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  1. Admirality

    How to Chapayev?

    Thanks for answers guys... just played one game in Chapayev, this ship probably irresistable target for enemy team... but i will carry on
  2. Admirality

    How to Chapayev?

    Hi guys, I am asking for a little advice how do play this tier 8 soviet cruiser? It has no armour, turning slowly, useles torps, no heal. My experience from japanese cruisers is useless. Do you play on short or max range? Thanks a lot.
  3. Admirality

    I know it was wrong but...

    Hi, I am just curious how you was able to defeat battleships in Cleveland one by one so easz? How you did it? Pls describe better. Because I felt little bit guilty when I fought in Amagi against Cleveland. It was so easy to delete Cleveland with salvo of 10 AP rounds, even angling wont helped them. Thanks
  4. Admirality

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    154. I will be happy with Kidd. Thanks
  5. Admirality

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    129 Hi, I will happy with Kidd.
  6. Admirality

    The History of Günther Lütjens

    Dear WG, why there is SMS Karlsruhe on the picture? Lutjens was not commander of this Karlsruhe cruiser. You are again misleading us... And why has Gneisenau 381mm guns in this "historical" article??? Again poor promotion of something...
  7. Admirality

    All New Year Stuff 2019

    Hi guys, There is big halo about New Year event so I will tell you what I am going to do: Because I have accumulated 1 030 000 FreeXP at 24. of December I will pick up Alaska from Techtree a I can forgot about Puerto Rico. It will be nice gift. Just one turret missing. I already have permacamo for Zara for tokens so this will be my Gorizia, maybe better one. At his moment I grind Alberto di Gussiano. Soon. I will blow out several snowflakes of my high tier ships to collect some coal and steel. With curent steel collection speed I will have Stalingrand in 2025 I hope. I will pick up easy gifts and I will not care about rest. This year I spent around 9 euros for Perth in Summer sale and in 2020 I will do something similar. No big money from me anymore WG. I will enjoy ma Christmas with family and if I will have some free time then i will play WOWS. 5-10 games per week as usually. No rush, no screaming, WOWS will be there for a whole year 2020.
  8. Admirality

    ST - European destroyers

    New PanEU ships. Tier I - OK even Gryf had 6 guns in reality. Probably problem to balance it with reload speed??? Tier II - what a pleasure to have Tatra destroyer in game for someone from Slovakia Others - looks like Swedish invasion with rocket powered torps. I wanted to see some other nations... I will try to produce some blueprints for Imperial Czechoslovakian Navy... WG needs more ideas.
  9. Admirality

    Are you happy with current Ranked System?

    I suggest to play ranked in silver ship from tech tree only. They can be balanced. And at least we should see more competent players in tier IX or X. I had one game recently where our Thunder did basically nothing. Hiding behind islands , shooting once pre minute... If someone grind to tier X, I believe he would perform better. Coal, freeXP or premium ship can have anyone...
  10. Admirality

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    I would like to participate, thanks.
  11. Admirality

    Viribus Unitis is alive

    Greetings, everyone wants VU to be Tier 4. Me too. This is the only ship in WOWS which I can mark as our because my grand grand grand parents used lived in Austria-Hungary and paid taxes there. And these taxes allowed battleship to be build. WG, please, let today`s poor Slovak man enjoy historical contest. TIER44444444444444444444444444444
  12. Admirality

    ST - Balance changes

    Maybe I will start to think to buy Blyskawica with 25% coupon in Armory... 3825 dubloons... looks good, but I will need at least 10 points captain... Thanks WG to buff some old stuff.
  13. Admirality

    Premium Shop – An Extra Month of Savings

    Dear WG, I will open my wallet only if there will be 30% - 50 % discount... as it used to be 2 - 3 years ago...
  14. Admirality

    Atlanta in current CV rwork

    Hi all, I have Atlanta in my port sitting there. Is now in current CV rework process Atlanta again what it was as ultimate plane killer? What captain spec do you recomend? Is new Massive AA skill good? Thanks for your feedback.
  15. Admirality

    Twelfth Season of Ranked Battles: the Results

    Because of Rental ships I was able to make my personal record of 231k damage in Zao . First I was quite suprised why there are ship without camo... mostly only easy target for good players... but now I think it is still a bad idea to bring players where they do not belong...