trying to read the chat history, scrolling up or down the middle button mouse, dedicated also the the zoom, when my mouse cursor is on the text zone. The game view zoom in/out, as well. 2. Reproduction steps Put the mouse cursor in the chat zone (red zone on the attach picture) , scroll in to page up the chat text, to read the beautiful poetry of my comrads !&@*# 3. Result The camera of the game zoom in/out as well as I try to read the text, nice. 4. Expected result When the mouse cursor in the text zone, it shoulen't affect the game camera. 5. Technical details I didn't use vodka.