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  1. Sink_Different

    Hmm..... A ..."Flamu" video out. On the latest Q&A.

    Says the guys with Jeremy Clarkson in his profile pic Oh the irony!!
  2. Sink_Different

    Yet another chat ban

    There is no logic with the people censoring speech only feelings.
  3. Sink_Different

    Yet another chat ban

    I can't wait for synonymous Happy to be banned too. 1984 was supposed to be a warning not a rulebook.
  4. Sink_Different

    Yet another chat ban

    That's why you should play on Russian servers.
  5. Sink_Different

    ships Radar

    Radars can detect you through land masses, very limited indeed. Do you have anything else to complain?
  6. Sink_Different

    Citadel mechanic

    CVs too have citadel. So much for the quality of your "research". For deeper answers see above.
  7. Sink_Different

    Attack plane nerf

    Learn to aim. Learn to use punctuation too, this is almost incomprehensible.
  8. Sink_Different

    gameplay cv ?

    Bon débarras.
  9. Sink_Different

    Torpedoes really are broken

    You mean the same physics that allow radar and hydrophone to detect through islands. Now I think of it the radar "bug" exists because otherwise a radared ship would block detection for ships behind him. Quality coding.
  10. Sink_Different

    General CV related discussions.

    Here's a cookie for your effort.
  11. And they got what they paid for. A fool and his money are soon parted.
  12. Like if WG bean counters weren't event evil enough.
  13. Sink_Different

    Is WG pandering to DD players?

    Occam's razor : the son of the CEO of WG lost interest in playing CV.
  14. Sink_Different

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Does not raging against your potato teammates count?