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    Minsk ist ähnlich gut wie Leningrad, aber der HE-Schaden fällt bei mir objektiv geringer aus (mehr Salven mit ca. 600 Schaden, anstatt 1200 wie meistens bei Lenny). Die Torps der Minsk sind zum Wegwerfen (Notfallwaffe, falls ein BB auf den Rauch zufährt), die der Leningrad sind brauchbar (besser mit Concealment Expert). Die Feuerreichweite der Minsk ist 12,2 km gg. 11,9 km bei Leningrad (somit 14,6 km und 13,9 km mit AFT). Die sowjetischen DDs der Hauptlinie sind eher Zerstörer in denen man aus >10 km Abstand HE wirft und Feuer zündet, die langsamen Türme sind deshalb nicht so schlimm (Expert Marksman aber empfehlenswert). Wer mit Minsk/Leningrad anfangs in den Cap fährt begeht Suizid. Man muss den Spielstil mögen, es ist nicht für jeden.
  2. Fair enough, I never said that everyone who has a higher than 50 percent win-rate is a hacker. But you guys are. Now you, Mr. Statistics-Inflator.
  3. Maybe after you tell me why you feel that you need to manipulate your win-rate. Fairly childish stuff you're doing, ain't it? Btw, little edit: do you stuff socks into your trousers too to appear more virile by way of explanation: more virile = bigger schlong, just in case you did not know
  4. Yeah, give that a good thought. That'll probably occupy all of your brain resources for a year
  5. Did your kid draw that? Looks stylish
  6. See, what you don't get is that they don't need to worry about your little home-server that you use to make yourselves feel better. Wargaming are a software company and they can just close out the loophole and you can use your weakling-server for storing your boring photos again.
  7. That's cool, all they need to do is make sure that you cannot manipulate in-game statistics with your own server.
  8. As Loordbeny is a nationalist, maybe he will wish to play Mount & Sword instead.
  9. Ah, Loordbeny, the boy* who needs to pad his statistics, because he has noob tactics and only wins by sheer luck. What you need to get into your brain (if possible) is that in an online game with random team assignment, the average winrate must be around 50 percent. Do you get it? Does that go into your minimum wage mentality head? Anyways, for everyone else's benefit: Wargaming suggest that their specialist department (presumably dealing with in-game fraud) will be in touch, so they are taking this seriously, as I was expecting. Good day for now. * real men don't need to pretend.
  10. They are going to thank me and that'll be it for the start. If they have developer resources they are going to try to close the loop-hole that allows NESI's sorry excuses for men to pad their stats. Adios for now.
  11. No worries man, you can be sure that I have taken a screen shot and this is going to Wargaming right quick. Feeling quite sorry for you guys, weightlifting might help you to raise your confidence with women. And if that does not work and you are starting to feel a little desperate you can always hump your clan mates, if that is not happening already.
  12. So the truth finally comes out. Loordbeny and t0ffik1 were just not playing well enough to have a 60 or 70 percent winrate. Sorry for you to hear that you need to boost your stats through trickery ... bit pathetic really, isn't it?
  13. Haha Loordbeny, frustrated now, are you? Must be tough to be from a place that constantly gets f*cked over by all of its neighbours. Don't take it to heart, I guess you can compensate a little by having a little success in an online game ... with a little help by the aim assist
  14. Possible, however Loordboney appears not to be in NESI anymore, neither are you. I wonder if Wargaming shut you down. Cheerio for now.
  15. So a brief update: Wargaming say that they are looking into the aimbot claim. Let's see what it means. Anyways, I am not against NESI per se, but your amateurish-acting teammates kept criticising everyone else in battle-chat after dying within 5 minutes of the match commencing. The man knows what he is talking about! He must have first-hand experience of this. I would not have been able to come up with this ... anyways, FiLooT_F's poor spelling suggests that there might be something at work here. Are you an expat in the UK on the National Minimum Wage? Sure sounds like it, doesn't it?