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  1. Hello, I wanted to know if it'd be possible to have lower tier (maybe from t6) STEEL ships that requiered of course a lower value in steel : - It takes time to collect steel, we don't all play CBs or Ranked to get that much steel - maybe t10 games are not always that interesting ; - there maybe still ships collectors out of there ; - that's already exists with coal ship, why not with steel ships ; Many thx
  2. Steph246

    Constant Chatbans because I am playing CV?

    Can I ask to have more time in the "time counter" in order to compliment or report players ? What 's the actual time to be able to do so ? 5 min ? I don't think it is enough as sometimes a player can launch a game in the meanwhile : it should be 40 min. I like to be able to compliment somebody or the contrary as I often launch another game in the holy spirit of grinding... What do you think ?
  3. Steph246

    Moskva premium

    bump : )
  4. Steph246

    BUG : Legendary modules in research bureau

    Not fixed for 0.9.4, for the next one maybe.
  5. Steph246

    Moskva premium

    Heya, do somebody know what s going to happen to the MOSKVA Legendary module ? I haven't finished to spend time on that... is that module going to be cancelled as the ship s going premium ?? Thx for the info. : )
  6. Steph246

    New permacamos for 10.000 Steel

    Wouldn't be better to propose to play special campaigns to earn camos ? Like proposing players to play lower tiers in those cases... not everybody s in clan battles, and in order to get Steel.... :/ Well, I don't know...
  7. I unlocked a couple of legendary modules and mounted them on a few tier 10 ships. They don't appear in that Research bureau -> They are proposed to be bought for those research bureau points !!! I don't feel like to spent or lose those points into these same modules (that I've already got) . Hope to see at least this corrected even if the next patch is in a couple of days, or maybe you re going to review the whole LM feature in the 0.9.5. ty
  8. Steph246

    PT 0.9.4 - Submarines

    I d be interested in seeing those Subs into Operation or scenario games including PvP aspects. WoWs become repetitively boring enough, and we re not all playing under Vodka shots with a portrait of Staline in our bathroom... It doesn't make any sense to have Subs in Randoms. I agree the opinion of Flamu on this. I don't see the submarine class ready at all to come into the game. Hopefully, it's a work in progress....
  9. Steph246

    LOL russian cruisers split coming next

    I protestest !! Can we replace the shells by torpedoes on the next premium t10 russian ship ?
  10. Steph246

    Consumable recognition

    There are ships that can mount different consumables : torp reload, smoke, radar like on the KAGERO, YUGUMO, MINO, YUE YANG and others... Would it make sense to be able to distinguish which consumable s got a ship just by the look at it ? So, we maybe could save some time, and spared to be chatbanned in this game for asking it... Is it hard to implemant a graphic difference for that in the game ?
  11. Steph246

    Chat display bug

    As the game has already not been good in terms of communication game design, concerning possibilities to interact and communicate within the game through eventually the B menu.... I got a chat display bug that makes me not possible to read or to read back the chat history in the chat box on the left side of the screen. Am I the only one to get this as I of course have to run mods to correct the UI of the game ? Here s attached a screenshot of what I see . I funnily couldn't get a proper screenshot and had to use a smartphone phone to record it. That ll be all for this topic. Спасибо
  12. Steph246

    Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1

    Once again, the update is fat : 2,3 Go....................... :/ Wouln't it be possible to get some more optimized and then faster game engine ?
  13. Steph246

    Developer Bulletin: Update 0.9.2

    2 Go for an update : this game is too far for what it is... talking about 9.1 and anyway the other ones....
  14. Steph246

    Suggestions thread

    All good. Just want there to save my mouse with clicks and kilometers... ; )
  15. Steph246

    Suggestions thread

    Is it that complicate to set a shortcut to Mount/deMount modules/flags/consumables/camos/with such a keybind like "M" or another one depending the used language to simplify users life ??? Has WG to pay players who gives them ideas to implemant them ?