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  1. Steph246

    Karma Problem..

    You can hide Karma points which definitely proved its toxicity (but restrains a few chat trolls) from using a mod called "Permanent Karmaflage", useful if you're not a MM monitor user...
  2. Steph246

    Anyone else got a mysterious gift?

    Are you aware of a secret tier 12 coming into the game ? Tell us the truth
  3. Steph246

    Ways of distribution of new ships (DB 218)

    Aren't there too many premium ships already ? Imagine the new players who have to "learn" already all the "existing" ships : in that case, I wouldn't bother to spent too much time on this game. If you have too much free xp points, upgrade your legendary captains, and read up the history... Will we see CB games with silver ships only ?
  4. Steph246

    Still no NEW free XP ship - why WG? Why?

    Too much free xp ? Use them on commanders and get more elite commander xp.
  5. Steph246

    New Map: Voting Results

    I voted for Kamchatka as it seems more unique and unseen from the rest of the maps package. Though I would have seen a pacific island, with hot weather, palm trees and sand beach scenery. I feel like there are too many maps with ice in this game that gives it a pale feeling. Ok, 'm gonna see what I can do, from my video settings, or mods pack...
  6. Steph246

    [Poll] How do you like new "Convoy" game mode?

    Maybe there's a way to work around to make the game around this historical reality (subs vs convoys). I could see scripted PvP gamemode around operations to endorse the content of the game. Subs are also still in alpha testing(to me) : about the use of hydro, why wouldn't this tool only give the direction of the subs instead of spotting straight away inside the detection perimeter ? Anyway, I don't play that much this class to tell about it...
  7. Steph246

    [Poll] How do you like new "Convoy" game mode?

    I believed while I heard of it, that this game mode was made for submarines gameplay where those could fit there in some ways. In the end, it's not different from an ancient operation mode : not so interesting, except for new players maybe.
  8. Steph246

    Hey WG, how about you pay your internet bills

    It can be your provider that doesn't connect really with a few domains. I say that as it appeared I had the same "trouble", and I tested my connection around... @bloodynicknames
  9. Steph246

    Update 0.10.8 - Bugs Reports

    Good thanks, found the file in the main game directory. The value is at the bottom of the file.
  10. Steph246

    Update 0.10.8 - Bugs Reports

    Impossible to unlock FPS rate in this update, stuck at 75 FPS.
  11. Steph246

    Torpedos are even more broken now!

    Nice idea out there : it'd be nice if you could shoot torpedoes from salvos in the water, sacrificing your detection in the "trade".
  12. Steph246

    Torpedos are even more broken now!

    Easy fix : bring ping mechanic to DDs for torps aiming.
  13. Steph246

    Uninstalled, and feeling very relieved.

    Wow, doesn't Germany Gamescom start tomorrow ?
  14. Steph246

    Update 0.10.7 - Bugs Reports

    Category : bug Each time I click on the Armory menu, a player is directed into the sub menu, I should be in the featured menu of the armory, and not getting the sub menu and sound atmosfear that you think it is fantastic Correct your menu navigation for users, it should be pretty easy unless it's a manipulative attempt to promote your new class ship nobody noticed about...