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  1. TriATK

    Server is borked again

    Now only 4k7 players online
  2. TriATK

    Cant get solo warrior achievement.

    Wrote a ticket and wait
  3. Last game, all teammates dead and win by points against 4 ships, no solo warrior achievement, is this a bug or the condition has been changed?
  4. TriATK

    Quick CV poll

    So we need to delete BB CA and DDs from the game, they are more like clickers than CV
  5. Vous pouvez faire la même chose avec ton amis
  6. TriATK

    Server off line ?

    same here
  7. TriATK

    Something about nowadays "Dogfighting Expert"

    Interesting, RJ's biplanes can easly win against tier 10 jet fighters on dogfight, i'm toooo slow you stupid jets
  8. TriATK

    Chat server down

    You need to search a player and close search to refresh your freind list to check if he is online. Than you can invite him to your division even his chat server is down. Need WG fix this asap.
  9. TriATK

    Air Dropped Torpedo Nerf - 0.5.1

    They nerf Hakuryu ,I play Midway, they nerf Midway, I play Hakuryu, they nerf them all well I just go play my little gearing
  10. TriATK

    t5 captain skill for USN CV

    Most of Midway players pick the 1/2/2 setup, air superiority make it have one more fighters&DBs. That means: 1. More fighter ammos and DPS 2. More dmg for DBs, different from IJN CVs, the DBs from a Midway with manual drop are dangerous 3. Longer spot time when you use your DBs or fighters to spot DDs. 4. Can get into a High AA firepower area to hit the target(exp: when you want to reset cap, and there are Montana & DMs, 2*7=14 DBs can done the job without losing too much planes before drop) And the Concealment expert skill , I will use it on CAs and DDs , but for a CV the best way to survive is move with your fleet and drive carefully if u are detected by ships. Camouflage cant save your ship when you are alone. PS:You can use air superiority on a CA captain, and you can launch a 2 catapult fighters squadron(Just for fun), maybe useful on some ships like IJN Tone in the future.
  11. Watch the stream of pape, the fastest way to learn how to launch missiles
  12. 18 on hakuryu 17 on midway and des moines 16 on Gearing
  13. TriATK

    Win streaks. What's your best?

    I dont rememer how many matchs i won in a row, the longest lose in a row for me is 3
  14. TriATK

    T8 matches are no fun anymore...

    The biggest problem of the balance in tier 8+ battles was: those atagos are not tier 8 ships , but in the WG made MM system: atago = amagi = shoukaku = N.O = N.C In fact, a atago even cant win a 1 on 1 fight against Myoko or Cleveland
  15. TriATK

    Cruiser > Destroyer > Carrier > Battleship

    For me its DD>CA=BB>CV, CV have good stats but just not very fun to play