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  1. The World of Warships ModStation!

    Is there a way to save our ALT key, and to implemant some nice GUI stuff concerning the ALT key concerned "functions" ? Those in Aslain aren't really graphically appropriated in terms of police, if not buggy... :/ There's a similarity with the other WG game concerning tanks and pigs... Ty
  2. Whats the point in collections??

    What I do like in those collections is if you haven't been played enough the game in time, you're stuck with uncompleted collections. Then is offer you the possibility to pay to get containers to complete them and then have randoms items for a cheap price like 15€ for 5 containers. So, if you have completed a collection nevertheless, WG still gives you items you don't need, and propose you to overcomplete the collection. :D
  3. Replay issue

    Replays are not really practical to see. It lacks at least several reading functions, and also a possibility to take the camera out of the boat. I have the impression to have gotten Parkinson too when I replay a replay. Good stuff to review it, thanks. :)
  4. EU forum website resolution

    Another nugget of this game ... when I enter my login to go to this site, the resolution changes to 16/9 and does not correspond to the one I use for the other navigation tabs. Is it possible to have a fix for the site at least because the game really does not really need it anymore ? Thank you friends ! :)
  5. Kots stream up now

    If WG wants to present a competitive WOWs, it has to be cleared for the public view. Put the 2 teams who keep the same color all along the games, because the 2 casters who switches from both side makes confusing to follow up the action (going red to blue and so on) 1 team in yellow and the other in purple like it was on the presentation anyway is a proposal for that mode to be made. Anyway, here was the idea. gg RAIN
  6. Dutch tech tree

    Why not a EUROPEAN branch the same that has been made the PAN ASIAN, mixing all nation after all, gathering ships from Italia, Poland, and other nations. The main branches are far to be completed already...
  7. Bug Reports

    Thank you for your follow up, you misunderstood what I wrote. Congratz for your thousand posts on this forum. What I wrote is true, if you want a translation : the penality system is retarded, and the GUI lacks things. Happy sails. ;)
  8. Bug Reports

    Mission menu, to my settings, isn't very effective to reset while repeating it. (1st pic) Second pic shows it's not easy to read the rewards of a mission after a battle, or, is there a way, I dont know, by right-clicking ? ...
  9. Bug Reports

    Became pink in the game without hitting anybody in the team, gg. I double checked with the replay. Is it possible to rework the replay and give forward, reward, camera out function ? Thank you, happy KotS...
  10. Mission bug?

    Is there a way to know what the rewards we got after a battle ? I dont know, by right-clicking and locking the sub menu of the mission and then getting access to view those rewards. Is there a way to fix this ? One of the little things to update, thank you.
  11. Hello, Is there a way to set the sound volume while a torp hits the ship I'm playing, or when the ships gets destructed. Would it be possible to make more detailled sound menu for that ? It's a bit aggressive for my ears. If there's already an answer : thank you for your help. Cheers :)
  12. Bug Reports

    When swaping boat in port, the camera gets reset to a default subjective view. It's probably not a bug, but it looks like one. When you zoom out from the harbour and change the boat : it's annoying. So many things written about improvement suggestions that has been made on a topic of this forum, and nothing seems to be taken in count. No horn animation in port, quite sad also... gl
  13. New pink/orange names seem VERY sensitive..

    People get AFK because the game crashes while the user is most of the time consulting his/her web browser waiting for the MM to be done. It s because of unstability of the game, not because players suddenly go to the toilets before a game start... It ll bring a lot to bring that optimization to the game, unfortunately, it's not on the roadmap for right now, as it was said in WATERLINE video. When does WG attempt to make those optimization ? For 1.0 update or before ?
  14. Chat in division / Communication

    I noticed it's not possible to have chat in division when making a spontaneous division at the start of a game. Why ? Is it manageable to have the same order from quick command panel while being in a division ? Here s again, good elements of gameplay improvements resumed by one of the GC from NA. Sure it takes time to implemant smthg, thanks.
  15. Again, can you ban those type of mods ?